Entex Adventure Vision Pic 1

  • Adventure Vision was considered state-of-the-art in 1983 as it was the only tabletop cartrige-based game system (unless you consider the Vectrex as such as well). Entex's machine required no TV hook-up since the screen was built-in, with 6000 light locations to create images with more than 20 times the resolution of any table-top game on the market at the time. It used four "D" batteries (not included) and came with a Defender game cartridge. Adventure Vision also featured a full fidelity speaker that produced unrivaled sound effects.

  • The game library was tiny, as Entex called it quits shortly after introducing the Adventure Vision. Defender, Turtles, Super Cobra and Space Force. Today, the machine is extremely rare and is considered among the highlights in a collection among those who own one.

    Adventure Vision Cartridge Library:

  • Defender
  • Space Force
  • Super Cobra
  • Turtles

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