The Ultravision with added computer component.

The Ultravision computer contained 64K of memory, expandable to 128K. It used Microsoft Basic with four other languages accessible. 512 characters were displayable and sixteen colors. The typewriter-style keyboard contained sixty keys, eight programmable keys, and upper and lower case alphabet set. The optional disk drive required either five and a quarter or eight inch floppy disks, both single side, double density.

The unit was to be compatible with Applesoft and CP/M software. so the purchaser was to be walking into a ready-made library. In addition to its own videogames, Ultravision was to release its own line of computer software. By covering all the bases, Ultravision ultimately hoped that its system would be the most software-compatible, the most versatile unit available.

Ultravision planned to release the Video Arcade System in the summer of 1983 at a price between $875 and $1,000. Unfortunately, the project was just to far ahead of it's time and costs started to overwhelm the company. The falling market of '83-'84 didn't help matters either and the Ultravision Video Arcade System soon disappeared without a trace.

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