Atari Video Music

Talk about a device that was tailor made for the funky-fly 70s. Atari planned to appeal to the disco/psychodelic crowd with their stereo-looking device that was to attach to your television and stereo to produce some wacky animations on the tube. Don't expect anything better than archaic 2600-type stuff, however. This is 1978 we're talking about. Any receiver or amplifier can be attached to the Video Music. From there, you simply connect the Video Music to the television to produce the desired effects on your TV.

Today, the AVM is extremely scarce, and consider yourself one of the select few owners should you get lucky enough to find one. It also doesn't help that the Video Music looks like an amplifier, and most folks will pass it up not knowing it's a product made by Atari. Fans of the Jaguar CD's Virtual Light Machine who check out the VLM's distant relative will get a major trip for sure!

Atari Video Music Pic 2

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