"DEAR AGH" (March/April, 2001)

Subject: 5200 Moon Patrol
From: djl0225

I've read your review of the Atari 5200's "Moon Patrol" on AtariHQ.com, after having bought the cartridge with no instructions. My question is: how do you make the vehicle jump over a ditch using the 5200 controller? I've tried every button, but nothing seems to work. I can shoot with the fire buttons, but it doesn't do me any good without being able to leap.

Very simple. The lower fire button is for shooting things, while the upper red fire button makes your vehicle jump. If it doesn't work for you, then it looks like routine maintenance of your SuperSystem's joystick is in order.

Subject: More of a comment, and a thank you
From: David H.

i've been a regular visitor to atarihq for some time. From reading this site, well, I feel pretty damned OLD, quite frankly :).

Anyway, you did a phenomenal job with the site, we really appreciate you keeping this stuff alive.

Now for the comment. I remember seeing advertisements for the 7800 but I never knew anyone that bought one. Of course at the time I'd been sucked into the wide wonderful world of the NES, so I've really never known diddly squat about the 7800.

After looking at the screenshots for the 7800 I'm totally astonished that it didn't blow the TG16, the NES, and the Genesis totally off the map. The graphics are just incredible. No, flat out amazing for the time, and pretty impressive 15 years down the road. It was a great looking, great playing product.

Leave it up to the Tramiels to wreck everything. And he even stole the Swordquest prizes, that we will never even get a picture of.

Anyway, keep up the good work :)

Technically speaking, yes.. the 7800 was an impressive machine. The controllers cramped the hands of most gamers, it could have used more RAM and the Pokey sound chip should have been built into the system, but otherwise, it had a lot of promise.

It proves that it's the games that determine a console's success. Both the Sega Master System and 7800 had some advantages over the NES in terms of hardware capabilities, but that doesn't mean didly squat. As far as comparisons to the TurboGrafx-16 and Genesis go -- well, I think that's where a line should be drawn. Those machines were clearly far more advanced than the 7800 ProSystem and are from a more recent era.

Subject: Mirai
From: David F.

For what good it's worth, "Mirai" is Japanese (Kanji) for "Future." Atari obviously had high hopes for this vaporware...

Subject: Remote Control Joysticks and Rom Scanner
From: Brent

Hello, Great site!
I am an Atari fanatic and collector myself with over 350 games.

I was wondering if you have the Remote Control Joysticks made by Atari for the 2600. As I did not see this item on your site. I might have miss it. I have a set and these are very cool as you can play Atari without the controller cords!

Also, I have the RomScanner which holds ten carts at once and you select the one you want to play with a button. Kinda cool as it saves from having to pull out and insert each game.

I also found at a swapmeet a cart with a handwritten label and it was very heavy compared to other games. It turns out that it is Big Birds Egg Catch proto from Atari Labs!

We don't admit to having pics and descriptions for every single Atari item (not yet, anyways), and the 2600 remote control joystick is one of the items not currently covered here. They originally sold for $59.95, so while they're not exceedingly rare, they are quite uncommon. I never use them for game playing because the sticks are humongous and cumbersome. Cool item that was ahead of its time, but far from being a must-have item -- then and now.

Prototype cartridges usually are heavier because they contain several EPROM chips instead of one or two ROM chips found in production cartridges. A nice find indeed.

Subject: Your Site
From: rabid doctor

I love your website. I would love to someday program Atari 2600 games.

I looked at your list of the Atari 2600 Third Party Publishers, and wonder if your list is complete?!

I have in front of me games by Apollo, which is not on your list. I have Space Cavern (1982), Shark Attack (1982), Spacechase (1981).

Also, you have Atlantis listed under Activision.. that's an Imagic game.. or did Activision make one also?!

Our 2600 Third Party Page is continually being updated, but is far from being complete at the moment. Apollo is one of the major publishers we still need to add.

Atlantis was originally designed and published by Imagic. Following the company's collapse, however, Activision acquired the rights to Imagic's properties and later re-released some of the company's 2600's classics. You'll also notice that Activision's 2600 Classics compilation for PlayStation also includes some of Imagic's best.

Subject: One Minor Thing To Add To Your Lynx Joust Review
From: Otter

Hi! I was just reading your review on Joust for the Lynx, and noticed you didn't mention one minor, but nice little feature. You can select either the ostrich or the stork as your mount depending on whether you press A or B to start. B gives you the ostrich, and A gives you the stork.

Nothing truly earth shaking, but still nice for variety, if you decide to update your review.

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