Coin-Op Classics Collection for PlayStation® Game Console and PC Value Priced to Enhance Consumer Appeal

Corsicana, TX, October 27, 1999 - Midway Home Entertainment Inc., one of the industry's leading video game publishers and developers, announced today the availability of six its all-time favorite coin-op games in its new Arcade Party Pak collection which includes Rampage, Smash TV and KLAX. Arcade Party Pak shipped this week for the PlayStation® game console and PC and is value-priced for each platform.

"Midway has one of the most extensive collections of classic games in the industry and now parents and their children can enjoy more of these classics on their favorite home system," said Paula Cook, director of marketing for Midway Home Entertainment. "Releasing Arcade Party Pak at a value price point makes it a very attractive option for consumers this holiday season."

Arcade Party Pak joins NFL Blitz and Mortal Kombat 4 among others in Midway's value priced line of games which targets the under $30.00 software PC and console markets.

"Never before have gaming platforms been so accessible from a pricing standpoint, and as we've seen, many more consumers have embraced the platforms for this reason," said Paula Cook. "The next step in the industry is to make sure that games are equally as accessible for these consumers. As a leader in the gaming industry, Midway is meeting this need by providing a spectrum of quality games in all price categories."

Arcade Party Pak includes:

Rampage - Become a scientist who morphs into one of three giant monsters after a freak experiment goes awry. The monsters' sole purpose is to destroy the city and at the same time survive against the inhabitants who occupy the terrorized city.

Smash TV - Be a contestant on a futuristic game show attempting to collect prizes while fighting off a multitude of enemies. If players survive, they will be awarded a visit to the Pleasure Dome. Smash TV was the first game developed for Midway by Mark Turmell who went on to become the lead programmer and designer of NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC, NBA Jam and NFL Blitz.

Super Sprint - Play as one of three racers who must cross the finish line first while picking up bonuses. Win all of the races to become the Super Sprint Champion.

Toobin' - Tube down rivers while fighting enemies before they damage the tube. At each river's end is a whirl-pool taking players to another wet and wild ride.

KLAX - Catch colored blocks rolling down a conveyer belt and stack them vertically by color. Defeat all of the levels to become the master KLAX.

Exclusive to the PlayStation version:
720° - Skateboard through a ramp-filled park performing stunts and tricks for points. Players must run to the nearest tournament without getting caught by the killer bees.

Exclusive to the PC version:
Rampart - Build a castle with puzzle-like pieces for an upcoming territory war. After building a castle, gamers combat rival castles or an advancing fleet imposing on their land.

In addition to Arcade Party Pak's action, strategy, racing, and puzzle solving games, the collection will include "making of" video footage with interviews from the games' original programmers and artists. All games in the Arcade Party Pak allow players to save their high scores using a PlayStation or PC memory card.

Midway Home Entertainment Inc. designs, markets and distributes video games under the Midway trademark for home game platforms and personal computers. Midway Home Entertainment Inc. is a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), a company engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of coin-operated video games under the Midway and Atari trademarks. Visit Midway's Web site at www.midway.com.

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