- ATARI 2600/7800 HARDWARE -

joystick Aerobics Joystick
Suncom made a feeble stab at the health fitness market.
joystick CompuMate
Can it be true? A 2600 keyboard that was actually released? (3 others were not).
joystick Foot Craz Controller
A cross between the Nintendo Power Pad (NES) and the Amiga Joyboard.
joystick Personal Game Programmer-1
One of the niftiest items ever produced for any console! by Answer Software.
joystick Video Game Recorder & Copy Cart
The spiritual ancestor to the modern console copiers that exist for various game systems.

  • Atari 2000 Joystick (Pro-line prototype) by Atari
  • Atari 2600 Carrying Case (Official)
  • Atari 2600 "Jr." System (Yellow) by Atari
  • Atari 2600 Kiosk by Atari
  • 128-in-1 Pirate 2600 System (Unknown Manufactuer)
  • Atari 2600 Test Console by Atari
  • Atari 7800 Transparent Unit! (Unreleased prototype) by Atari
  • Atari 7800 (3 different types) by Atari
    - Note: The system on the left says "Atari 7800" and the top one says "7800 ProSystem."
  • Cosmic Commander Control by Milton Bradley
  • Flight Commander Control by Milton Bradley
  • Gameline Master Module by Control Video Corp.
  • HD2000 Joystick (Unreleased) by Milton Bradley
  • Joyboard by Amiga
  • Joy-Sensor Controller by Suncom
  • Joy-Sensor Controller (Different type) by Suncom
  • Kee Games Programmable Game System (Unreleased Prototype) by Kee Games
  • Kee Games Programmable Game System (Pic 2) by Kee Games
  • Kid Vid (Prototype unit) by Coleco
  • Kid Vid Voice Module by Coleco
  • Light Gun Controller (2 Different types) by Atari
  • Previewer by Imagic
  • Previewer (Pic 2) by Imagic
  • Remote Control Joysticks by Atari
  • Romscanner by Marjac
  • Space Age Joystick by Atari
  • Supercharger by Starpath
  • Supercharger In-Store Demo Unit by Starpath
  • Tac-2 Controller by Suncom
  • TV Boy Game System by NICS
  • Videoplexor by Compro Electronics
  • Voice Commander by Atari/Milton Bradley

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