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joystick "JagDuo"
A good friend of AGH, Don Rogers, managed to grab a few shots of this unreleased (and elusive) cart/CD combo machine at the 1994 Summer CES show in Chicago.
joystick Jaguar Voice Modem
We bring you the scoop on what is possibly the most useful peripheral never to be released for the Jaguar. And it works!
joystick Atari Corp. vs. Jaguar Cars
Did you know that Atari Corp. and Jaguar (the car company) had a small tussle over Atari's use of the Jaguar name for their 64-bit game machine? Have a look at this memorandum prepared by Sam Tramiel's secretary to an Atari Corp. employee. Also note the cheapness of the Tramiel clan when Jaguar Corp. requested certain items from Atari.

video Ultra Vortex Video Clip (Lynx)
Ultra Vortex (Lynx) Beyond Games showcased its portable fighter at the 1994 Winter CES before deciding to shelve the game and work on the Jaguar version instead. (8.4MB .AVI).
video RealVideo for 128K connections or faster

video Varunas Forces Video Clip
AGH offers an exclusive sneak peek of the intro scene of the highly anticipated but never released Jaguar CD game. (28.8K RealVideo format).
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joystick Jaguar VR
Take a look at a mockup of the VR headset that was planned (and ultimately canned) by Atari.
joystick Jaguar Game Development Standards
You may be surprised to hear this, but yes, Atari DID have first-and-third party development standards in place for the Jaguar. Too bad they didn't have standards for game quality, though (or if they did, they certainly didn't seem to enforce it.)

video Skyhammer Video Clip
Skyhammer The Rebellion-developed Jaguar title never made it out when the Jaguar was commercially viable, but Songbird Production thankfully published this game in late 1999. (RealVideo - optimized for 56K connections)
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video Phase Zero Video Clip
Take a look at Hyper Image's never-released blaster for the Jaguar that's somewhat reminiscent of Hover Strike and Air Cars. (RealVideo - optimized for 56K connections)
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