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JerryG Calls It Quits

From Jerry Greiner:

Because of the failing health of both my wife and myself, and because my space and spare time is getting scarce, and because I need to spend all the time I can on my regular job commitments I have decided to sell off all or parts of my collection and game stock. There is probably not anything I won't sell if the offer is right, including individual items or complete collections from my "want to keep" list.

Items for sale include:

* Various parts of my collection as listed below. The collection is grouped in three groups:

    1) Items I most want to keep;
    2) Items I want to sell;
    3) Items I am debating about.
I prefer to sell the collections as lots rather than to try to divvy them up. If I must go to the trouble of breaking them up I will probably opt for listing them on eBay as singles or small lots. The AdventureVision collection has already been sold and the Select-A Game collection is in negotiation. Will I sell individual items from the collections? Yes......but...... In order for me to consider selling individual items, the price must be a premium price which will make it worth my while to break-up the collection! My goal is to move as much as I can with as little time and trouble involved otherwise I would go the eBay route off the bat.

* My extensive game inventory which includes over 4000 different items (approximately 30,000 pieces total) of hardware, games and related items. The value at the listed catalog prices on my website is just a bit under a half million dollars. I will sell the stock off in whole or in part. In part means by system or in reasonably large segments. What I don't want to do is sell wunzies of this or that as the idea is to move items. That said, I will also entertain offers for lists of items providing the lists are flexible and the offers reasonable. What this means is that, yes, I will sell individual collectors items from the catalogs at a discount. Currently I am offering a 25% off Christmas special for smaller orders. If you wish to purchase a large amount of things I am willing to negotiate. If anyone expresses serious interest in any parts of the stock (by system or some other easy to extract segment like perhaps all 2600 carts only over or under a certain catalog list price), I will supply a detailed list of what I have in stock, etc. All stock quantities will be "more or less" meaning that some records will be short, some long. We can negotiate on an "actual shipped" basis. By the way, the Atari 8 Bit stock has already been spoken for and is due to be shipped out shortly. Beginning now we will no longer stock or sell Atari 8 Bit games. There may be a few pieces of hardware available later though as we have a huge stack of unopened shipments to open and inventory, most of which are for hardware stock.

* The domain name and/or website. Goes with the inventory if someone wants everything.

* Rights to the "JerryG Guide to Classic Video Games" which now contains over 7600 items and is nearly ready for the First Edition release. It is contained in a large custom Filemaker Pro file which is compatible with both PCs and Macs (you need to have Filemaker Pro installed). With the guide software there is included an elaborate and extensive set of linked files including a Systems Catalog, Manufacturers Catalog, Game Business Inventory software, Collector's Catalog with direct links to the Guide software, etc., Contact Manager and related databases.

* Anything else you think I might have that you want except for my wife, my kids, my little doggie and my vicious guard chicken!

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