January 10, 2002

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ROCHESTER, MN -- Two years ago today Songbird Productions announced the acquisition of three properties from former Atari Lynx and Jaguar developer Beyond Games, including the highly-anticipated CyberVirus. Songbird today announced the official release date for CyberVirus as February 18, 2002.

CyberVirus takes Lynx gaming to an entirely new level by offering 16 action-packed missions all set in an amazing 3D environment. You are a soldier inserted deep into enemy territory, where you alone hold the key to turn back the Cybot threat. Avoid land mines and hunt for weapon prototypes while repelling robots, mutant spiders, and other enemies. This general release of CyberVirus contains many new features, including stealth armor, strafing movement, powerups, storyboards, an enhanced mission select screen, new objectives, all-new cheats and easter eggs, and more.

Songbird continues its tradition of unparalleled support for orphaned Atari systems by also announcing the release of Protector: Special Edition (P:SE) on April 10, 2002. This games builds on the immensely popular Protector for the Atari Jaguar with a bundle of new enhancements, including 40 all-new levels and improvements in gameplay and balance to make the game fun and challenging for newcomers and pros alike. More jaw-dropping landscapes and backgrounds are sure to keep players hungering for each new level, and several new songs have been added to the mix as well.

As if that wasn't enough, Songbird owner Carl Forhan also indicated that P:SE will include two incredible features to help spur hobby development and lower costs for future CD-based games: BJL and JagFree CD. BJL is a hobby protocol for downloading Jaguar games to RAM, and is a cost-effective alternative for developing new games. JagFree CD allows new CD games to be published and played easily on any consumer Jaguar CD unit.

At press time, Carl revealed plans to bundle a CD game with P:SE. Carl commented, "I want every Jaguar fan who purchases P:SE to know that the JagFree CD feature is present and works correctly with properly produced Jaguar CDs. Thus, I've been able to work out a deal to include the demo version of Native on CD with P:SE. While only a one level demo, Native is an impressive start to a game I know many Jaguar fans are anxious to see in action." Carl indicated other CD games were also in the works and would be available in the near future.

When asked if there is anything else fans can look forward to in the two new games, Carl responded, "There is a special treat waiting for players who finish these games. All I'll say is you'll definitely want to reach the end on both of them."

If you would like to chat with Carl Forhan and other Atari fans about these exciting developments, be sure to drop by The Atari Times' chat room ( at 10pm CST today, Thursday, January 10th, 2002.

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