"DEAR AGH" (July/August, 1999)

Subject: E.T. for Atari or Blair Witch 15 years early?
From: C. Greenaway

I was playing my copy of the forgettable E.T. for Atari and since I was playing it in a dark room I got to thinking that it really felt like I was playing the Blair Witch Project. Laugh if you wish but you must admit that after watching a flick like that E.T. the game really looks like that movie and is definitely scary at that point! Especially when E.T. is on his last bit on energy! What do you think?

Also I am working on an idea for a new Atari classic game. It is based on pro indoor lacrosse and will feature broken limbs just like Ice Hockey! Let me know if there are any people who make old fashioned Atari games that I can give the idea to. Thanx for your time and have a good day!

The only similarities we see between the Blair Witch Project and VCS E.T. are that they both are horrible. Ok, and they both make an observer dizzy.

Lacrosse -- now WHY hasn't anyone thought of such a brilliant idea before!

Subject: Another Atari 2600 "Holy Grail"
From: Tfh52

I just found another one that is IMPOSSIBLE to find. It's called Ghostbusters II (based on the movie), and you can't find it anywhere. It was made in 1989, meaning that they didn't make many. I suggest you find out more info on this, so maybe it can be added to the collection.

Actually, Ghostbusters II was a PAL-only (Europe & Australia primarily) release but it's fairly easy to find in places where it was released. It falls short of being a "holy grail" cartridge, however.

Subject: Requesting Purchase Prototype Game For Atari 5200
From: Chad

Attention Editor@atarihq.com
Yes My name is chad XXX@cpq2hykagte.net (address withheld)
I have written to You before many of Times about 15 to 20 times.
I Need information on how to get The Prototypes video game cartidges for atari 5200 supersystem. I Have ask two to Three people.
MR. DE Elliot Told Me to contact You He sent Me to You that You have The prototypes video game cartidges. Also Mr.DELETO From australla sent Me to You in That You could get Me These video game cartidges. I AM Requesting information on The video game cartidges. The Prototypes for atari5200 is Cloak and dagger,Superpacman,Finallegacy, by Parker brothers foratari5200 supersystem is Risk,andTutankham. This is a request. I must obtain The videogame cartidges prototypes for the atari 5200. I havenot had very good luck on finding The 5200 prototypes. I AM Requesting video game cartidges for atari5200. You need to goahead and get these for Me. I will pay $100.00 each for each title. I AM Being very honest here. I AM Trying to save a Trip. I really need some help here. If You have these titles I will pay for the titles for atari 5200. You need to come forward with The titles that I AM Requesting. I must obtain These titles. This is a request. I Request You to inform Me That You do have The Titles. I want to buy Them from You. You need to goahead and come forward. They need to work 100% with no Technicle diffulculty. The video games cartidges will have to be garunteed or My money back. The only title I have had access to is The 5200 MULTICART. That is about all I have access to. I Really need some help here. Since I AM Writing This letter You need to Respond. Another person had sent Me to You Telling Me that You do have The Prototypes video game cartidges. THE Thing is to do is goahead and come forward. Come on Please come forward. I Trust You. Please Trust Me. I Just havenot had very good luck at all with The 5200 game prototypes. I have contacted The other dealers but They donot have prototypes. I have contacted Game masters but they seem nervous and not being confident. I Really need some help Here. Please respond to My email by Tommorrow or by Sunday or Monday. I Want Those prototypes and I want them. Go ahead and email Me if You have them instock let Me on The prices. This should be The correct Price. You need to come forward. I sure will appresheate Your service if You help Me out here. The bargainhunter did have the prototypes for atari 5200 but never came forward with The video game cartidges. I really want them. You must respond by Monday July26,1999 by 9.00 am. I AM Trying to save a trip to go to las vegas. But I want those titles prototypes. Please come forward with a pricerange and I can charge it on a credit card but I need You Phone number and name,address,andcity and state zipcode. Please Help Me out. Okay. Thank You. I Know You have The video game cartidges prototypes. Please You need to come forward. I have the pictures to prove it. I know You have these instock. Please come forward. I want those titles. Thank You very very much.


Subject: HELP!!
From: C. Buckmister

I have a cart that is labeled Lock n' Chase from Mattel. (Actually I have 2) BUT, one of them has a different game on it. It's sort of a flight simulator game, where you would automatically go down the runway and pull back on the joystick just as you obtained the correct speed to take off. Then you search for "enemy" aircraft that are in black. It's a really cool game. The control board gives you Altitude readings, number of "enemies," a locator bar to show approaching enemies, I'm just tring to find out what the real name of the game is. There is no indication anywhere. I was wondering if this description sounds familiar to you. If you have time, let me know if this rings a bell. I'm going to try to get a digital camera so I can take a screen shot. Thank you for your time

Looks like Air Raiders if it's a 2600-compatible cartridge. There were often mislabelings in game cartridges, so your story does not come as a surprise.

Subject: K-Byte/Reptron
From: Wintermute

I worked for a company about 3 years ago called K-Byte/Reptron. Their biz is in manufacturing electronics for other companies. Well I had the chance once to visit one of the offices of the in-house programmers/database administrators. Positioned on the window ledge were two titles (damned if I can remember the names now) for the Atari 2600 (and clones) produced evidently by Reptron.

I'm not sure if I ever was told if they were simply manufactured, or if they were actually programmed by Reptron (I'd almost think they were written).

I did find out that the company was a major producer of such games before the crash occurred. It drove them into buying their chip provider at the time (K-Byte) and merging to save themselves by proferring their services as a third-party manufacturer for hire.

Just an interesting memory that came to me whilst reminiscing over your pages. Great work by the way.. I've had a lot of my questions about Atari answered, and a lot of old fond memories reclaimed.

Thanks for writing. Fascinating story! K-Byte and Reptron were two of the more prominent companies producing game software for the Atari and Apple computers in the early 1980's. Both companies wrote and published their own games, although many of their games were also published and distributed by other companies (CBS Software and Sirius Software) at one time or another. They were also seperate companies as well. I didn't know that they had merged later on.

Anyways, thanks for the kind words and the interesting insight.

Subject: Strange Atari 5200
From: Theodore

Hi! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me in regards to the Atari 5200 system. I have a 2-port system, and recently aquired a 4-port at a nearby flea market, and for some reason there is no apparent way to connect the power supply to the system! I've even taken it apart and examined the insides and can see no way to connect the power supply, unlike the 2-port system I had already been using. I'm sure the power supply is the right one since it and the 2 joysticks came together and are similar to the ones I already have, something just doesn't seem right. If you could answer my question or offer help in any way I would be greatly in you debt.

The 4-port 5200 system has a unique configuration. You need the 5200-specific TV switchbox, first of all. Then you plug in the power connector (the side opposite of the part that goes into the power socket in the wall) into the switchbox!

The info is right there on our 5200 FAQ as well. Hope that helps.

Subject: Native by Duranik
From: Hal

Hi, been looking at the pics of Native for seems like years now (on the AGH web page), and I'm curious, is this game pretty much dead, or is there some hope of it coming out? I though it looked like a great 2D shooter, doh.

Unfortunately, Duranik (the developer of Native) failed to receive funding in order to finish the game. As it stands now, it's a kick-butt one-level shooter on the Jag.... Doh!

Subject: Aaron S.
From: Atari 1200XL

Could you please tell me where I could find games for my Atari 1200XL?

Given that the 1200XL is a part of the vast Atari 8-bit computer family -- all of which are 95% compatible with each other -- it shouldn't be too hard to locate cartridges or floppy disks for play on your system. Try scouring through the newsgroup comp.sys.atari.8bit; you should be enjoying some games in no time.

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