Jaguar Voice Modem

  • The Jaguar Modem is a finished product that connects to the Jaguar's DSP port. It came equipped with a combination headphone-microphone headset so gamers could talk to one another while they played against each other. The modem got its power from the Jaguar's power supply and had two telephone jacks, a power switch and 2 LED lights (for power and data connection).

  • We tried out the modems with Ultra Vortek, the only game known to have code written into it for use with the Jaguar modem. We managed to connect at 19,200 at each end (the apparent maximum connect speed) and the game played beautifully. So much so that we were going at it for hours! There was nary a hitch in the game's speed, although the voice quality was slightly less than optimal.

  • The Jaguar voice modem is truly a work of art. Had games like Battlesphere, Doom, Iron Soldier II and others supported this device (not to mention being delivered on time), the modem may have provided powerful ammunition against rival videogame systems.

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