"DEAR AGH" (January/February, 2001)

Subject: Primal Rage
From: Matthew R.

Hello. I am a big fan of your video games and such, but I have been so disappointed ever since I heard the cancelation of Primal Rage 2. Primal Rage was such a success, I have all the versions, all the action figures, I still love Primal Rage to this day. And I am not the only one. Us fans of Primal Rage still make webpages and talk about it all the time. Please at least take it into consideration. It would make us P.R. fans so happy, and I promise you the game would do well. Please.

If we were the ones who actually released the original game, we would feel flattered. Alas, your words will have gone to waste unless you contact the guys at Midway, parent company of (the now-defunct) Atari Games.

Subject: Vector Games
From: Eric F.

On your web site you list BERZERK, SCRAMBLE and STAR TREK as being VECTOR GAMES. This is not so. THESE GAMES ARE RASTER..

We mentioned the above three games as being released on the Vectrex game system. This was a home video game machine which had its own black and white vector-scan monitor. Several arcade games which used raster-scan displays were nevertheless ported to Vectrex -- the end result being vector graphics versions of raster-based arcade games.

Subject: "Primal Rage" The Movie
From: William S.

Hello, I am a current Peace Corps volunteer. With the successes of past films such as Spawn, X men, Starship Troopers, and in particular, Jumanji, I couldn't pass on the opportunity of scratching my creative itch that so often needs itching when living in a third world or redeveloping country (Kazakhstan.) So, I put myself to work writing a movie script based on Atari Games Corporation/Time Warner Interactive's hit video game, Primal Rage. I wished to communicate to you my passion towards possibly creating or simply seeing the game created into a motion picture, call it what you will, a hairy Kick Boxer, a cock fight on steroids, though I prefer simply, Primal Rage.

With the appeal of the Primal Rage video game still resonating in the minds of mid 20 something's and younger, and the successes of Kick Boxer type flicks in that population/class genre, combined with the unbelievable advancement in computer technology, I feel the creation of motion picture based on Primal Rage has considerable merit. Possible inclusion in that genre also include, and what in particular drove me to write a movie script based on the video game, the current trend of TV watchers being enthralled by "wacky" bushmen on nature programs such as Animal Planet and Discovery. I can only assume that the publics long time and currently peaking interest in animals, nature, and the ferocity of animals in nature, gives support to the idea of creating a motion picture specifically oriented toward animal combat.

I am a first time movie script writer, am not knowledgably, in the slightest, in the movie or script writing industry, and have been searching hard and wide for avenues in which to pursue the production of the move script I so thoroughly enjoyed brain storming over and creating. I spoke with many people, who unfortunately have directed me in directions with no sure path. Metaphor for life I suppose. But then I had an epiphany! Perhaps, since the script is based on Primal Rage, that Atari Games Corporation/Time Warner Interactive should provide the best avenue toward seeing the script into production. Atari Games Corporation/Time Warner Interactive, which own the rights to the scripts name and current theme, should most surely be the one to decide if the script I have written has any potential merit, in its current form or redeveloped form, to be put into production for a motion picture.

Therefore, I have attached my movie script format to this document in hopes that someone with your influence will handle it with good measure. Please communicate to me the possibilities of seeing it into production. I claim no rights to your game, or its theme, but simply would thoroughly enjoy just seeing the idea put to the big screen. Perhaps a small role in watching the making of the film would not be too much to ask for, I hope. That is of course, if the script is viewed as having merit and it comes to that.

Optimism currently runs through my veins vigorously. It has too, being a Peace Corps volunteer and all. I do understand the difficulties of the movie business though, and after thorough review, if the movie script does not have merit, I will understand. I simply wished to communicate to you a dreamer's dream of seeing a movie picture based on Primal Rage, and the intense, brutal, but spectacular animal combat that so interests and enthralls the human population.

I thank you for taking the sincere effort in reading the enclosed script, and with good measure, weighing the possible successes of such a film.

Well, AtariHQ is not home of Atari the arcade game company. Atari Games is owned by Midway (www.midway.com) and your best bet is to contact them directly. We.. erm... "acknowledge" your passion :)

Subject: Atari 5200 Games on CD?
From: Geoff W.

Does anyone make a CD with Atari 5200 games on it that you can install into and run on your PC? Sounds like alot of trouble to have to download an emulator and get the ROMs someplace else if at all.

Well, absent a publisher releasing a 5200 CD commercially, you're going to have to deal with running the games off an emulator. But considering it's free (although the legality of doing so is questionable) with emulation and the games are faithful to the original, I don't see where anyone can complain about the "painstaking" process of having to download the necessary files. It's the best alternative of having to dig out your SuperSystem and hoping you have as many games as possible to enjoy.

Subject: Tank vs. Tank On PC?
From: Dace C.

I've recently heard that some of the classic Atari games were being re-released for playing on today's PC's.

Though I'm not much of a video-game player today, I still fondly look back on the days of my youth playing Atari's "Tank vs. Tank" against my brother! I believe the game cartridge came with dozens of tank vs. tank, plane vs. plane, etc. options for play, and I was wondering if any (or even all?) of those games have been made available for playing on PC's.

Can you help point me in the right direction?

The game in question is actually called Combat, and it was the VCS 2600's pack-in game for quite some time during the system's life. There are several commercial releases that allow you to play them on your computer. The most notable one is Activision's 2600 Classics compilation. It's part of a larger package which includes Commodore 64 games, and is called Game Vault III. Look for it at a store near you. Your other bet is to download either the Stella or PCAE emulators for the 2600, and grab the ROMs of the games you'd like to play.

Subject: Reminiscing...
From: Mitch B.

Just e-mailing you to thank you for keeping the Atari alive with this very informative and helpful site. Keep up the good work. It's amazing how far technology has come in the last 8-9 years. This site shows how intelligent we have become and that we are still on the move towards greater things. Very reminiscent as I can remember the Atari 2600, and I always wanted the Jaguar but I never got it.

P.S -- keep the site running, we went on another one before this and the last time it was updated was 1996 in July.

We have every intention of soldiering on. Contributions are more than welcome!

Subject: Misprint!
From: Jason

I'm sorry to argue, but that is not Combat 2. I personally owned and recognize the game you describe. It was Armor Ambush. It was one of the off-brand black cartridges that had a wedge-shaped end, like Astroblast and Space Attack. Are you familiar with these?

The game that is featured in our Combat Two write-up is, in fact, the unreleased prototype of Combat Two. Armor Ambush is somewhat similar but was released by Mattel (M-Network), as are the other two games you mention.

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