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Atari's token entry into the handheld market during the classic era was actually a portable version of its unsuccessful coin-op game. Touch Me was a simple yet addictive game but never caught on, but its fun factor was confirmed by the popularity of Milton Bradley's Simon (an imitation of Touch Me), which proved to be a runaway best seller for the toy giant.

Anyone familiar with Simon knows that the object is to repeat the exact same patterns that were flashed by the machine. Each individual button also had its own distinct sound, so that players with superior auditory skills also had the chance to do well in the game. Each successive input pattern by the player was met by an subsequent increasingly difficult pattern to replicate. In our opinion, Touch Me had the right idea, but its smallish buttons and miniature size prevented it from becoming a game that could be enjoyed by more than one person at a time. In contrast, Simon was a large, round toy with large buttons so that kids could enjoy it and non-players could have a better view of the action.

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