• Hi. I am kind of new to the internet thing, but am loving all the info on classic games. It's nice to know I'm not a freak (despite what my wife keeps saying when I come home with a dirty shoe box full of old plastic game carts. I only included games I actually own (which does limit my choices compared to most, but I'm getting there):

    10. Breakout

      I know Super was better, but this was the one I wanted so bad that I kept bugging my parents for a videogame system, "Mom, can i please get an Atari if I...{insert household chore}".
    9. Asteroids
      Another one I really wanted. I paid the Atari Game Club $50.00 ahead of time to reserve it. I waited what seemed like YEARS for it to come (actually, it was abou 5 weeks). The first paid-order video game?
    8. Adventure
      The first, almost, sort-of RPG. I got hooked and I still am today.
    7. A.P.B.
      I bought the Lynx for this game - I loved it in the arcade. The Lynx was not the ideal console for this game, but I still love it. Probably why my next eye exam required me to get stronger lenses!
    6. Food Fight
      How could one not love a game where you get to do what you always wanted to in a fancy restaurant. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that.
    5. Missile Command 3-D
      I always loved the original, and this is a worthy tribute. A lot more to it than there appears to be. I can only imagine how amazing it would have been with the virtuality headset.
    4. Baldies
    (Jaguar CD/Atari)
      I still basically have no idea what exactly I am supposed to be doing - the manual is kind of vague. But I love picking up guys by the shirt and dropping them in buildings. If anyone knows any strategy to this game, I'm all ears.
    3. Aliens Vs. Predator
      This is the only game that has actually scared me. The whole atmosphere and mood of the game is amazing.
    2. Star Raiders
    (Atari 800/Atari)
      I had a very well-off friend who got an Atari 800 for Christmas one year with all the trimmings; disk drive, printer, cassette recorder, word proc, and Star Raiders. Needless to say, I bugged my parents till I had one of these too. Still a great game by today's standards.
    1. Space Dungeon
      Those analog joysticks may have had their quirks, but put them in the dual joystick holder and fire up this game and you had controller heaven. I still play this game today (mainly because I'm not that good at it and haven't gotten far). No controllers have matched this combo yet.

    Front Line (2600/Coleco)

      First of its kind (that I know of). Years later, a similar game for the NES would be what brought me back into video games-Ikari Warriors.
    Cannon Fodder (Jaguar/Atari)
      This game is worth it just for the theme song. The manual is funny too.
    Attack of the Mutant Penguins (Jaguar/Atari)
      Even its title could probably get it on a few lists alone, but the game is actually rather addictive. Besides, how could you not want to know what Aliens-disguised-as-penguins-who-are- disguised-as-humans look like?

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