January 10, 2000

For Immediate Release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Continuing the trend of supporting orphaned Atari platforms, Songbird Productions recently acquired full rights and source code to three unreleased Lynx properties from former Lynx and Jaguar developer Beyond Games. The three properties are: Cybervirus, Ultra Vortex, and Mechtiles.

Cybervirus is an incredible first-person perspective, mission-based action game based on the Lynx BattleWheels engine set in an apocolyptic future where rogue computers and virus-infected robotic warriors threaten the very survival of humanity. Ultra Vortex, the original Lynx version of what became Ultra Vortek on the Atari Jaguar, is an awesome two-player fighting game. Mechtiles is a multiplayer game of giant robot combat, also based on the award-winning BattleWheels engine.

Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird Productions, said, "Beyond Games has been enthusiastic about getting these properties transferred so that Songbird may pick up where they left off. I'm excited to have the opportunity to finish up these games and publish them for the benefit of Lynx fans everywhere."

At press time, Songbird anticipated that Cybervirus would be the first game completed and published later in 2000. The other games will be evaluated for their relative completeness before being put on schedule. All the acquired games are the sole property of Songbird Productions

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