"DEAR AGH" (March/April, 1998)

Subject: French Kiss
From: *@wanadoo.fr

  • Bravo pour ce site tres complet et tres interessant.

  • Arigato gozaimasu!

    Subject: Atari rules and Japs suck
    From: Mark T.

  • There is one thing that I miss in life right now and that is the lack of competition these days. I am a hard core gamer and I am happy with the variety of games comming out on the PC, it's just that I miss the good old days when there was that intense competition between the Amigas, ST, PC and so on.  The PC is definitely the winner but I wish Atari and Commodore could still be big in the computer market with their computers because it's the competition that will lift games to new heights.  I live in South Africa and have barely heard a thing about Atari, I wasn't even sure if you guys were still around. I would like to get another games system but there isn't one around that I like. (Is the Jag still alive?) I definately will not support Japanese games systems. (I have this thing about not supporting Japanese or eastern products lately.  They irritate me!)

  • On average, those dumb Japs are unoriginal and bring out out their usual crappy games (ie: shoot 'em up or a beat 'em up.) Enough!!!!  Phew!!! I get angry just thinking about this!

  • Just one question: Is there going to be a comeback by Atari?

  • PS: If you are eastern, then just ignore me.

  • I (Keita) am an "Eastern Jap" and I will ignore you. God help you and your ignorance.

    Subject: Atari Video Music
    From: Tracy M.

  • First off I would like to tell you how much I love your site.  I like all of the background info you have on the products.  About a year ago I bought a complete collection of about 100 games, many of them still had the boxes and manuals enclosed.  It was a great find, I bought the entire collection for $40.  The guy even threw in something that I mistook as a joke.  For the past year I have thought that I had some bootleg item.  No one I know had ever seen it before.  It is the Atari Video Music.  It is in great condition.  I didn't know what I had until I saw it in your museum.  I have a renewed joy when I think of that purchase.  The KILLER is that the guys son was selling the Atari stuff to buy a Nintendo.  I wonder if he will ever know what he gave up.  I didn't know at the time the full extent of what I got.

    Keep up the great work

  • Looks like you got a good deal there. The Atari Video Music is one of our favorites in our own collections as well. Not only are they quite difficult to find, but they're one of more eccentric products ever put out by Atari and there have been many.

    Subject: New Shhnizap
    From: E.K. Amill

  • Wuz' up guys. I'm over in CT and I had a dream. If new Atari games (As in the 2600 and 7800 type) were to be made by big companies again with a HUGE amount of sales (I mean, come on! Everybody that was born during the early '80s has an Atari somewhere at home!), why don't they?

  • I love my Mortal Kombat and FF7 just as much as the next guy, but I still play games like "Karateka" and "Krull", "Donkey Kong" and "Mario Bros.". I remember a time when Nintendo made games for someone else, before they became a huge Mega-Company! There are thousands of people that would save up their money, buy a new Atari game and spend a weekend in their underwear and play that game until they beat it! Then they would do it again just to see if they could get through it faster! I beg of you; all game companys out there, especially if they owe Atari anything (who doesn't?); MAKE NEW GAMES!!!

  • Here Erik, have a tissue.

    Subject: 2600 PORTABLE RERELEASED????
    From: S. Parker

  • I was wondering did this come from a real good source or did Hasbro announce it? If so will it be compatible with old 2600 carts? I got a library of about 75 games! :)

  • P.S.-- Great page! What did you do to it? It loads 100 thousand times faster than last month or so :)

  • Notice the date of our posting of that news.... April 1st!

    Subject: Why The Pac-Man?
    From: Nathan H.

  • Last summer when I ordered two Atari 5200 controllers, I also received a Pac-Man game.  Why did I get this game when I specifically wanted controllers only?

  • And is there anything I can do about this?

  • We oftentimes send out extras in our packages because we're just like that. There's nothing you can do about it, because it's in our nature to be nice.

    Subject: Varunas Forces
    From: D. Chapel

  • I was looking through your excellent Jaguar museum section and noticed a scan of a prototype CD of Varunas Forces. Does this mean that you guys actually have this game and it runs? That would be so awesome!

  • The Varunas Forces CD is owned by John Hardie, and we're not sure if there's a playable game inside. It appears that a code needs to be unlocked to access the game, but we're not sure what it is. As it stands now, only a pretty FMV intro sequence can be viewed.
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