"DEAR AGH" (September/October, 1999)

Subject: Tattoo
From: Paul D.

I'm going to get the old Atari Logo tattooed onto my arm as a sort of gaming homage to the original console makers. I need a reasonably large print of it though so I can take this to the parlor and have them make a trace of it (about 2-3 inches across the width). Any idea where I can print one off on the net?

Just a word for the wise: Our esteemed co-editor, John Hardie, has an Atari Jaguar tattoo on his right biceps. And look at him now :)

We're kind of busy with real-life responsibilities so it won't be for a few months until we'll have time to scan in a logo that meets your requirements as far as size is concerned. Sorry.

Subject: Skyhammer
From: Bryan

I was wondering if you know how many frames per second was the game? Since it is going to be released in Dec 1999 is it worth purchasing if you are a die hard Jag fan for 69.99?

The game stays at a decent clip, although there is slight slowdown at times when a ton of objects fill the screen.

Whether the game is worth the price is subjective. For instance, If you have three kids and make minimum wage, I'm sure you can find a billion more important ways to spend your cash :)

Subject: Skyhammer
From: Bryan

I was wondering if you know how many frames per second was the game? Since it is going to be released in Dec 1999 is it worth purchasing if you are a die hard Jag fan for 69.99?

The game stays at a decent clip, although there is slight slowdown at times when a ton of objects fill the screen.

Whether the game is worth the price is subjective. For instance, If you have three kids and make minimum wage, I'm sure you can find a billion more important ways to spend your cash :)

From: ANDY D.



We're sorry, but we ran out of Atari stickers just recently, and don't plan on acquiring additional stickers for the foreseeable future. You'll be particularly disappointed to find that we even had Scratch 'N Sniff Atari stickers that smelled like sniffing glue.

Subject: Unmentioned VCS/2600 Company
From: Harold D.

In your section where you say you have EVERY THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURER for VCS/2600 games, I do NOT see TELESYS GAMES listed.

They were the developers of the games FAST FOOD (Which I actually liked, BTW), and LOST LUGGAGE (which kinda reminded me of BALTIMORE-WASHINGTON INT'L actually...).

Just wondering if you will do research on the history of that company too...

We in no way infer that we have every third party manufacturer listed and profiled. We HOPE to eventually, however. We are aware of Telesys and the games they made, and we do plan on putting some info up about the company in due course.

By the way, Lost Luggage was brought out by Apollo, not Telesys.

Subject: High Score Page
From: Calamari

Hello AGH'ers :),

Have you thought about adding a simple automated high score list to your site? I imagine requiring people to submit scans of their high score would take too much effort, but a "on-your-honor" type it in yourself thingy would be neato. I think it would promote playing the games more than just collecting them & buying & selling. Also, since your site is popular, this would be the ideal place, rather than an obscure site unlikely to see any real competition. Just a thought :) If you would like to try this, let me know & I can do some homework to see what it would take to implement.

High score pages have always been something that has been under consideration, and it's something that many sites have tried (and failed). Problem is, how do you verify scores? Sure, an "honor" system is nice and all, but how long do you think it will take until folks start abusing the system? Also, would scores achieved via emulators count as well? Or do we keep it restricted to games played on the real thing? Not to mention automatic entry scripts lead to heavy abuse. These are among the things that prevent us from being gung-ho about the concept. If anyone has any constructive thoughts on this matter, by all means drop us a line.

Subject: Copyright
From: A Researcher

I work for a TV companty in the UK and we're keen to use images of Battlezone and Asteroids within a new music programme currently in production.

Having read the information on your web page in regard to emulators, will we still need to clear publishing/copyright for footage shot off a Pc using a downloaded game?

If so, do you have any info on who owns rights to the above games, is it Hasbro? also do Scramble, Elite, Nitelore, and Zaxxon fall under Atari?

Many thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you.

No company to date has raised an issue over individuals and press using emulators and ROM images to take screenshots of classic games. In fact, many contemporary video game magazines and websites (including us) use exactly such a method to generate clean screen pics of games like Battlezone.

If you feel compelled to contact the companies, here are the ones who own the rights to some of the games in question:

Asteroids and Battlezone: Hasbro Interactive (owns Atari, www.atari.com) and Atari Games Corporation (www.atarigames.com)

Scramble: Konami (www.konami.com)

Zaxxon: Sega (www.sega.com) and/or Konami (www.konami.com)

I do not know the owners of the other games you mentioned below.

Subject: Atari 2600 And 7800 Master Lists
From: David F

I was wondering if you had an Atari 2600 and 7800 complete list of games? If not do you know of anywhere I could find them? Any help will be appreciated.

Negative on both. We only provide a master list of 5200 games and peripherals because nobody had made one that was anywhere near comprehensive. There are plenty of 7800 lists, and given that the 7800 library is quite miniscule in comparison to the 2600, we felt it was unnecessary to duplicate efforts that had been done by others. As for the 2600, we recommend that you pick up the Digital Press Collector's Guide (www.digitpress.com), a book/magazine that John and Keita contributed to and feel that it's the best resource for 2600 fans and collectors. It also has lists for just about every classic system under the sun. Many web sites attempt to provide a list of 2600 carts, but don't come close to being complete -- and with over 1200 games in the 2600 library, who can blame them?

Subject: Atari 2600 Game Show Games
From: Nathan

Hi Keita, does AHQ own any prototypes of any of the game show games that were manufactured by the Great Game Company? Or have you ever played one of them?

I recently spoke with the founder of the company, and he has confirmed what we had dreaded all along -- prototypes of any GGC 2600 games were tossed out a long, long time ago. Meaning that we shouldn't be expecting Vanna White on any woodgrain game machines. - Keita

Subject: Atari T-Shirt
From: Matt

Is there any way that one could acquire an Atari T-shirt? I would really like to have one. please let me know if there is a way to purchase one.

The only place we're aware of that still carries authentic Atari-brand shirts is B&C Computervisions (www.myatari.com).

Subject: Coin-Op Book?
From: Martijn

I have a question. I saw a scan of the Atari Silver Label Carts, but there were only 10 of them on the pic. I have other silver label carts that aren't on your pic, is that because of they might be European (PAL)???

You must be referring to the silver label group picture in our museum. Well, we consciously elected only to include the rarest of the silver labeled 2600 cartridges such as Crazy Climber and Quadrun as we thought it would make for a neat, combined pic of the most sought after ones.

Subject: Coin-Op Book?
From: B. Roberts

First off, I want to say that I really enjoy the Atari website. It brings back happy memories of my childhood. I was a huge fan of the Atari 2600. Like an idiot though I gave it away back in the mid 80's. I wish I had it now. The reason for this e-mail is because of a question. I am interested in a book about coin opearated video games. I'm interested in reading a book about every video game that came out (not counting home video games). Do you if this book exists? If so, do you know where I can find one? Any information would be great. Again, the website is great! Keep up the great work!

Hmmmmm, arcade book... The only one I know of that's still in print is a book called "The Best Game", which is a Japanese book and is updated quite often. It lists every coin-op ever released in Japan, and has extensive coverage of the groundbreaking games from each era and genre. Don't ask me how you can order it, as I picked up my copy at a bookstore in Tokyo. Otherwise, the only means of gathering coin-op information is via the web. VAPS (www.vaps.org) has a motherlode of info of every U.S. arcade game, and Gamearchive (www.gamearchive.com) is also a nicely done site with more content than you can shake a marquee at.

Subject: 7800 Power Supply
From: Arthur S.

I am an old Atari Veteran returning to the world of classic games. However, I lack one important accessory...the power supply. I have an Atari 7800. Do you or any of your staff know where there may be one readily available? I am going to take your advice on the page about the usenet newsgroups, but if you know where I can locate one more quickly I would greatly appreciate it.

Given how the 7800's power supply plug is of a wacky shape and no other adapter works on it, the adapter tends to be more valuable than even the console itself. You can try places like B&C Computervisions (myatari.com) but the easier (and possibly cheaper) way would just be to acquire a complete new 7800 unit. Sorry.

Subject: Games And Value
From: Summer

Hi. I was just wondering if a couple of my games would be worth trying to auction. I haven't really seen them around much, so i thought maybe they were rare (unless they just suck!)

I have E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and Space Master X-7, the latter put out by 20th Century Fox.

Would it be possible that you live in New Mexico or something? E.T. carts are everywhere! Sure, try and eBay it, and you'll be hard pressed to get back your auction posting fee. As for Spacemaster X-7, that might be comparatively more worthwhile.

P.S. -- I just remember that E.T.'s were buried in New Mexico, so never mind what I original said about its common-ness there.

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