10. Kangaroo

    I've never played the arcade version, but the first time I played it, the game had an arcade feel. The sound, graphics, etc. looked just like I would picture in the arcade. Hard and fun.
9. Joust
    Fun 2 player simul. game. Kept it simple & fun.
8. Mario Bros.
    Another game with 2 players and increasing difficulty. Tons of obstacles to die on. Great graphics and control.
7. Jungle Hunt
    Great graphics and mindless fun. Like Pitfall & Super Mario but better than both of em.
6. Combat
    Ahh, combat. Simple graphics but pure fun. The 2 player aspect makes this game great.
5. Defender
    Pure adrenaline. Awesome graphics, sound and difficulty.
4. Wizard of Wor
(5200/CBS Electronics)
    Playing 2 player simultaneous always seemed to make a game more fun, and this one is no exception. Hard, and complex. Cool sound effects too.
3. Galaxian
    What can I say except this is one of the best games ever made.
2. Centipede
    I didn't realize how much this version ruled until I played the Atari 8-Bit version. The graphics look 10x better on the 5200. Besides that, having analog sticks makes this game a real thrill.
1. Space Dungeon
    Great graphics, great gameplay, awesome sound. Space Dungeon has it all. It also gets insanely hard on the higher levels, which is just as important. It has lots of enemies too. For a new twist, I suggest handing one controller to a friend and playing it two players. Another great thing about the game is that there is not any cheesy background music or excessively flashy graphics.

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