Personal Game Programmer-1

The Personal Game Programmer (PGP-1 for short) by Answer Software is the classic-era equivalent of the Game Genie and Pro Action Replay. The PGP-1 was a nifty device for the 2600 which enabled aspects of your video games to be changed. For example, in River Raid, the game could be modified using the PGP-1 so that one could fly over land as well as water. In Pac-Man, you could have the ghosts move slower than normal speed while you move as quickly as ever.

The unit has its own 4K of RAM and its own cartridge slot and keypad. It slides right over the front of the 2600 and the game cartridge you wish to alter is plugged into the cartridge slot on the PGP-1. A special connector cartridge (which contains no memory) is placed in the VCS cartridge slot. You use the keypad to re-program the game.

The PGP-1 take almost any 2600 cartridge and allows you to read through the cart's program. Not only are you able to "see" the program, you can also alter it. You can change game characters, sounds, shapes, colors, speed and even program your own strategy. Of course, since all the alterations occur in the PGP-1's memory, none of the alterations will be saved once the power of the 2600 is turned off.

Although the Personal Game Programmer was a technical marvel for its time, it sadly never achieved the sales success which Galoob was able to enjoy as the result of the "Great Crash of 1983/84."