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  • Atari's CD attachment for the Jaguar was, believe it or not, introduced AFTER the Playstation and Saturn. Had it been available in the Spring of '95 as originally promised (along with a few more "killer" apps), Atari might still be in business today. But that's a story for another time and place.....

  • The $299 price of Sony's Playstation obviously struck a fear in Atari's upper management. After all, ownership of the $249 Jaguar CD required purchase of the $149 Jaguar cartridge system and therefore was not price competitive.

    JagDuo Pic 2

  • Atari's answer was to be the proposed "JagDuo," a $300 cart/CD combo unit that was similar in concept to Sega's likewise-unreleased Neptune (Genesis/32X combo.) It was supposed to be less expensive to produce than the two seperate Jaguar units while at the same time do away with criticism surrounding Jaguar's toilet-bowl exterior design.

  • But Tramiel's "reactive, not proactive" philosophy reared its ugly head again as they decided against pouring additional money into a sinking ship. The sale explosion of the Playstation was no doubt responsible in this belief as well.

  • The two pictures shown on this page were taken from our friend Don Rogers at the 1995 Summer CES in Chicago (scanned by John Hardie). Sam Tramiel was the one holding the machine and the JagDuo was apparently just a mockup that was created for the show.

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