"DEAR AGH" (March/April, 2000)

Subject: Lynx Games
From: David G.

Saw the AtariHQ.com site reviewed in Entertainment Weekly and have spent the last 4 hours there. My first 4 computers were Atari, and I still have a Lynx. Any chance of finding those Lynx carts for sale anywhere? I've got about a dozen, but your reviews reminded me of some that I meant to get and never got around to.

You're in luck. There are quite a few online sites that offer a nice selection of Lynx carts for sale.. for well under $10 new. In addition, hobbyist developers like Songbird Productions are still churning out new Lynx games as well.

Subject: 2600 Tech Info?
From: Allan R.

Where can I find hardware/software to program for older systems (like Atari 2600/NES/SNES)? I have some programming skills and I have some great ideas for some games.

A good starting point would be Bob Colbert's page. He's the author of Okie Dokie for the 2600. His URL is http://members.home.com/rcolbert1/

Subject: Montezuma's Revenge On CD-ROM?
From: J. Decker

I am interested in knowing if Montezuma's Revenge is available on CD-ROM. I haven't been able to find it when searching stores or the internet. Please, let me know if this exists, and if it does, where I would be able to obtain it. Thank-you.

The Atari 5200/8-bit computer version is included with Montezuma's Return, a modern update of the game by Utopia Technologies (the same developers of the original.) It's on PC CD-ROM.

Subject: What Does Atari Mean?
From: John M.

Dear AtariHQ guys,

Subject says it all. Any idea?

The inspiration of the name is well documented. Nolan Bushnell (Atari's founder) was fond of a Japanese board game called GO (sort of like Chess, Checkers and Othello.) Anyhow, a GO player says "ATARI" when he's got his opponent on the ropes.. sort of like how a Chess player says "Check" when he's got his foe's King on the run.

Subject: Question Regarding Atari 2600 With 2001 Games Built-In
From: N. Dary

I recently found in the Flea Market in Israel an ATARI 2600 Wooden type (6 switch) that have 2001 games built in it. It looks like the regular Atari 2600, only few switches are labeled differently and from the sticker in the back I can see that it was made in the Far East. (can't read Chinese)... it can accept the standard cartridges but as I said it have 2001 games built-in (like Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Pac-Man, Space Invaders etc...)

where can I find for info about it in your site?

There is no info on it on our site, because we don't have one. We do have quite a few different (read: Pirate) 2600 variations, but not with 2001 games! By the way, there's no way that 2001 games are on that console of yours, since there weren't 2001 games made for the 2600. Either it's complete and utter misrpresentation, or it's like many of the NES and Gameboy multicarts which claim to have a billion games but only have a handful of titles with a zillion game genie/action replay variations.

Either way, what you have seem pretty cool. Send us a pic of it if you get around to it.

Subject: The Great Games Of Yore
From: Stephanie M.

I am one of the last dinosaurs who have refused to give up my LP's for CD's, my word processor for a real computer and my Atari collection for the new fangled Nintendo etc........ I still have five separate consoles and over 30 cartridges. I will never forgive my baby brother for trading off my copy of "Pitfall II" to a neighbor when I enlisted in the Army. Many thanks to you and commrades who have offered this site to those who are die hard Atari fans.....Maybe one day I will finally be able to acquire a copy of Pitfall II.

Your Pitfall II's in the mail!

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