Vidco Copy Cart Set Pic 1

In late 1983, Vidco unveiled a then-revolutionary new gadget which made it possible to copy video games onto the Copy Cart (the blank Vidco video game cartridge) using Vidco's Video Game Recorder (VGR). One could program these blank carts not only once, but as many times as there were games on the market! To copy a game onto the Copy Cart, one only needed to insert a cartridge into the 'Game Cart' slot and a 'Copy Cart' into the slot at the opposite end, press the rectangular button (which activates the LED light) and in a matter of moments, when the LED light goes out, release the button. The same blank cartridge can be used over and over, just like a blank cassette tape.

Vidco Copy Cart Set Pic 2

The VGR originally retailed for $49.95, and included one Copy Cart and a game called Dishaster (which was published by Zimag). Why weren't the VGR and Copy Carts a resounding success? For one, it came out at a time when the video game market was crashing, and many 2600 game cartridges were selling for less than the $15.95 Copy Carts. Perhaps if the Copy Carts were floppy disks instead (like the Super Wild Card and Game Doctor for the 16-bit systems) and retailed for a little less, Vidco may have truly created an inexpensive alternative to purching game cartridges at retail prices.