"DEAR AGH" (July/August, 2000)

Subject: Club Drive
From: Tetsuo

This sounds kind of strange but I'll ask it. Do you know if Club Drive is a really rare game for Atari Jaguar? I have it and have notice that a lot of Jag fans I meet on the net seem to desperately want this game.

Club Drive for the Jaguar is about as rare as black-haired girls in Japan.

Subject: Old Atari Games
From: Jason I.

I had recently gotten interested in my old Atari 5200 System again, and started searching through the NET for related information and came across your FAQ, which is very good BTW. I only have 9 games for my old system and would like to play them again, but since the controllers have long ago ceased to function, I was searching for ROMS and Emulators to play the games.

While reading your FAQ, and just for fun, I compared my games with the ones on your list of known games. I had no idea that several games that I had were either uncommon or rare. I own a copy of MS. Pac-Man and QIX which are both listed in your FAQ as "U-" and a copy of Miner 2049er which was listed as "R+".

As I read on down through the FAQ, I noticed that the Miner 2049er copy of the game with the foil was listed as "difficult to find". Do these cartridges actually have a "silver" foil label? Mine has a gold one with plain text. I have included a picture for reference, (which I scanned in as best I could as foil is hard to scan in properly -- but you can tell that it is actually "gold" foil).

At any rate, I was just curious.

Our mistake -- you're right. We went back and checked our 5200 Miner 2049er carts, and all of them were closer in color to gold than they were to silver.

Subject: I, Robot
From: Scott E.


I was wondering if you could point me to any info on the Atari site to my favorite, most innovative, unique (and shortest lived) coin-op game of all time - "I, Robot".

I can't believe Atari doesn't have more info on this beast being it was so far ahead of it's time.

I, Robot was indeed way ahead of its time. It was far and away the first polygon-rendered 3D game. For more info on the game, try gamearchive.com or vaps.org.

Subject: Zookeeper
From: Buckaroo

Looking for maker of arcade classic "Zookeeper." Could you please help me? Thanks!

That would be Taito.

Subject: 2600 Games On Playstation
From: Ray V.

I noticed that Playstation has a game called 30 Activision Classics for the Atari 2600, however these are all strictly Activision games, which is fine. Do you know whether or not someone will put out a game for the Playstation that is just the Atari Classics? Like: Human Cannonball, Superman, Space Invaders, Bezerk, Dodge-em, and etc...

If you ask me I think this would go over very BIG! They also have a game with 30 on it call Intellivision Classics, so WHY NOT ATARI??????

Well, that's Hasbro's call. So far, they've elected to stick with Atari's arcade game compilations, but you never know. Your only chance would be to write to them and let them know your thoughts. www.atari.com would be a good starting point.

Subject: Xonox Game Cartridges
From: Dan Zero

On the game list under the Third Party Database for Xonox, there is also a Double-Ender for Chuck Norris Superkicks/Artillery Duel, I have the actual game, please add it to the list.

The game is, in fact, listed. We have it named "Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks." Same thing :)

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