10. Yar's Revenge

    The thrill of dodging a spinning pinwheel is enough for me.
9. Ms. Pac-Man
    Quite possibly the most addictive game of all time. I like the Lynx version the best because I can take it with me. (The arcade version is tied for #1 on my best of alltime list.)
8. Missile Command 3-D
    As a kid I loved the 2600 & 800 ports and this cart's two updated versions were simply mouth watering. (and thankfully the original was also included.
7. Hat Trick
    Quirky one-on-one hockey. I have played head-to-head mode hour after hour and never tire of this one. (But as 8bit hockey games go everyone knows Blades of Steel on NES is tops.)
6. Joust
    It's Joust!
5. Breakout/Breakout 2000
    The 2600 port of original Breakout is, in my opinion, much better than the version included in 2000. I have found, however, that 2000 mode is equally addictive (if not more so), and the addition of powerups and hazards adds to the depth of the game without undermining gameplay. My only complaint is with the sluggishness of the two player mode.
4. Adventure
    Look mom, I'm a block. Me and my friend Paul figured this one out with no instructions. (don't ask...)
3. Highlander: Last of the MacLeods
(Jaguar CD/Atari)
    This game drove me nuts. A real step foward for the Jaguar, this game is deep and graphically stunning. If the characters were texture-mapped and the action more fluid this game could stand up w/ Tomb Raider & Resident Evil easily.(incidently this did come out a year and a half earlier.) If Atari Corp. had published more solid work like Highlander during its two year head start in the console wars we could all be playing our Jaguar 2's w/a VR headset right now (sorry for the rant.)
2. Tempest 2000
    No words.
1. Bug Hunt
    This was, along w/Missle Command and Flight Simulator II, a pack-in for the XE Game System. I don't know if it's actually my favorite game (it's probably not) but there are no light gun games on anyone's list so I felt I should make a statement. I just love light gun games.

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