"DEAR AGH" (May/June, 2000)

Subject: Raiders of the Lost Ark Easter Egg
From: James

This may sound crazy to you, but I grew up in the "Atari Age" and I even still have every thing I ever bought by Atari. Yet one game and its secret still eludes me.....

How do you get the "flying Yar" from YARS' REVENGE to appear in the game RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK? If you could get a me any information you would end almost 20 years of frustration!! Thank you.

Go to the flying saucer mesa with the Chai and parachute (latter optional.) Walk off the mesa and drop the Chai when you start falling. The Yar will appear at the top of the screen.

Your frustrations are over and you can resume living a normal life :)

Subject: Phoenix
From: ETC

Back in the 1970's, I was stationed on board the Coast Guard Cutter Northland. One of our tours away from home, brought us to the Baltimore, MD yards in Curtis Bay.

While going through the yard period, as a third class petty officer, I remember a game called Phoenix that I used to play everyday after work.

I'm now a Chief Petty Officer stationed on board the Coast Guard Cutter Seneca. Or ship is now in the yards once again. However, Baltimore doesn't have the Phoenix game anymore.

Is there anyway possible that I can find the Phoenix game for Nintendo 64, or Playstation?

I wouldn't think it would be that hard to find it, especially since other games like Galaga, Centipiede, Pac Man & others popular back in the 70's are available on these systems.

Please let me know where or how I can possibly purchase the game called Phoenix.

MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) supports the arcade game Phoenix. All you need to do is download MAME along with the Phoenix ROM. MAME's homepage is www.mame.com. For arcade game ROMs, www.arcadeathome.com is a good place to check.

Subject: Online Atari Games
From: M. Stockman

I was wondering if the atari games (ie frogger, space invaders, asteroids) are online that I can play...I love atari games and would love to play my old favorites, but would rather not have to store it all at home. Thank you.

Centipede, Missile Command, Breakout and Frogger are available for play at http://www.hasbrointeractive.com/atari/shockwavegames.htm. It's very nicely done. The Macromedia Shockwave browser plug-in is required, however.

Subject: Unusual Cartridge
From: E. Sylvia

Dear Editor:

I bought a cartridge with an unusual "homemade" label at a flea market for $1......

The label Reads:

Loaner Cartridge

Moon Patrol

Return To:
Douglas B. Macrae
General Computer Company
Merry Christmas

At first I thought it was a hoax because I thought Atari made Moon Patrol but after doing some research I found that the General Computer Company, in Cambridge, MA had some history with creating the Atari 7800. As a matter of fact not only was GCC involved with Atari, the company was sued by Atari?!? This could be a real valuable Prototype made for the Atari Corp. before relationships were severed with GCC.

I was wondering if someone could help me with the history behind this potential prototype or if you know someone that would be interested. It may be a important link to Atari History.

P.S. I was also trying to determine if it has any significant value.

Please respond.

Thank you.

What you have is either a true "loaner" cartridge or a "prototype". The former would be a 100% finished game that was sent out to magazines or press for review just prior to the game being mass-produced. The latter is used for beta testing or the like. Either way, you indeed have a genuine pre-production cartridge.

It's probably more of an interesting novelty than a true super-collectible. Loaner carts of games that were never released are worth princely sums, but cartridges like the one you have -- while not exactly "giveaways" -- won't fetch nearly as much.

Finally... yes, GCC had a hand in many things Atari. They were originally sued by Atari after GCC was selling upgrade kits for coin-op Missile Command machines that offered faster gameplay and other modifications. GCC and Atari settled out of court and began working closely on many projects. A great many 2600 games, and much of the development of the 7800 game machine, were done by GCC.

We'd suggest you keep your cartridge if you're any sort of a classic gaming fan, considering it's a cool conversation piece for sure. Or you can always offer it to us for $1 :)

Subject: Name Of The Game
From: Cameron

I don't know if you would know the answer to this question or not, but I have asked everybody I know and a couple people I don't know. So I am hoping I am asking the right people. Even if you don't know the answer to my question can you please email me back and tell me what you guys do know. I would greatly appreciate it.

First, let me explain why I am writing you. You are able to buy an Atari 7800 system at ebay. I would like to purchase one from there (unless you guys are still selling them), but I really want this one game. I don't remember what this game is called for the life of me. I think it's called "Mountain King" or "King of the Mountain."

You are a Stick Figure man that starts at the top of a Mountain. You have to make your way down to the bottom and get a crown. The only obstacles that are in your way is the leaps you have to make to get down to the next level of the mountain. When you do finally make it to the bottom, you have to get a crown, but you have to jump down to the very bottom level and jump over a couple creatures, climb up a ladder and grab the crown. Once you get the crown, these bats appear and if you get hit, you will lose your crown. You don't die, you just loose your crown and you have to go and get it again. If you fall, you will lose your crown and you have to start again trying to get the crown. And the only way to beat the game is get the crown and make it to the top of the mountain. And one other thing I remember about the game is that it had some pretty cool music.

So here is my question, do you guys know the name of this game. It is eating me alive and I want to buy it along with the 7800 system. Can you guys please give me a hand. Thank you, and thanks for reading this whole boring letter.

Your first guess was right. It's Mountain King, by CBS Games for the Atari 2600 and 5200. The 2600 version will run on your 7800. Great game, too.

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