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                             Table of Contents

* From the Editor ............................ Atari through the Millennia.

* Jaguar Tackboard .................. Newsletters, Message Boards, Mailing
                                           Lists, FAQs, Codes, Development
                                                List, Mail Order Directory.

* CyberChatter .......................................... Overheard Online.

* BattleSphere News ..................................... The Final Update.

* Llatest from Llamaland ........................................ Yak yaks.

* JagFest 2000: The Aftermath ...................... Let's Mess with Texas!

* CGE 2000: A Classic Games Enthusiast's View ............ Classic Nirvana.

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


   ||  From the Editor
   ||  By: Clay Halliwell
\__//  clay.h@att.net

Here lies before you a testament to the wicked power of procrastination. 2000 
had the distinction of being a year in which there was a remarkable spike in 
activity in the Jaguar world and in my own life. While BattleSphere and Brett 
Hull were going on eBay, I was winding up my Air Force career and 
transitioning back to the real world. Songbird released game after game, 
JagFest 2K came and went, and I was moving and getting started at a new job. 
JEO just kept getting put off and put off and all the while more and more news 
kept piling up (Hasbro sold Atari to Infogrames?!), making the task of a new 
issue even more daunting. Getting hooked on System Shock 2 (www.sshock2.com)
didn't help either.

So here we are, at the dawn of the new millennium (for real this time), and 
I've done the only thing I can... gather up all the "shovelware" JEO content 
and do a massive catch-up issue. New articles, cheat codes, reviews, and 
interviews will have to wait for next year. My deepest apologies to all the 
Jag fans out there whom I've kept waiting so very, very long. At least you've 
all had nice new games to play!

Before I launch into a hurried listing of the interesting Atarian events this 
year, a question: Does anyone actually still rely on the mailing list, 
FidoNet, CIS, or AOL for their issues of JEO?

A moment of silence for two grave losses to our cultural electronic memory. 
First, the dearly departed GEnie. Apparently when 2000 rolled around they just 
shut things down, taking with them the birthplace of IAJD (Independent Atari 
Jaguar Developers), and many a meg of spirited Jaguar discussion. Second, the 
horribly-mutated deja.com (formerly the much cooler dejanews.com) took the 
bulk of their Usenet archive offline early this year. Currently the archives 
only go back to May 15, 1999, meaning that all those old Jag discussions are 
now inaccessible, save for what little has been preserved in JEO's 
CyberChatter section.

In the Really Old News department, the United States Post Office selected an 
image of some kids playing Defender on an Atari 2600 to represent videogames 
in the 80's. Here's a link:

On June 18 of this year, longtime Atari-stuff dealer HardySoft shut down. 
Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, Charlie!

Hans Reutter of the CyberRoach site has a very nice interview with Atari 
tester Faran Thomason up:

Gorf 2000 for the Jag is, sadly, dead. I received this email from Gorf 2K 
lead programmer Steve Scavone:

     "Look for G2K on PC or Dreamcast. Jag is dead, impossible to
     program and just plain futile to bother with anymore. The
     machine was too little too late even though it was the first
     NG machine out. Atari blew it and I am not going to waste
     any more time trying to get a reasonably fast 3D engine to
     work. Too many bugs in hardware to work around and the Jag
     could never pull of what the PC and Dreamcast can do for Gorf
     2000. Sorry for the disappointment but that is how it stands
     at this point. If 4Play licenses its BattleSphere engine to
     us then we may reconsider but I refuse to battle the beast
     known as the Atari Jaguar anymore. Gorf classic will be the
     only title to make it to the Jaguar and that will not be any
     time soon."

Did you know the BCD CatBox wasn't the *original* CatBox? Back in the 80's 
Atari made an arcade game test fixture called... the CAT BOX! The "CAT" was 
an acronym for Computer Aided Troubleshooter. This info is thanks to a 
recent eBay auction of said item. I've included one of the pictures in this 
issue's archive. You can see the rest of the images here:

On March 6th of this year, BattleSphere #1 became the most expensive Jaguar 
cartridge ever, going for $1,575 dollars on eBay.

Also in March, The Atari Times editor/publisher Greg George got married. 
And in true fanatic Atarian fashion, there was an Atari Fuji cake on hand 
for devouring. I've included a pic in this issue's archive, and the full 
set is available here:

In August, the Dallas Morning News printed an article on collecting classic 
game and computer systems, titled, "Megabytes of Memories". The Atari 
Jaguar was prominently featured in this article, and clearly declared to be 
64-bit! Jag fan Jack Woolfe scanned parts of this article and posted them 
to his web page:

Want to show the world you're a true Atari fan? Head on over to 
http://www.atari.net and get yourself an @atari.net email address! And be 
sure to click on a banner ad or two while you're there.

From out of the blue, 2600 fan (and genius engineer) Benjamin J. Heckendorn 
wowed the world with his VCSp, a truly portable 2600. And now he's working 
on a second version, dubbed the Vagabond, which aims to be scarcely larger 
than a GameBoy Color! These devices are amazing pieces of work, both 
functionally and aesthetically. Check out his page here:

Thanks to Curt Vendel for pointing out that the Atari building on the 
Microsoft TerraServer site linked to from the JEO site is actually a bit 
off. This is the correct link:
Curt had this to say:

     "The building on the right-hand side of Borregas at the
     bottom is 1196, across the street is 1195 and to the left of
     1195 is 1172, above 1195 and 1173 is 1265 (Warner days Atari
     HQ) and the building above 1196 is nothing, non-Atari, the
     next building up which you can't see was Engineering at
     1272, one of the coolest buildings as far as history is
     concerned. Over to the upper-right side of the image was one
     of Apple's first buildings. Atari employees at 1272 used to
     go to the receptionist desk at the old Apple building, pick
     up the Apple stickers, and put them into the urinals in the
     bathrooms so that employees could "pee on Apple computer'."

Speaking of Curt, the Atari Historical Society has managed to track down a 
Jaguar II prototype, and has lots of nice pictures online at:

Ever wanted to use a Jaguar controller on your PC? You might want to try 
the DirectPad Pro, a hardware/software combo that lets you interface a huge 
variety of console controllers to your PC, including the Jag pad.

Anybody know what the heck is up with this site?

Back when Elian Gonzalez was big news, someone came up with this amusing 
AvP parody:

Finally, much, much thanks to Michael Shaver for sending me a proper ZIP of 
AEO 2.2. This issue had been trapped in some weird old compression format.


   ||  Jaguar Tackboard
   ||  Confirmed information about Atari's Jaguar
\__//  Compiled from online and official sources

//// Jaguar Message Boards

Anyone with web browsing capability can join in on the discussions on 
several web-based Jaguar message boards out there on the net. Note that, 
due to the rapid message turnover and instant-update nature of these 
boards, they have a tendency to burn through topics in a matter of days 
instead of weeks (or hours instead of days).

Just point your browser to:

Jaguar Interactive II (hosted by Atari Gaming Headquarters)

Atari Times Boardroom (hosted by The Atari Times)

//// Jaguar Chat

Anyone with web browsing capability who wants to chat in real-time with 
their fellow Jaguar enthusiasts, but has no access to IRC, should take 
advantage of this Jag chat page:

JFPN's Jaguar Chat

//// Atari News Mailing List

Subscribe to the Atari News eGroups list. Be sure to visit 
http://www.egroups.com/group/atari and get on this list to stay up-to-
date on all the latest Atari-related announcements.

The list covers news items relevant to Atari fans, from unearthed 2600 
prototypes to new Jaguar games to Infogrames updates of timeless classics 
for modern systems.

//// Jaguar FAQ

Robert Jung (rjung@netcom.com) maintains the Jaguar FAQ (Frequently Asked 
Questions) file, a continually updated list of Jaguar specs and facts. The 
Jaguar FAQ is posted to rec.games.video.atari on Usenet around the first of 
every month, and can also be found at http://www.digiserve.com/eescape/atari/

//// Jaguar Cheats and Codes

Clay "No Handle" Halliwell (clay.h@att.net) maintains the Atari Jaguar Game
Cheats and Codes FAQ. It's available by e-mail request or from Atari Gaming
Headquarters (http://www.atarihq.com/jaglynx/jag/jagcheat.txt).

Lonnie "The Mage" Smith (themage1@aol.com) maintains the Concise Compendium of
Frequently Asked Codes, Moves, and Cheats (FACMAC). It's available via FTP 
from ftp://users.aol.com/TheMage1/jaguar, or from http://users.aol.com/

//// JEO Development List

The following list of game titles has been confirmed to the best of JEO's 
ability as of publication. Entries in the "S"tatus column reflect any 
"u"pdates, "n"ew titles, or "?"uestionable listings since the last JEO 
list. Entries in the "M"edia column reflect whether the title is "C"D-ROM 
or "J"aguar Server/BJL (blank entries indicate cartridge software). "NEW" 
indicates titles released since the last issue of JEO.

ETA dates are dates that have been provided by the developer or publisher.

//// Titles in Development or Limbo

S M Title                             ETA   Developer            Publisher
" " """""                             """   """""""""            """""""""
n   Arkanna                            ?    Storm Works
u C Age of Darkness                    ?    OMC Games
u C Assassin, The                      ?    OMC Games
  J Bong+ 1999                         ?    Just Claws Software
?   Deathwatch                         ?    Data Design
  J Jagmania (PacMania clone)          ?    Matthias Domin
  J Jagmarble (Marble Madness clone)   ?    Matthias Domin
  J JagTris (Tetris clone)             ?    Bastian Schick
  J *NEXT*                             ?    Force Design
  J Painter                            ?    Sinister
? C Soulstar                           ?    Core Design Ltd.
?   Space War 2000                     ?    Atari
    Total Carnage                      ?    Handmade Software
n   Virtual VCS                        ?    Temp. Sanity Designs

//// Current Software Releases

M Title                             Rated   Developer            Publisher
" """""                             """""   """""""""            """""""""
  AirCars                             5     MidNite              ICD
  Alien vs. Predator                  9     Rebellion            Atari
  Atari Karts                         6     Miracle Design       Atari
  Attack of the Mutant Penguins       6     Sunrise Games Ltd.   Atari
C Baldies                             6     Creative Edge        Atari
C Battlemorph                        10     Attention to Detail  Atari
  BattleSphere                       NEW    4Play                ScatoLOGIC
C Blue Lightning                      6     Attention to Detail  Atari
C BrainDead 13                        5     ReadySoft            ReadySoft
  Breakout 2000                       7     MP Games             Telegames
  Brutal Sports Football              6     Millennium/Teque     Telegames
  Bubsy                               5     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Cannon Fodder                       8     Virgin Interactive   C-West
  Checkered Flag                      4     Rebellion            Atari
  Club Drive                          5     Atari                Atari
  Crescent Galaxy                     3     Atari                Atari
  Cybermorph                          7     Attention to Detail  Atari
  Defender 2000                       8     Llamasoft            Atari
  Doom                                8     id Software          Atari
  Double Dragon V                     4     Williams Enter.      Williams
C Dragon's Lair                       5     ReadySoft            ReadySoft
  Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story         6     Virgin Interactive   Atari
  Evolution: Dino Dudes               6     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Fever Pitch Soccer                  6     U.S. Gold            Atari
  Fight For Life                      6     Atari                Atari
  Flashback                           7     Tiertex Ltd.         U.S. Gold
  Flip Out!                           6     Gorilla Systems      Atari
C Highlander I                        8     Lore Design Ltd.     Atari
  Hover Strike                        5     Atari                Atari
C Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands     7     Atari                Atari
  Hyper Force                        NEW    Visual Impact        Songbird
  Iron Soldier                        9     Eclipse              Atari
C Iron Soldier 2 CD                  10     Eclipse              Telegames
  Iron Soldier 2                     10     Eclipse              Telegames
  I-War                               4     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Kasumi Ninja                        5     Hand Made Software   Atari
  Missile Command 3D                  8     Virtuality           Atari
C Myst                                9     Atari                Atari
C Myst Demo                           5     Atari                Atari
  NBA Jam: Tournament Edition         9     High Voltage         Atari
  Pinball Fantasies                   6     Spider Soft          C-West
  Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure        8     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Power Drive Rally                   7     Rage Software        TWI
C Primal Rage                         7     Probe                TWI
  Protector                          NEW    Bethesda/Songbird    Songbird
  Raiden                              6     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Rayman                             10     UBI Soft             UBI Soft
  Ruiner                              6     High Voltage         Atari
  Sensible Soccer                     6     Williams Brothers    Telegames
  Skyhammer                          NEW    Rebellion            Songbird
  Soccer Kid                         NEW    Krisalis             Songbird
C Space Ace                           3     ReadySoft            ReadySoft
  Super Burnout                       7     Shen                 Atari
  Supercross 3D                       5     Tiertex Ltd.         Atari
  Syndicate                           7     Bullfrog             Ocean
  System Test Cartridge               6     Atari                Atari
  Tempest 2000                       10     Llamasoft            Atari
  Theme Park                          6     Bullfrog             Ocean
  Towers II                           7     JV Enterprises       Telegames
  Troy Aikman NFL Football            6     Telegames            Williams
  Ultra Vortek                        8     Beyond Games         Atari
  Val d'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding   7     Virtual Studio       Atari
C Vid Grid                            6     High Voltage         Atari
C Virtual Light Machine               9     Llamasoft            Atari
  White Men Can't Jump                6     High Voltage         Atari
  Wolfenstein 3D                      7     id Software          Atari
C World Tour Racing                   6     Teque London Ltd.    Telegames
  Worms                               9     Team 17              Telegames
  Zero 5                              7     Caspian Software     Telegames
  Zool 2                              7     Gremlin Graphics     Atari
  Zoop                                6     Viacom               Atari

Total Carts     56
Total CDs       15 (counting VLM)
Total Combined  71

Pts Stars  JEO Ratings
""" """""  """""""""""
 10 *****  THE ULTIMATE - Flawless, beautiful, deviously addictive.
  9 ****+  EXCELLENT - Something to throw in the face of N64-heads.
  8 ****   SMEGGIN' GREAT - Something to kick on the shoes of N64-heads.
  7 ***+   DARN GOOD - Plays as good as it looks.
  6 ***    DECENT - Plays better than it looks (or vice versa).
  5 **+    TIME KILLER - If there's nothing else to do, you play this.
  4 **     INEPT - The programmer's first Jag game?
  3 *+     INCOMPETENT - The programmer's first game ever?
  2 *      UNPUBLISHABLE - Heaven help us!
  1 +      INCONCEIVABLE BAD - ...but someone conceived it. Too bad.
  0 -      EXECRABLE - This is an April Fool's joke, right?

//// Current Hardware/Firmware Releases

Item                           Manufacturer
"""""                          """"""""""""
Jaguar 64                      Atari
Jaguar 64 CD-ROM Drive         Atari
3-button PowerPad              Atari
6-button ProController         Atari
Team Tap                       Atari
Jag-Link                       Atari
Memory Track                   Atari
Jaguar System Test Cartridge   Atari
Composite Cable                Atari
S-Video Cable                  Atari
Stereo Audio Interface (proto) Atari
VoiceModem (proto)             Atari/Phylon
Controller Extension Cable     Best Electronics
CatBox                         ICD/Black Cat Design
Boomerang controller           Matt (Poland)
Lap Cat/Lap Cat Pro joystick   Ben Aein
Jaguar Extreme Joystick        Dark Knight Games (modded Gravis Blackhawk)
Jaguar Server devkit           Roine Stenberg (Istari Software)
Behind Jaggy Lines devkit      Bastian Schick
Jaguar Unmodified Game Server  ScatoLOGIC
Rapid Fire Controller          Songbird
Rotary Controller              JediJeff(?)
Jaguar JAMMA Joystick          GOAT(?)

//// The Short Term Schedule

No projected releases.

//// JEO Mail Order Directory

The following list of vendors carrying Jaguar software/hardware has been 
confirmed to the best of JEO's ability. Please e-mail JEO for additions/ 

//// B&C ComputerVisions
Mail   1725 De La Cruz Blvd #7
       Santa Clara, CA 95050-3011
Voice  408-986-9960 (Tue-Fri, 10am-6pm)
Fax    408-986-9968
Email  myatari2@juno.com
Web    http://www.myatari.com

//// Best Electronics
Mail   2021 The Alameda, Suite 290
       San Jose, CA 95126-1127
Voice  408-243-6950
Email  bestelec@concentric.net
Web    http://www.best-electronics-ca.com

//// Dentec Distribution
Mail   465 Milner Ave #3
       Scarborough, Ontario M1B 2K4 Canada
Voice  416-292-2996
Fax    416-292-4075
Email  sales@dentec.com
Web    http://www.dentec.com/warehousesale

//// GameMasters
Mail   14393 E. 14th Street, Suite 208
       San Leandro, CA 94577
Voice  510-483-4263
Email  mchaddon@game-masters.com
Web    http://www.game-masters.com

//// GOAT Store - NEW
Email  thegoat@goatstore.com
Web    http://www.goatstore.com

//// Multimedia 1.0
Mail   18 Saint Mark's Place
       New York City, NY 10003
Voice  212-539-1039
Fax    212-539-1645
Email  sales@multimedia1.com
Web    http://www.multimedia1.com

//// O'Shea, Ltd.
Mail   330 West 47th Street #203
       Kansas City, MO 64112
Voice  816-531-1177
Fax    816-531-6569
Email  billh@oshealtd.com
Web    http://www.oshealtd.com

//// Songbird Productions - NEW
Mail   1736 Chippewa Drive NW
       Rochester, MN 55901
Email  songbird@atari.net
Web    http://songbird.atari.net

//// Telegames
Mail   P.O. Box 901
       Lancaster, Texas 75146
Voice  972-228-0690
Orders 972-224-7200
Fax    972-228-0693 
Email  sales@telegames.com
Web    http://www.telegames.com

//// United Game Source
Mail   232 East Eau Gallie Blvd
       Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
Orders 800-564-1458
Fax    407-777-3940
Email  unitedgame@aol.com
Web    http://www.unitedgame.com

//// Video 61 & Atari Sales - NEW
Mail   22735 Congo St NE 
       Stacy, MN 55079 
Voice  651-462-2500 
Email  video61@webtv.net
Web    http://www.angelfire.com/mn/video61/

//// Video Game Liquidators
Mail   4058 Tujunga Ave, #B
       Studio City, CA 91604
Orders 818-505-1666 (9am-5pm PST)
       888-944-4263 (toll free)
Fax    818-505-1686
Email  vglq@vglq.com
Web    http://www.vglq.com

//// Video Game Source
Mail   Salzbruecker Str. 36
       21335 Lueneburg - Germany
Orders +(49) 4131-406278
Fax    +(49) 4131-406278
Email  sales@atarihq.de
Web    http://www.atarihq.de

//// Zentanyx Multimedia - NEW
Mail   2910 Illinois Avenue
       Dubuque, Iowa 52001
Email  Data@Zentanyx.com
Web    http://www.zentanyx.com

//// Announcements and Press Releases

//// Index

     10 Jan 00 - Songbird Acquires Unreleased Lynx Properties
     18 Jan 00 - Othello is Coming for the Lynx
     23 Feb 00 - Songbird Now Accepts Online Payments with PayPal
     29 Feb 00 - ScatoLOGIC Releases the Long-Awaited BattleSphere
     18 Mar 00 - Requests for BattleSphere Are Now Being Taken
     13 Apr 00 - Songbird Announces Future Atari Lineup
     21 May 00 - Minor Skyhammer Delay
     09 Jun 00 - Songbird Announces CGE2K Lineup
     17 Jul 00 - Songbird CGE2K Update
     31 Jul 00 - Songbird CGE2K Report
     10 Aug 00 - Songbird is Moving
     14 Aug 00 - Songbird Update
     16 Aug 00 - JUGS is Here
     18 Aug 00 - Jaguar JAMMA Joystick LX Released
     09 Sep 00 - New Games from Songbird
     17 Sep 00 - You Can Now Order JUGS with Your Credit Card
     28 Sep 00 - New Lynx and Jaguar Items
     15 Nov 00 - New Book on History of Video Games
     21 Nov 00 - Christmas Goodies from Songbird
     02 Dec 00 - JagFest 2K1 News
     06 Dec 00 - Infogrames Buys Atari
                 Championship Rally for the Atari Lynx


January 10, 2000
For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Continuing the trend of supporting orphaned Atari 
platforms, Songbird Productions recently acquired full rights and source 
code to three unreleased Lynx properties from former Lynx and Jaguar 
developer Beyond Games. The three properties are: Cybervirus, Ultra Vortex, 
and Mechtiles.

Cybervirus is an incredible first-person perspective, mission-based action 
game based on the Lynx BattleWheels engine set in an apocalyptic future 
where rogue computers and virus-infected robotic warriors threaten the very 
survival of humanity. Ultra Vortex, the original Lynx version of what 
became Ultra Vortek on the Atari Jaguar, is an awesome two-player fighting 
game. Mechtiles is a multiplayer game of giant robot combat, also based on 
the award-winning BattleWheels engine.

Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird Productions, said, "Beyond Games has been
enthusiastic about getting these properties transferred so that Songbird 
may pick up where they left off. I'm excited to have the opportunity to 
finish up these games and publish them for the benefit of Lynx fans 

At press time, Songbird anticipated that Cybervirus would be the first game 
completed and published later in 2000. The other games will be evaluated 
for their relative completeness before being put on schedule. All the 
acquired games are the sole property of Songbird Productions.

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to 
visit the company web site at http://songbird.uni.cc, or send an email to 

Copyright 2000 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may 
be reprinted in its entirety.


January 18, 2000

Long-time Lynx hobbyist Harry Dodgson is releasing Othello for the Atari 
Lynx in February 2000 through Video 61. This excellent port of the classic 
board game includes multiple play modes (single player, head-to-head, and 
more), attractive graphics, and crisp audio.

You may contact Video 61 by visiting their web page, located at:

Ask about Othello for the Lynx, and tell them you heard about it from 
Songbird Productions!

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


February 23, 2000

Songbird Productions now accepts online payments with PayPal. Simply visit 
the link below, sign up for a FREE PayPal account, and PayPal will even 
deposit $10 into your new account (no strings attached).


Show your support for Songbird, and create a new PayPal account today.

Also, don't forget, if you have the $10 Songbird coupons, you need to place 
an order by 3/1/00 to use them. Check out the Songbird catalog at 

Finally, Hyper Force balance payments and new orders are now being taken. 
Please send in your balance or new order ASAP. Email forhan@millcomm.com 
with any questions about the new Jaguar games.


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


February 29, 2000

For immediate release:

CAPITOLA, CA -- Scatologic Inc. is pleased to announce that the long awaited 
BattleSphere(tm) for the Atari Jaguar platform will soon ship, and that all 
profits from the game will be donated to diabetes research.

BattleSphere(tm) is the awesome full 3D networked action shooter for the Atari 
Jaguar. The game was developed by renowned Jaguar, NUON, PSX2 and PC developer 
4Play, which recently merged with Scatologic Inc. to form the newest industry 
powerhouse development team. 

The highly anticipated BattleSphere(tm) combines the fast-action gameplay of a 
first person shooter with the nonlinear aspects of a strategic campaign 
simulator. Also included on the same cartridge are several additional play 
variations which range from a pure classic arcade action game to a multi-
player networked deathmatch mode, where up to 32 players can dogfight for 
control of the Universe. The game garnered acclaim from players when it was 
demonstrated at the World Of Atari show in 1998, and it has received glowing 
praise from industry leading publications like Next Generation Magazine and 
Diehard GameFan magazine.

BattleSphere(tm) was completed several years ago, but the release has been 
pending for some time due to the fact that the Jaguar ceased to be a 
mainstream platform, and the software, tooling, and procedures required to 
produce cartridges were lost and had to be recreated.


March 15, 2000

For immediate release:

CAPITOLA, CA -- ScatoLOGIC Inc. has begun taking requests for the eagerly 
awaited BattleSphere(tm), the infamous game which recently rekindled interest 
in older videogame systems. 

In spite of the high costs of producing cartridges in small quantities, 
ScatoLOGIC has announced that the price of the game will be the same $69.99 
that mass produced games for the Jaguar originally listed for, and all profits 
from sales are to be donated to diabetes research. "By taking our time and 
carefully working out the details of purchasing materials and manufacturing 
with companies who aren't out to gouge the classic gaming community, we were 
able to keep our costs down to a level which is the same as these cartridges 
were at when they were made in large-scale runs." said Stephanie Wukovitz, 
ScatoLOGIC CTO. "We feel that our new price point is the maximum reasonable 
price which people would be willing to pay for a 32-Megabit cartridge game. Of 
course, even at this price there will be a very nice profit left over for 
diabetes research." added Douglas Engel, ScatoLOGIC COO. Scott Le Grand, 
ScatoLOGIC CEO also added "We've had such great support from the gaming 
community that we put extra effort into meeting this price goal."

Requests for the first batch of BattleSphere cartridges are now being taken on 
the ScatoLOGIC/BattleSphere website. Go to http://www.scatologic.com or 
http://www.battlesphere.com to place a request.

BattleSphere(tm) is the awesome full 3D networked action shooter for the 
Jaguar. The game was developed by renowned Jaguar, NUON, PSX2 and PC developer 
4Play, which recently merged with ScatoLOGIC Inc. to form the newest industry 
powerhouse development team.

Copyright 2000 ScatoLOGIC Inc. All rights reserved. This article may be 
reprinted in its entirety. BattleSphere(tm) is copyright and trademark 
4Play/ScatoLOGIC. All rights reserved.


April 14, 2000

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird's fourth new Jaguar title in six months isn't 
even out the door yet as word of more Atari Lynx and Jaguar projects has 
surfaced. Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird Productions, remarked, "The 
response of fans thus far to new Lynx titles and particularly in recent the 
months to the new Jaguar titles has been substantial. I'm thrilled to have 
been a part in bringing out some great games that might have otherwise been 
lost forever, and equally exciting is the opportunity to discuss some 
future projects for the Atari world."

Heading up the list is Cybervirus (TM) for the Atari Lynx. This incredible 
3D mission-based action game will be a hit with every Lynx fan, since it's 
based on the same game engine that gave Lynx fans BattleWheels. Next on the 
list is Championship Racing (TM), a cool super-smooth overhead racing game 
featuring multiple tracks, tight control, and multiplayer options! Finally, 
Planar Wars 3D (working title) -- a game that puts you in the cockpit of 
the last surviving defense starship -- and Ultravore (TM) -- an explosive 
ComLynxable fighting game -- will give Lynx fans even more to look forward 
to down the road.

At press time, Songbird hopes to have at least one new Lynx game completed 
in time for CGE2K but further details were unavailable.

Lest Jaguar fans lose hope, several future Jaguar projects are also under 
consideration. One potential bright spot appeared recently as Songbird 
acquired complete rights and source to the Virtual VCS, which emulates the 
classic Atari VCS (or 2600) games on the Jaguar platform. Additionally, 
Songbird has prototyped and will be producing a Rapid Fire Controller for 
the Jaguar. This controller has been a hit with early testers, and greatly 
enhances the gameplay in button-mashing games like Raiden and Zero 5.

New pages have been added for several upcoming releases on the Songbird web 
pages. Be sure to check out:


for the latest information! And be sure to stop by the Songbird booth in 
CGE2K (http://www.cgexpo.com).

Copyright 2000 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may 
be reprinted in its entirety.


May 21, 2000

I'm sorry to report that due to unexpected manufacturing and real-life 
complications, the release of Skyhammer will be delayed approximately one 
week. Because of the late change of plans, no pre-orders can be shipped 
early as I have tried to do in the past. I will attempt to ship as many 
"Nov 1st, 1999" pre-orders as soon as the carts arrive, with most of the 
international and remaining orders shipping within two weeks after that.

Also, Songbird is phasing out credit card processing via Multimedia 1.0, as 
it was a temporary arrangement to help me handle a large volume of orders. 
It would greatly reduce my expenses and also simply order tracking if 
customers who wish to use credit cards could pay online via PayPal. It's 
always free and very reliable. Check it out at:


If you're already a PayPal member, simply send your payment to 
songbird(at)atari(dot)net. International customers will need to send a 
check or money order drawn on a USA bank (it should read "Bank of New York" 
or "Bank of Delaware" or something similar on the front), or an 
International Postal Money Order. Money Orders drawn on foreign banks can 
_not_ be accepted and will be returned uncashed.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, and for the tremendous support 
displayed by Atari fans over the last year. I've been very happy (though 
often exhausted!) to be a part of releasing these "lost" games for the 
Jaguar, and look forward to finding more products, both old and new, for 
release on the Jaguar platform in the coming months.


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


June 9, 2000

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions recently unveiled its plans for new 
products to be available at Classic Gaming Expo 2000, which will be held in 
Las Vegas at the Jackie Gaughan Plaza Hotel during July 29-30.

Topping off the list is the long-awaited release of Crystal Mines II: 
Buried Treasure. This Win-95/98/00 software allows consumers to build, 
swap, and download new levels on their existing Crystal Mines II Lynx game 
cartridge. Over 50 brand new levels are included, as well as the original 
150+ CM2 levels. Plus, it includes all the tools and documentation needed 
to help anyone get started designing their own levels. MSRP for CM2:BT is 
$29.95 for the CD, and $49.95 for the CD and Lynx-to-PC cable.

In an unexpected move, Songbird also announced the availability of a "CGE2K 
special edition" version of Remnant, the highly-anticipated 3D space combat 
game for the Lynx. "This is a game no Lynx fan should be without," 
commented Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird and the developer of Remnant. "It 
puts the Lynx into high gear -- from the explosions to the 3D scaling to 
the audio, Remnant sets a new standard for 'next generation' Lynx games." 
This special edition of Remnant is a complete game, and features more than 
a dozen sectors to clear in the Arcade play mode. A future version of 
Remnant is anticipated to include a Strategic play mode as well, where the 
player must repel enemy squadrons and protect friendly outposts. MSRP for 
Remnant is $39.95.

Not to leave Jaguar fans out, Songbird also has plans to offer for sale a 
new Rapid Fire Controller for the Atari Jaguar. Carl explained the benefits 
of the new controller: "Titles such as Zero 5 and Raiden are great games on 
the Jaguar, but can suffer from slow fire rates which force the player to 
mash buttons repeatedly. The RFC is simply a modified 18-button controller 
with a special circuit that allows the player to enable or disable multiple 
fire rates on the A and B buttons." The RFC has been tested by several 
individuals and received very favorable feedback so far. MSRP for the RFC 
is $39.95. Only limited quantities will be available for sale at CGE2K.

Songbird Productions is the premier developer and publisher for the Atari 
Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird 
Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at:

This message may be reprinted in its entirety.


July 13, 2000

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- In a further demonstration of Songbird's support of CGE2K, 
owner Carl Forhan is pleased to announce some game competitions and special 
pricing for CGE2K attendees.

Songbird plans to hold high score competitions for the following games: 
Jaguar Protector and Lynx Remnant. Winners will receive selected Songbird 
prizes and discount coupons. Only a limited number of entries will be 
allowed, on a first-come basis.

Employees and relatives of Songbird and CGE Services are not eligible to 
enter the contests. See the Songbird table for the complete rules and entry 

And of course, all the new Songbird Jaguar and Lynx games will be available 
for play and purchase, along with a ton of other Atari merchandise. Jaguar 
Skyhammer was just recently released to a horde of grateful Atari fans, and 
other games such as Protector have also been surprise hits with customers. 
Some Songbird items will be offered at special discounted rates, only 
available to CGE2K attendees. "I know many Atari fans make a big sacrifice 
to attend a show like CGE2K," acknowledged Carl. "I want to give something 
back to the fans, by giving attendees-only a chance to buy Songbird 
merchandise at great prices."

Finally, CGE2K attendees will also get the first glimpse at future Songbird 
titles, such as Championship Racing and Cybervirus, as well as some long-
awaited cheats for games like Ponx, Lexis, Protector, and Hyper Force.

Songbird Productions is the premier developer and publisher for the Atari 
Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird 
Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at:

This message may be reprinted in its entirety.

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


July 31, 2000

Wow, just got back to MN early this morning after a fun but exhausting 
expo. Not sure what attendance was like this year vs. last year, but I do 
know that Sunday attendance was a big improvement over last year. And I 
stayed VERY busy at the Songbird booth the entire time! It was rare that I 
had more than 5 minutes go by without someone wanting to try a Jag or Lynx 
game, see some unreleased stuff, etc. People got to play Lynx Cybervirus, 
Eye of the Beholder, and Relief Pitcher, while on the Jag side we did have 
Phase Zero and a prototype 'shareware' cart for demo.

Songbird customers got to pick up the new Songbird Jaguar games at great 
prices, and I went through almost all the assorted Jaguar stock I brought 
with me. Lynx sales were a little slower than I hoped, but the new games 
were still well received and I even found some new customers for Ponx and 
Lexis! Not to mention equipping a few former INTV and 5200 developers with 
low-cost Lynx developer kits which was great fun... =^)

I didn't get much time to stop by other booths, but it is always great to 
chat with Hasbro, Telegames, B&C, CGE staff, and the rest.

Thanks to everyone who made this another incredible event! I hope to see 
even more people attend next year. Considering the exclusive game releases, 
great deals on new and old merchandise, the chance to meet former and 
current game developers, the swap meet, and the one-of-a-kind museum, I 
think there are plenty of reasons to make CGE a 'must-go' event for 
classic/Atari gamers.


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


August 10, 2000

Songbird Productions is moving to a new location effective immediately. The 
new address is:

Songbird Productions
1736 Chippewa Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901

Please update your records appropriately. Any orders already in transit to 
the old address should be forwarded correctly by the US Post Office, but as 
always feel free to inquire via email with any questions on a current 


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


August 14, 2000

Due to the recent move, the Songbird Productions mail order business will
be closed for most of August while we relocate our merchandise. Any orders
received will be temporarily held until then.

Also, Songbird has almost exhausted its supply of new Jaguar products. 
Soccer Kid is out of stock, Hyper Force has only one copy left, and 
Protector and Skyhammer have a few copies each. When Skyhammer is gone, it 
is gone and will likely never be reproduced again. The other games will 
have a second run made in the next 2-3 months.

Likewise, supplies of Ponx, SFX, and Lexis are running low, and there are 
no plans to reproduce these games once they have sold out.

Once Songbird re-opens, we will offer a bunch of new products for sale, 
including Jaguar Rapid Fire Controllers, Lynx Remnant, and Lynx Crystal 
Mines II: Buried Treasure. All are limited edition items that may not be 
offered beyond their initial run.

Thanks for your continued support, and for your patience during this 


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


August 16, 2000


New Underground Software Loader comes to Jaguar Platform

The fabled JUGS (Jaguar Unmodified Game Server) proves to be more than just 
a rumor

August 14 , 2000 --  In a moved that shocked the Underground Jaguar 
Development Community to it's very core, the JUGS Team officially announced 
the availability of it's JUGS system today. The JUGS System has been 
rumored to exist for many months, but until now it was largely dismissed as 
an elaborate hoax. With the addition of this system to the available 
Underground Jaguar Development Tools, the ability to load and run 
Underground Jaguar Software is now within reach of the masses. 

The loss of the key to the Jaguar internal encryption routines has 
prohibited many people from being able to load and run software created 
since the Jaguar console was declared an open system. Until recently the 
only way to use this new software was to own an Official Jaguar Development 
System / FLASH Cartridge, or to modify a Jaguar console to circumvent the 
operating system encryption routines.

[Note - Songbird Productions has also published new software available in 
cartridge format since the Jaguar was declared an open system.]

The JUGS System was revealed via the Official JUGS Website at 
www.buyjugs.com to consist of a special cable to connect to your PC 
Compatible, a proprietary PC based loading utility program, and 
sophisticated server firmware piggybacked within the BattleSphere(tm) 
Jaguar Game Cartridge. Using a special code embedded within 
BattleSphere(tm), software can be loaded into the RAM memory in any Jaguar 
console and then executed. JUGS bypasses the Jaguar's internal encryption 
routines by running software after the BattleSphere(tm) game has passed 
encryption tests on power-up. The fact that the server code is executed 
from an existing cartridge enables the product to be the only one of its 
kind which does not require any soldering or cutting of the Jaguar 

For more information, visit www.buyjugs.com, or www.battlesphere.com, 
or contact: sales@buyjugs.com 


August 18, 2000

The GOAT Store's official modification to the popular Jaguar JAMMA Joystick 
is officially ready for sale through the GOAT Stores website 
(www.goatstore.com). The Jaguar JAMMA Joystick LX is the second version of 
the original Jaguar JAMMA Joystick that sports a larger base, as well as a 
modified button configuration.

Unfortunately, the GOAT Stores website does not currently have any pictures 
of the Jaguar JAMMA Joystick LX, but they are hoping to get some by the end 
of the month.  The Jaguar JAMMA Joystick LX's price has been set at $74.90 
and comes in a variety of colors. Please direct any questions to The GOAT 


September 9, 2000

Songbird is back, and ready to blow you away with incredible new games and 
hardware for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar!

Looking for some cool space combat action on your Lynx? Try Remnant for the 
Lynx, brought to you by Songbird! This awesome 3D game features 20 
spectacular waves of alien invaders and meteors for you to eliminate. Only 
70 copies of this special CGE2K edition were made, and no more will be 
produced, so get yours while they last!

The long-awaited Crystal Mines 2: Buried Treasure for your Win95/98/00 PC 
is here! This fantastic add-on allows you to design and download NEW LEVELS 
to your CM2 cartridge on a real Atari Lynx. Plus, over 50 brand new levels 
are included on the CD, along with all the original levels so you can check 
out that one puzzle that's frustrated you for years. [CM2 cartridge and 
Lynx/PC serial cable not included.]

For Jag fans, the Rapid Fire Controller is exactly what you need to blow 
away those high-energy shooter games like Raiden and Zero 5. It features 
independent A and B rapid fire support, plus a speed selector for 5, 10, 
15, or 20 pulses per second. Don't pass this one up!

New merchandise has also been added, such as the JagLink and Ruiner Pinball 
for the Jaguar and Hockey and Robotron for the Lynx.

*** SPECIAL *** Lexis only $29.95 with ANY order! Just mention "Lexis 
Blowout" and place your order by October 1st, 2000.

Quantities are limited on all Songbird merchandise, so please confirm your 
order via email to songbird@atari.net before ordering. Check out the web 
site below for information and prices on all Songbird merchandise.


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


September 17, 2000

BUYJUGS.COM is now accepting credit card payments.

The Smash-Hit Underground Software Loader JUGS is now available for 
purchase with your credit card via PayPal! No more messy money-orders or 
currency exchange woes. 

Pay with credit card and get games like NATIVE, ASTEROIDS, and PAINTER 
running in less time!!! 

What is JUGS? You ask... Simply run on over to http://www.buyjugs.com and 
see what JUGS is all about!!!

How can I pay with my credit card??? Just browse over to:
http://www.buyjugs.com/HowCanIGetJUGS.htm and see!

Need a second opinion??? Check out the JUGS review at:

JUGS: Breathing NEW life into your Jaguar!!!!


September 28, 2000


If you're hungry for a multiplayer overhead racer for the Lynx, with tons 
of tracks and player options, check out Championship Rally coming this 
Christmas from Songbird! The web site was recently updated with the latest 
screen shots, and the game is currently in final beta test.


Songbird has a limited supply of Rapid Fire Controllers for the Jaguar 
available for $39.95 each. These awesome modified controllers breathe new 
life into games like Raiden and Zero 5!


Take on the role of the last fighter pilot fending off waves of alien 
invaders in this instant classic for the Lynx! Incredible 3D scaling and 
big explosions make this game a must-have for Lynx fans. Available now, 


Crystal Mines II will never be the same! Get CM2: Buried Treasure today, 
and start designing and downloading new levels to your Lynx. Features over 
50 brand new levels, plus all the original levels viewable in the included 
editor. (Lynx/PC serial cable also required, not included). Available now, 


Songbird is always pursuing more Lynx and Jaguar titles. Expect more 
releases well into 2001, and as always, stay tuned to 
http://songbird.atari.net for all the latest on Songbird Productions and 
the Jaguar and Lynx!

And be sure to pick up the October issues of GameFan and Next Generation, 
for great coverage of new Jaguar products and CGE2K, respectively.


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


November 14, 2000


(cover and author images upon request)


    NOVEMBER 14-MSNBC and Access Magazine video game columnist Steven L. 
Kent announced today the release of "The First Quarter: A 25-year History 
of Video Games", his long-awaited book featuring stories about the birth, 
near death, and metamorphosis of the video game industry.
    Kent, who is has written about video games for such divers publications 
as American Heritage and The Japan Times, invested over seven years to 
interview industry executives and game designers for this 476-page book.
    "The way I have constructed this book, it is almost half quotes and 
half narrative," says Kent.  "Anybody can write a history of video games, 
and it may be accurate or it may be full of holes.  My goal was to let 
readers learn this history through the eyes of the people who lived it."
    Kent conducted over 500 interviews with such people as Steven "Slug" 
Russell, designer of the first interactive computer game; Ralph Baer, 
designer of the Magnavox Odyssey; Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and 
Chuck E. Cheese; Al Alcorn, Atari's first engineer and builder of Pong; Ed 
Logg, creator of Asteroids, Centipede, and Gauntlet; Tom Kalinske, former 
chairman of Sega of America; and Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts 
and 3DO.
    Granted unprecedented access throughout the industry, Kent logged more 
than 20 hours of interviews with Howard Lincoln and Minoru Arakawa, 
chairman and president of Nintendo of America.  Ray Kassar, the chairman of 
Atari during its 1982 collapse, granted Kent his first interview since 
leaving Atari in 1983, and Namco chairman Masaya Nakamura met with Kent 
    Having worked as a mediating voice with Senator Joseph Lieberman on his 
annual Video Game Report Card, Kent was able to conduct candid interviews 
with both Lieberman and Senator Sam Brownback about their hearings on video 
game violence.
     The result of all of these interviews is a high-speed, sprawling study 
of how video games emerged from unimportant novelty entertainment status to 
become one of the driving forces shaping the information age.  With so many 
first-hand perspectives, "The First Quarter" sometimes becomes a forum for 
multiple designers and executives giving conflicting memories of how events 
occurred.  Nolan Bushnell, Al Alcorn, Steve Wozniac, and Masaya Nakamura, 
for instance, all had different stories  about the history of Breakout, and 
all four versions are included in the book.
    "The First Quarter" also includes in-depth studies of the five most 
influential court cases in the history of video games, complete with 
excerpts from court documents and interviews with lawyers.
    "Toward the end of the project, my biggest problem was trying to decide 
what stories to leave out.  I had great stories about games like Aladdin, 
Crash Bandicoot, and Yoshi's Island; but I needed to draw the line.  The 
book was getting too big.  Two days after I handed the book in for layout, 
Nintendo announced that its new console would be named Gamecube, not 
Dolphin, and drawing that line became a really painful task."
    Kent's book, which will be available exclusively through Amazon.com and 
Select gaming outlets, retails for $21.95.
    For more information, contact Steven Kent at stevenkent@aol.com.

    The address for links to the Amazon.com page featuring the book is:


November 21, 2000

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce some Christmas 
goodies for Atari Lynx and Jaguar fans.

Topping off the list is Championship Rally for the Atari Lynx. This 
incredible overhead racer features 7 unique tracks, powerups and pitfalls, 
tons of options, and highly detailed graphics accompanied by rumbling 
audio. Try your hand at solo gaming with Tournament, Single Race, and Time 
Trial, or use your ComLynx cable and second copy of Championship Rally on 
another Lynx to race head-to-head against a buddy in Versus. Plus, look for 
cheat codes, shortcuts, and more! This game is a must-have for any Lynx 

Championship Rally is scheduled for a December 2000 release, and is 
currently in production. Look for the official release announcement, 
including ordering information, in the next few weeks.

Jaguar fans won't be left in the cold, either. Several Rapid Fire 
Controllers are still in stock, but hurry, there aren't many left and at 
press time it was unknown if more of these devices will be built in the 

Plus, pick up the Songbird C2K (Christmas 2000) Kit, available today! This 
kit includes:

* Full-color glossy Skyhammer overlay
* Full-color glossy Worms overlay
* B&W glossy Songbird ad / price list from CGE2K -- great collector's item!

Pricing on the Songbird C2K Kit is as follows:

* $5 for USA customers
* $6 for International customers
* $3 (WOW!) for any customer when you order any other item(s) from the 
Songbird catalog

No additional shipping fee applies for the Songbird C2K kit when purchased 
separately. Normal shipping charges apply for any other items ordered.

Songbird Productions is the premier developer and publisher for the Atari 
Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird 
Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at 

This message may be reprinted in its entirety.

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


December 2, 2000 - Go Beyond Tempest at JagFest 2K1

The GOAT Store, an online store specializing in the support of classic 
video games, has agreed to host JagFest 2K1 in Milwaukee, WI on June 30, 
2001. The fifth annual event that centers around the Atari Jaguar system, 
but will be expanding as it has in the past to include all classic video 
game systems and even classic computers. 

"The event is going to be subtitled, 'Beyond Tempest'," said Dan Loosen of 
the GOAT Store, "because with all of the great products that have come out 
for the Jaguar in the past year, it is definitely true that we have moved 
beyond the storm of doubt and disbelief and can now look at a very bright 
future for the Jaguar and all of Atari." 

This years event will include an exhibit of every Jaguar game ever made, 
rare Atari games, systems, prototypes and many more surprises! There will 
also be a vast array of tournaments, with the GOAT Store supplying prizes 
to the winners. 

Admission for this years event will be $8.00 for pre-registers and $10.00 
for tickets at the door. Tickets will go on sale January 1, 2001. 

"JagFest is a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in Atari to 
explore many rare and one-of-a-kind items and meet some new friends while 
doing it!" said Gary Heil. "I think that Milwaukee is a great location, and 
we will build on the success of past JagFests to make Beyond Tempest into 
the best JagFest yet." 

Please make sure to visit the Official JagFest 2K1: Beyond Tempest Web site 
at the GOAT Store (http://www.goatstore.com). Dan Loosen can be reached at 
loosen@goatstore.com and Gary Heil can be reached at heil@goatstore.com for 
more information. 


December 6, 2000

Excerpts from press releases floating on the net:

Infogrames Entertainment to Acquire Hasbro Interactive and Games.com


Dec. 6, 2000:

Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext 5257) and Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS) 
jointly announced today that they have entered into a strategic agreement, 
creating one of the foremost powerhouses in the mass market digital 
interactive entertainment world. The agreement is comprised of three main 
elements, including the Infogrames acquisition of Hasbro Interactive; a 
long-term licensing agreement giving Infogrames exclusive rights to develop 
and publish digital interactive games based on current and future Hasbro 
properties on all existing and future digital interactive formats; and the 
acquisition of Games.com.

Infogrames will purchase 100% of the common stock of Hasbro Interactive and 
Games.com for $100 million - comprised of $95 million in Infogrames 
Entertainment SA securities (approximately 4.5 million common shares) and 
$5 million in cash. In addition, Hasbro will receive an annual guarantee 
from Infogrames based on sales generated from the licensing agreement. The 
agreements are subject to the approval of the shareholders of Infogrames, 
regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions. The companies 
expect the deal to close early in the first calendar quarter of 2001.

The acquisition gives Infogrames a catalog of titles based on well-known
properties, including:

--The legendary ATARI name and properties, such as CENTIPEDE, MISSILE 
COMMAND, and the historic PONG, which pioneered the video game revolution. 



December 6, 2000

For immediate release: 

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird is pleased to announce December 15, 2000, as the 
official limited-release date for Championship Rally on the Atari Lynx.

Championship Rally is an incredible overhead racer featuring 7 unique 
tracks, powerups and pitfalls, and highly detailed graphics accompanied by 
rumbling audio. Try your hand at solo gaming with Tournament, Single Race, 
and Time Trial, or use your ComLynx cable and second copy of Championship 
Rally on another Lynx to race head-to-head against a buddy in Versus. Plus, 
look for cheat codes, shortcuts, and more! This is the biggest, most 
ambitious, options-loaded Lynx game ever released by Songbird, and is a 
must-have for any Atari fan.

Orders are being accepted immediately for this exciting new game. Songbird 
will make every attempt to fill early orders by Christmas, but based on 
availability and the timeliness of orders, it is possible some orders will 
only be filled in January 2001. MSRP for Championship Rally is $42.95.

Songbird Productions is the premier developer and publisher for the Atari 
Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird 
Productions, be sure to visit the company web site at 

This message may be reprinted in its entirety.

//// New Cheats and Codes

Lots of new cheats and codes discovered this year, but no time to include 
them in this issue. Tune in next year!


   ||  CyberChatter
   ||  Random topics about the Jaguar
\__//  Compiled from online public discussion areas

//// Index of Topics

     Jag Encryption
     Hyper Force
     Phase Zero
     Black Ice\White Noise
     VR Headsets Discovered
     Jag II Prototype Discovered
     Alien vs Predator Prototype
     Jag Chatter on Slashdot
     Kev's Kiosk

//// BattleSphere

Subject: BattleSphere Soundtrack
Author: Stephanie (dynamic21.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: November 25, 1999 at 20:03:46
Forum: rec.games.video.atari

There is the possibility. There are actually two separate possibilities, one 
being a CD containing the audio directly from the game -- i.e. sounding 
exactly the same. I have all of these in WAV format and could put them in MP3 
format, upload them to my mp3.com site (shameless plug: www.mp3.com/sebab) and 
make them available for people to buy on CD *tonight* if people wanted 
(actually probably tomorrow, as mp3.com has to approve the files first)

This is not the soundtrack people are mostly talking about, though. I've 
messed around with remixing kinds of stuff, but I haven't had enough time free 
at any point to make a serious effort out of the project. Typically what 
happens is that I sit down to work on it and something else happens, like my 
computer crashes (that was pretty frequent this summer and fall) or I'm 
overwhelmed with work for a bit, or another project takes precedence.

Musically, there are two film producers interested in offering me projects 
this spring (don't get excited yet though). If either one becomes a more solid 
possibility, I'd start scoring in late February or so, which means that after 
I turn in my project for a songwriting class I'm taking in say 2 weeks, I 
won't have any other specific music deadlines for at least 2 months. Of 
course, if we decide the remix CD's profits go to JDF just like the game's 
profits, any paying projects that I get will take precedence.

By the way, if I fade out the MOD file audio and upload them to mp3.com, is 
there anyone who would buy the resulting CD, or would I be wasting my time? 
(any profits from THIS CD will go to JDF... I would probably charge $6 for the 
CD, the minimum mp3.com allows, half of which amount they will send to me and 
I will send to JDF)

It also seemed weird to release the soundtrack before the game.


Re: Happy Thanksgiving Wishes
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-192-7.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: November 25, 1999 at 19:23:49
Forum: rec.games.video.atari

>That's a good question - will you make another Jag game, or
>just retire from Jag development secure in the knowledge that
>you have just put out the best ever game for the Jag?

If encryption becomes easier, I can foresee making some 2MB games just for
fun, or perhaps finishing some existing game or taking an unreleasable
licensed title and changing the art so it can come out. But I DO NOT have
anything lined up. It would take someone approaching me with a project like
that, I don't have the contacts to find these things on my own.

Of course, if we actually lose money on BattleSphere (i.e. people who said 
they were going to buy it don't buy it and we have hundreds of leftover carts) 
then I would probably feel different.



Subject: Woo! Battle Sphere track featured at mp3.com
Author: stef of the clef (dynamic41.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: November 30, 1999 at 16:02:05
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

The MP3s are up! Either go to my site at:


Or else follow the link at the bottom... maybe we'll get some publicity out of 
it :) Doug says he'll have graphics to me tonight for the CD, and hopefully 
mp3.com will approve them quickly. (again, remember this is a CD of the sounds 
right from the game, not a remix CD... which is still in the works but gets 
worked on sporadically) 


Subject: The Original BS - Now Available on MP3.com!!!
Author: Clay (woody.dyess.af.mil)
Date: December 07, 1999 at 06:58:05
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>>As the subject says, you can now purchase 'The Original BS'
>>by Sebab on www.mp3.com (see link below).

>Thanks for notifying everyone! This posting is how I found
>out that mp3.com finally approved the CD! :)


I noticed the cover artwork prominently stresses the music's MOD origins. Does 
this mean the CD includes MOD files instead of MP3s?

Also, I thought the actual BS music was composed using a proprietary, MOD-like 
format. What gives?

(already ordered my copy...) 


Subject: BattleSphere?
Author: unused@my-deja.com
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 22:37:19 GMT
Forum: rec.games.video.atari

>Can someone let me know what happened with this title?

We finished it, Steph made a CD, now we're doing all sorts of behind the 
scenes work trying to get carts made and the encryption thwarted.

>Are we going to get zoned? I've been really looking forward to it.

Well I suppose if Y2K causes a massive nuclear strike which wipes out all of 
civilization except for several ragtag tribes of humanity which eke out a 
hunter-gatherer lifestyle for several generations until the arrival of a 
mysterious stranger brings the promise and threat of the return of technology, 
then yes, you will get "zoned".

Otherwise, no, it just takes a horrendous amount of tap dancing to get this 
thing made.


You're welcome and don't forget to listen to the old man in the cave!

Scott Le Grand
Lead Coder

ObPlug: BattleSphere, linux, e-commerce: what a combo!


Subject: BattleSphere Encryption
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-193-126.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: December 30, 1999 at 13:48:24
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>No jaguar breakdowns??? No software locks???? 
>Thats some robust code and some sturdy hardware. 

Actually, I didn't want to admit it, but I ruined a couple of days work when I 
moved the setup out of the way for Thanksgiving and I restarted the system 
with the data from the previous weekend. I didn't catch it until it didn't 
make sense to restart. 

With chip prices the way they are, I'm certainly not in any hurry to get the 
solution. :-(



Subject: battlesphere.com?
Author: BattleSphere Bob (dynamic58.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: February 17, 2000 at 10:28:08
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>I never got the CD, but I did try battlesphere.com a
>couple of times to see if was registered... when I saw
>the "under construction" page, I just went on to other
>sites thinking that somebody else beat 4Play to it...

Actually, someone else DID beat 4Play to it in 1996. Fortunately, since they 
appear to have been a bunch of lamers that saw one of our BattleSphere pitches 
and then decided to do the game without us, they didn't get very far. The 
company folded in 1998. The domain freed up last September and I grabbed it. 
It will be the place from which to order your BattleSphere carts. But I didn't 
plan to activate it until we could place those orders.



Subject: battlesphere.com?
Author: stefoclef (sebab@best.com)
Date: February 16, 2000 at 22:46:03
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

When battlesphere.com came up for grabs, the company which had started out 
designing a BattleSphere-looking clone (coincidentally named "Battle Sphere" 
but changed to "Sphere Warriors" when we mailed them indicating we'd caught 
them red-handed) did not re-register it, I think mostly because they'd gone 

Scott grabbed it but has not as yet attached any webspace to it. I'd love to 
see some webspace attached since then I could upload some junk there.


Subject: 4Play Acquired By Scatologic
Author: BattleSphere Bob (dynamic1.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: February 20, 2000 at 12:51:09
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Somewhere in the Known Universe - 4Play, developer of the upcoming Jaguar game 
Battle Sphere, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition by Scatologic, a 
Delaware corporation. Scatologic CEO Scott Le Grand happily looked into a 
mirror and told 4Play CEO Scott Le Grand that this merger promised improved 
service and reliability to existing 4Play customers. Mr. Le Grand was then 
wheeled off to Groom Lake AFB for his daily shots.

Meanwhile, COO Douglas Engel found enough time in his busy schedule to 
duplicate himself in a transporter accident and take over the COO roles of 
Scatologic. No word is available at this time as to whether the new Scatologic 
COO is the "evil" or "good" Doug. Please stay tuned for further details.

Finally, 4Play CTO Stephanie Wukovitz quit her job for a new higher-paying 
position at Scatologic. "Those losers at 4Play couldn't ship a game if you set 
their butts on fire" she was reported to say as she cleaned out her desk. The 
4Play logo and name will remain on all 4Play products. However, they will now 
be published by the Scatologic corporation. Check out the DNS entry for 
scatologic.com for future news until the new web site is complete.


Subject: Atari Forever
Author: Leo (tc02-100.imcnet.net)
Date: March 13, 2000 at 13:42:10
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Hi all,
In case you were wondering... 
The limited edition signature appears in this manner.

When you start the game and don't do anything, it goes into attract mode. When 
that happens, a screen with burning fire appears, centered is the message:

Battlesphere Limited Edition
personally created for:
Atari Forever 

or something to that effect. looks cool, and its a signature I can share with 
all of you :)
(After winning, the thought occurred to me I should choose something shareable 
so we all can enjoy it)

Time to BS


Subject: BS impressions
Author: Leo (tc02-073.imcnet.net)
Date: March 18, 2000 at 03:58:48
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I played BS some and wanted to rave a little.
First, some differences from standard Jag games:
No volume control on pause screen for music, SFX, etc. You can turn music 
on/off and engine noise on/off in setup. I find that the volume mix is 
perfect, and I have no desire to change anything anyways.

I love Steph's music, and engine noise don't bother me. Also, Star+Pound 
brings you back one screen, i.e. from game to ship select, in stead of 
restarting from the beginning. Also nice.

I tried, most recently, single player free for all, fighters only, against 1 
computer opponent, set at the easiest (I believe), 10 kills. I tried the 
O'catanut arrow first. Not too hard, but I could only maintain three kills 
above the computer. (sometimes, I would kill him, but didn't swerve around the 
explosion and got minced myself.)

I then tried S'mgheed annihilator as it has awesome Lasers, but little else. 
Linked the two lasers. I think I was against a cobra slith, but not too sure. 
Cool lasers, killed with one volley. However, with not great shielding, I died 
quickly. So I adapted and learned to shoot and bank away real quick, fly 
around slowly to regain shields, and try again.

I actually made it to 10 kills and got on the high score list. (I actually got 
killed when I made kill number ten but the victory took precedence, whew.) I 
love the manner in which you get to choose 6 letters for the high score 
tables. It is a circle of letters,!,*,-,.,backspace, and end. The selector is 
one of them glass globes. The magnification effect is cool to watch. Good work 
4Play and that little detail. (In general, the selector are glass balls. Nice 
job guys.) 

I then tried Se'babs Mark I, as it had high speed and acceleration, and almost 
the highest turn ratio among the fighters. My luck, I was pitted against the 
oppresor's acrosome (I laughed when I first saw that name. Having a Bio degree 
in Molecular Genetics, I took development and learned all about the acrosome 
:) for the rest of you, it's a actin filled vessicle at the tip of the sperm) 
That little bugger moves (higher turn ratio then Mark I for example). I 
couldn't keep it in my sights. It killed me plenty of times. So I tried flying 
the acrosome a bit, nice. (Also, I payed attention to the terminated screen 
when I died. I could see the acrosome fly about my wreckage... cool)

Finally I tried ejected pilot with jetpack. WOW, you need to be a master. The 
view is the same as any ship except no radar. Ever tried to hunt down an enemy 
ship without radar? Anyone who plays with this on Minter is a true BS legend. 
(Hmmm Doug, Scott, and Steph? Anyone at Scatologic master ejected pilot on 

I truely like the game and want to play more to continue to work out how each 
ship handles and flies. I am happy I figured out the S'mgheed annihilator, but 
the more agile ships are seductive.

That Acrosome is one tough bugger. Next time I hit it with a stasis bolt, I 
need to remember to stop dead immediately to make it easier to pepper him with 
torpedoes. That was the only high note on that battle, I froze him with a 
stasis bolt (kind a cute the way he hangs there with tail wiggling.) But I 
didn't think to stop and had trouble shooting him on the fast flybys...)

I would like to try pilot/gunner configuration with a friend. I would love to 
network, even just two jags. The colors are awesome, framerate smooth, and the 
lens flare is a nice touch. (here's an idea if Nuon BS occurs (as many 
suspects). Lens flare for the ship's engine/rocket glow as well as the star, 
if nuon has the power to handle it (which it probably does).) or would that be 
too distracting?...

I am starting to tell the difference in how the slower turn and faster turn 
ships differ in turning speed. Hopefully, I can master handling of each one. 
The ships look good. Decal mapped, gouraud shaded polygons look GREAT. at 
least these ones do. Truthfully, they fly by too fast to truely appreciate ;) 
OK, that wraps it up. I see it is less about BS and more about how dismal I 
play it ;) Don't worry, I'll get it soon enough.


Subject: Re: BS impressions
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-19-55.cmbr.grid.net)
Date: March 18, 2000 at 07:59:19
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>I played BS some and wanted to rave a little.
>First, some differences from standard Jag games:
>No volume control on pause screen for music, SFX, etc. 

Try pressing while paused. That's the way the official developer's 
specifications say it should work...

>You can turn music on/off and engine noise on/off in setup. 
>Amongst other things... 
>I find that the volume mix is perfect, and I have no desire to change
>anything anyways. 

Cool! Thanx. 

>I love Steph's music, and engine noise don't bother me. 

Sometimes I like to CRANK the music, just for the fun of it! 

>Also, Star+Pound brings you back one screen, i.e. from game to ship
>select, instead of restarting from the beginning.
>Also nice.

That was something we added at the end of development, when Atari was out of 
the loop. Their official developers spec. says that #* should reset the game. 
However, we figured that this was dumb and reworked the idea.

>I tried the O'catanut arrow first. Not too hard, but I could only
>maintain three kills above the computer. (sometimes, I would kill him,
>but didn't swerve around the explosion and got minced myself.)

Why don't more other games work like this? 

>I then tried S'mgheed annihilator as it has awesome Lasers, but little
>else. Linked the two lasers. I think I was against a cobra slith, but
>not too sure.
>Cool lasers, killed with one volley. However, with not great
>shielding, I died quickly. So I adapted and learned to shoot and bank
>away real quick, fly around slowly to regain shields, and try again. 

Gee... and people said that ship was too slow and worthless? HAH! 

>I actually made it to 10 kills and got on the high score list. (I
>actually got killed when I made kill number ten but the victory took
>precedence, whew.)

"Victory Terminated?" HAHAHA! I believe this was an oversight in the 
programming that we didn't plan on but when it happened we decided that this 
was the right thing to do!

>I love the manner in which you get to choose 6 letters for the high
>score tables. It is a circle of letters,!,*,-,.,backspace, and end.
>The selector is one of them glass globes. The magnification effect is
>cool to watch.
>Good work 4Play and that little detail. (In general, the selector are
>glass balls. Nice job guys.) 

Don't you mean "Nice job, Doug"? (Those screens are all my work.)

>I then tried Se'babs MarkI, as it had high speed and acceleration, and
>almost the highest turn ratio among the fighters. My luck, I was
>pitted against the oppresor's acrosome (I laughed when I first saw
>that name. Having a Bio degree in Molecular Genetics, I took
>development and learned all about the acrosome :) for the rest of you,
>it's a actin filled vessicle at the tip of the sperm) 

That's probably a lot funnier when you see what the ship looks like and how it 
flies ;-)

>That little bigger moves (higher turn ratio than Mark I for example).
>I couldn't keep it in my sights. It killed me plenty of times. So I
>tried flying the acrosome a bit, nice.

The variety of ships and their different abilities makes for a really varied 
gameplay. Replay value is really high, considering you have to develop 
different strategies for each type of ship!

>(Also, I payed attention to the terminated screen when I died. I
>could see the acrosome fly about my wreckage... cool)

Sometimes you can see them fly through the debris and kill themselves by 
hitting it! Wait until you play on a skill level when you can get taken out by 
a missile volley... missiles continue to fly into the wreckage and blow up!

>Finally I tried ejected pilot with jetpack. WOW, you need to be
>a master. The view is the same as any ship except no radar. Ever
>tried to hunt down an enemy ship without radar? Anyone who plays
>with this on Minter is a true BS legend. (Hmmm Doug, Scott, and
>Steph? Anyone at Scatologic master ejected pilot on Minter?)

I don't think I ever even tried. I'm sure it's possible, but too time 
consuming for me!

>I truely like the game and want to play more to continue to work
>out how each ship handles and flies. I am happy I figured out the
>Smg'heed Annihilator, but the more agile ships are seductive. 

Glad you like them!

>That Acrosome is one tough bugger. Next time I hit it with a
>stasis bolt, I need to remember to stop dead immediately to make
>it easier to pepper him with torpedoes. That was the only high
>note on that battle, I froze him with a stasis bolt (kind a cute
>the way he hangs there with tail wiggling.) But I didn't think to
>stop and had trouble shooting him on the fast flybys...)

Ever been hit with a stasis bolt??? Heh heh heh

>I would like to try pilot/gunner configuration with a friend. I
>would love to network, even just two Jags.

Trust me, it's FUN!

>The colors are awesome, framerate smooth, and the lens flare is
>a nice touch. (here's an idea if Nuon BS occurs (as many suspects).
>Lens flare for the ship's engine/rocket glow as well as the star,
>if Nuon has the power to handle it (which it probably does).) or
>would that be too distracting?...

Believe me... the next one will have lens flares all over the place!

>The ships look good. Decal-mapped, gouraud shaded polygons look
>GREAT. at least these ones do. Truthfully, they flyby too fast to
>truely appreciate ;)

I know.... it's a shame too!

>OK, that wraps it up. I see it is less about BS and more about
>how dismal I play it ;) Don't worry, I'll get it soon enough.

It takes a certain knack, but you will improve. 
Thanks for taking the time to comment! 
I'm so pleased that you like it, and we appreciate everything you've done for 



Subject: Rejected!
Author: Grumpy Bob (dynamic27.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: March 19, 2000 at 01:40:41
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>>Why did you make the run of cartridges BEFORE the pre-
>>orders arrived???? 
>Because we've gotten quite a bit of feedback indicating 
>that because of a former 4Play member's handling of 
>preorder money for a non-4Play item, they wouldn't 
>preorder from us.

And on top of that, just imagine the threats to take us to court, register 
complaints with the attorney general, and otherwise make our lives miserable 
if we hit the tiniest snag between taking pre-order money and delivering the 
goods. It was not an option, period. Enough BattleSpheres will be produced for 
all that want it. If that's not good enough for you, then I suspect it is time 
for you to move on in life.


Subject: NOT DENIED!
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-175-187-nwrk.grid.net)
Date: March 19, 2000 at 06:16:49
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>And to be honest, the possibility of a second run does little
>to mitigate my frustration at this point. Give me a break...I
>have to feel *some* letdown after all this time, no?

Believe me, I know how you must feel. I think WE probably feel worse than you 
do because it was our screwup that put you in this situation, and we have 
ALWAYS put our customers feelings high on our list of priorities. We feel very 
badly about this.

>>We're really sorry that you feel this way. I hope you take
>>into consideration that fact that were are not taking any
>>pleasure from having to turn people away temporarily.
>Of course, I can't imagine that you would. Certainly it must
>seem like, after all these years, you've got more fans and
>supporters than perhaps you had originally supposed. And now
>you'll have to disappoint some of them (but possibly temporarily,
>but possibly forever) by turning away their orders for a Battle-
>Sphere cart.


And be assured that we are trying very hard to make the second run happen. We 
have a couple of obstacles to overcome (like running out of printed boxes, 
etc.), and the chips we need are on "allocation" (meaning that the "important" 
customers can get them).

>>There are no guarantees for anything in life, really. But give
>>us a little credit here... don't you think that we will be trying
>>really hard to make sure that you a copy as well? 
>Sure, I imagine that you'll be trying hard. But, as you said,
>there are no guarantees. 

We're just being on the safe side. We don't want to PROMISE anything that 
we're not 100% sure we can deliver. We have been bitten before by the 1% 
chance something could turn out wrong and we said otherwise. It's made us very 
cautious in what we promise.

>Well, it's good to hear. The higher price will still, no doubt,
>be justified once we all have our copy of BattleSphere.

I'm pretty sure that we're only talking about a few dollars more. It's not a 
huge amount I'm very sure.



Subject: Rejected!
Author: stef (sebab@best.com)
Date: March 18, 2000 at 23:25:11
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II


Me too. Aside from the actual pain of the clerical work (I did everything by 
hand... and by the way, whoever it is who spammed us with the profanities, uh 
thanks) 'twas pretty awful seeing all the familiar names go by and knowing we 
couldn't provide for all of them.

We had to put up the capital among the three of us -- that was actually 
supposed to be the job of a particular team member when we were 4Play, but we 
all know what happened there.

We really do want a second run, and Doug's made some progress inquiring about 
it. I wanted to have more to say about that when I sent out the confirmations, 
but I couldn't really delay much longer :( 


Subject: battlesphere price
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-19-42.cmbr.grid.net)
Date: March 19, 2000 at 14:58:35
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>well you can get the goddamn shells for jaguar games at
>best electronics for like 4 or 5 bucks a piece with screws
>and the pcbs for 1.25 i think. i must say i think everyone
>is a bit pissed at the price change.

If YOU can arrange to get the components for that price and sell them to us at 
your cost, then by all means PLEASE DO. Our dealings with BEST have been the 
"Worst" we've encountered. They quoted us one price and then raised that price 
3.00 when we went to order (thinking they had a corner on the market or 
something) and THEN when I tried to negotiate back to what we had they came up 
with some lunatic counter offer where they would get a TON of BattleSphere 
carts for LESS THAN OUR MFG COST and they'd sell us the materials at the price 
$1.00 higher than the original quote. (which was WAY higher than the prices 
you list)...




Subject: battlesphere price
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-19-42.cmbr.grid.net)
Date: March 19, 2000 at 15:32:00
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Gives us a good look inside your daily problems, eh? I
>understand how you feel.....

You don't know the half of it. This has been hugely frustrating. I personally 
did ALL of the purchasing and production that our abandoned member was 
SUPPOSED to do. And NOBODY out there seems to give a crap that this is for 
CHARITY. These guys see us coming and see big $$$$$ profits.

It's not like many more people are going to be asking them for cart pieces. 
One day they are going to wind up taking palettes of these things to the dump 
and WISH they has sold some at a reasonable cost.



Subject: Perspective, it's a funny thing.
Author: Big Al (a_pelzel@hotmail.com)
Date: March 19, 2000 at 11:45:00
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

So you're angry because you couldn't get a BS cart this time? Look at it from 
Scatologic's perspective:

1. When they first started the game, they probably expected Atari to release 
it. Lucky for them, Atari walks out on everyone and leaves fans totally strung 
out to dry.

2. Tom Harker (the 4th person in 4Play), who I bet they expected to release BS 
and handle all the distribution/logistics, etc. decides he'll do like the Steve 
Miller song and "take the money and run". So not only do they have no 
distributor, they now have to try and shed the reputation of a former partner- 
thus, no pre-orders for BS.

3. So Doug, Scott, and Stef are left holding the bag. Now they're not 
marketing/distribution types, they're just fans who made a game. They promised 
it to us, so they have to go it on their own (not to mention, I bet they 
_want_ to share their game w/us).

4. By the time they can release the game, the Jag has been abandoned for 4 
years. Honestly, how many would you realistically expect to sell if you were 
them? Yeah, so some people filled out their form on the internet- that really 
holds about as much weight as, oh, a form you can fill out on the internet. (I 
wonder how many people on the Jaguar petition, who _swore_ they'd support the 
Jaguar, have ordered BS- or any of Carl's games, for that matter.)

5. Much to their horror/wonder, they are featured on /. and demand goes 
through the roof.

6. Much to their horror/wonder, demand far outstrips supply. Really, it 
doesn't surprise me, this is ScatoLogic's first release and noone exactly has 
an MBA from Harvard. How do you select who gets it? That's not a question I'd 
want to have to answer.

I think the most telling thing about the whole situation is how T-bird has 
handled himself. I've accused him of being too quick to jump on the flame-
wagon, but he has done nothing of the sort. Rather, he's been nothing but 
apologetic and tried to sympathize with the people who lost out.

ScatoLogic understands and sees it from your perspective, do you see it from 

(I should note that I'm not getting BattleSphere. Not that I don't want it, 
but I flat-out can't afford it. My best hope for getting a copy is buying it 
off eBay a couple years from now.) 


Subject: A small BattleSphere question
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-172-168-nwrk.grid.net)
Date: March 22, 2000 at 03:33:30
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Are you not still making profits when selling it to Go Atari?

Nobody from that particular dealer has contacted us regarding the purchase of 
BattleSphere. However, I have trouble justifying the act of selling to a 
dealer at some reduced "dealer price" so they can turn around and make money 
off of something that would otherwise go to charity and none of which goes to 

There are some dealers who have assisted us in the past, and have been helpful 
in getting BattleSphere produced, and they will be the ones who would have a 
chance of getting some carts at a special price. Other dealers have tried to 
gouge us and will definitely not get any.

All of this is pure conjecture because we are too busy trying to organize a 
2nd run to worry about these matters.



Subject: Battle Sphere shipping update
Author: stef (dynamic2.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: March 23, 2000 at 16:37:06
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

My arms are still a little unhappy, so after resting them a tiny bit longer
today I will start packing some of the 45 orders (not sure how many carts yet)
we received today. 5 orders went out today.

Still need to try and do a few hours of work (the kind that keeps up housed 
and clothed and fed :P ) from home tonight, then if things feel ok, back to 
doing some Battle Sphere site stuff incl the order checking script.



Subject: Battle Sphere shipping update
Author: stef (dynamic35.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: March 23, 2000 at 21:56:34
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II


Appreciated! Some rest did me good -- I am up here working on the mailing 
list, trying to get it into a format Excel will read (which I should have done 
initially) -- this will make the script's job easier too.

Scott is downstairs packing carts and yelling at the cat to stay away (he 
enjoys perching on the big boxes o'sphere in the kitchen but now that we're 
unpacking them he seems distressed... er I mean the cat, not Scott)

Back to typing commas and hitting the delete key, which really isn't all that 
taxing, thankfully.


Subject: 30 BattleSpheres Shipped Today...
Author: BSB (
Date: March 24, 2000 at 17:55:19
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

75 payment envelopes received...

Ran out of packing supplies last night but since it was about 1:30 AM by that 
time, things were winding down anyway...

More to go out tomorrow...

So where is that Kendler guy anyway???


Subject: JDF Contribution... wow, that was easy!
Author: stef of the clef (
Date: March 24, 2000 at 17:56:37
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II


I'd been busy and hadn't gotten around to sending the money from the mp3.com 
Battle SPhere soundtrack to JDF. I sold 31 so far, BTW, meaning I earned $93 -
- I rounded it up to a contribution of $100. Anyhow, I hit the site (link 
below) intending to get the correct address to send the check, and found, to 
my delight, that they take credit cards. So I sent the contribution... here's 
the results page text:


Thank You

Thank You for your contribution to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Through 
your contribution you are helping us find a cure for diabetes and its 
complications through the support of research.

You will shortly receive an acknowledgement via e-mail. If your contribution 
was for $250 or more, you will also receive a written acknowledgement.

Your reference number is: 20000324203213.

If you need to contact us for any reason about this transaction, please send 
an e-mail to info@jdfcure.org and include the above reference number.

Again, thank you for your contribution.


Subject: 30 BattleSpheres Shipped Today...
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-171-226-nwrk.grid.net)
Date: March 24, 2000 at 18:05:34
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>So where is that Kendler guy anyway???

I think he's in the hospital with Crow Poisoning.

Kendler be gettin' his stomach pumped! Betcha he don't like that charcoal they 
put in him!



Subject: Kendler Sucks Cheese Orbs!!!!
Author: T. H. Undirberdt (pool-209-138-194-90.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: March 25, 2000 at 05:50:43
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>"Doesn't he owe you $100 or something? That's probably where
>he's been, trying to find a job to pay it off >:->"
>What? I thought he was an accomplished Jaguar programmer!
>He should make that $100 in a second! Riiiiight.....

Kendler is a loser. He always was a loser. He will always be a loser.

Losers don't like to be reminded that they are losers because it makes them 
feel like losers compared to the losers that are ignorant of the fact they are 

So, loser is not a browser of JI2 currently, since it make him realize that 
he's the loser's loser.



Subject: BattleSphere Friends and Family
Author: BSB (dynamic11.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: March 28, 2000 at 08:34:35
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

OK, I think we can thank the Slashdot Effect for the other BattleSphere 
auction and I've already covered the first one. With that in mind, here's a 
modest proposal. I'm expecting a good 1/4 to 1/3 of the BattleSphere carts of 
the first run to go unclaimed. Doesn't mean that's how it will go, but that's 
just a prediction based on the ever-decreasing number of envelopes in our mail 
box each day.

So, here's a task for all of the people we know by name. Could you guys vouch 
for anyone you know who didn't get a cart? There are a lot of unfamiliar names 
on our list along with some familiar ones. We'd like to sell the remainder of 
the first run to people who will at least play our game for a while before 
offering it up on eBay.

And yes, consider this round to be a giant conspiracy since most of you guys 
get to be in on it. You know where to reach me.


Subject: I drank my urine today
Author: Stephen Anderson (mopar76@neo.rr.com)
Date: March 28, 2000 at 10:07:21
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Well, I got home from a particularly crappy day at school, only to find my two 
BS boxes waiting on my kitchen table!!! I drank a cup of urine for each game, 
and (after puking them back up) went off to play. I was fortunate to play the 
game WAY back in Oct.96 at the Toad Atari Fest in Maryland (I met Tom Harker 
there BTW - before the CatBox fiasco).

Anybody that says the Jag is only as powerful as an SNES has obviously never 
seen this game in action. It could easily be a 2nd generation PSX title.

I don't really know where to begin. The music is excellent, the box, artwork, 
and in game menus are top notch, and of course the game itself is truly 
awesome. Oh, I also immediately recognized the sound of a starbase being 
destroyed! Haven't heard that in quite some time.

Only problem is that I suck. I have always been good at driving games, but the 
3D flight sims have never been a strong point for me. I'll be spending a LOT 
of time in the training mode.

Stephen Anderson
Got his BS after nearly 5 years of waiting!!! 


Subject: BS Superships
Author: Thunderbird (
Date: March 28, 2000 at 15:05:19
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Is it me, or are the superships in Battle Sphere nearly invincible?

That depends on what play mode you're in. Some of the modes enhance the 
player's shields in the beginning levels and gradually reduce them to the 
standard level. It makes the game fun for people just starting out.

Once you are a master, those levels are laughably easy (almost boring, in 
fact). Luckily, there are tougher skill-levels.



Subject: THE BOX (aka BattleSphere!)
Author: Brian R. (brianr@nb.net)
Date: March 28, 2000 at 17:48:47
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I came by home today during lunch to check my mail on the chance that my copy 
of BattleSphere had arrived. And guess what? It had!

Although I had to go back to the office, I immediately opened "the box." I was 
amazed. The box, manual and cartridge all look top-notch professional. You 
couldn't tell this came from "hobbyist developers." It looks just as good as 
anything you'd buy at the mall. (And it plays the same way.) Excellent work! 
(I haven't bought any of the Songbird games yet so this is my first experience 
with such games. But I'm looking for Skyhammer next!)

I had to get through the rest of the work day until I was able to come home 
for an hour to try it out. I played the pilot training level. The controls 
were surprisingly easy to figure out. I got killed at the end of level five 
after I flew through the last ship's fireball with too low shields. But I had 
to go anyway.

I was worried the controls would be complicated. When I saw how slim the 
manual was I was either happy there were no complicated instructions or 
worried there wasn't enough documentation. But they are very, very simple to 

But then I had to go back to work for an evening meeting. I just got home, and 
now have to go through the formalities of eating, putting out the garbage and 
visiting JI2 to type my praise and check on the discussion before getting back 
in the cockpit.

In short, excellent game, great accomplishment, well worth it. Looking forward 
to spending many hours with it. There's always a bit of hesitation when paying 
full price for a game you can't try out before buying, but now I know any 
concern was unjustified. Worth every penny.

A question - Is there a best ship to use while you're learning the game?

Up next - Skyhammer! (Come on Carl, give us the good word!) 


Subject: BattleSphere? WOW!!!
Author: ETHunter (ETHunter@webtv.net)
Date: March 30, 2000 at 16:05:39
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I thought I saw all I needed to see of this game at JagFest '99. The game 
rocked and couldn't possibly get better, right? WRONG!!! I just got done with 
a 5 hour non-stop session with this game. Currently addicted to "Gauntlet" 
mode. Got to wave 52 before my brain couldn't take it anymore. The game just 
keeps on getting better and better each wave I complete. I never thought there 
would be a game on the Jag more addicting than Tempest 2000 but BattleSphere 
tops it. The largest thanks humanly possible to Doug, Scott and Stephanie for 
getting this game too us all. All your talents continue to amaze me further 
with every level I progress.



Subject: BattleSphere CRASHES on K series Jags with CD?
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-193-48.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: April 01, 2000 at 05:16:51
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Anyone else have this problem in single player mode? I'll
>reseat everything and try again to confirm. :-(

I doubt that the CD has anything to do with anything, software wise.

BattleSphere was WRITTEN on K-Series Jaguars, and I did extensive testing with 
the CD installed. As a matter of fact, I ran the demo mode (which simulates 
play very well) for 21 days in a K-series unit with my CD installed.

While it's not totally unthinkable that there are weird bugs in BattleSphere 
causing crashes... nobody's perfect (especially the Jaguar hardware)... I 
suspect that the crashes are due to a physical problem rather than a software 

In any electronic circuit, every time you pass through a connector, you 
introduce small amounts of capacitance and resistance and degrade the signals. 
The JagCD has 2 connectors between the cart and the Jaguar. The Jag itself has 
only 1 connector. Any sensitivity to noise in your Jaguar will be doubled by 
the use of the JagCD.

BattleSphere is especially sensitive to noise on the cartridge port because 
BattleSphere reads code overlays and some graphics and samples from the cart 
directly -all the time-. Other games load into RAM once at the beginning of 
each level and never go back to the cart until the next level needs loading. 
Other games load from the cart all the time, but not as frequently as 

Keep in mind that our jaguars are not brand-new anymore, and the contacts are 
getting WORN on the cartridge ports. Remember... I am NOT saying the contacts 
are DIRTY... I am telling you that the connectors are wearing out. The spring 
tension of the metal fingers in the connectors is getting less and less, 
making the cartridge port MORE sensitive to shock or vibration.

Also... I have noticed that some games for the Jaguar are made with a slightly 
thicker printed circuit board, which has the effect of spreading the contacts 
further apart and making them looser.

I would recommend that people experiencing problems take the following 

1) Avoid playing through the "stacked" connectors of the JagCD if you have 
problems with it.

2) Keep your Jaguar on a FIRM STABLE surface, free from vibrations. (i.e. 
don't put it on top of the entertainment center that houses the TV speakers 
and subwoofer (BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Great source of vibration!)

3) Keep the Jag off the floor and especially off the carpet.

4) Use long controller cords which you won't yank or pull during the heat of 

I hope this helps.

If it's not, then we must have missed something.



Subject: AATE...
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-170-236-nwrk.grid.net)
Date: April 01, 2000 at 20:35:46
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>TBird, Scott, Stef, 
>In AATE, I'm assuming that you can't merge two squadrons of
>friendly fighters into one sector - is this correct? Or is it
>a restriction regarding the number/type of ships trying to merge?

Merging is not an option.

It would have been nice, but would have made some other details difficult.



Subject: Some Cool BattleSphere Observances
Author: Mister E... (mmorais@genie.idt.net)
Date: April 02, 2000 at 11:44:28
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

For those of you who haven't really tried out the Free For All mode, here's 
some cool things you're missing. I've got the game set to include 15 ships, 
skill level of starfighter, all types of ships involved, 20 kills to victory 
and a respawn time o5 25 seconds.

It's very cool to see two ships battling it out and then come up on the 
attackers rear and blow him out of the sky (only to have the ship being 
attacked turn on you and take you out! :) )

Or how about setting up that perfect shot - lining up the target nicely when 
all of a sudden laser shots come flying from the right of the screen and take 
out your target for you..@%&#*#@!

And better still, having a good run, taking out three or four ships and 
continuing to survive only to realise that those 3-4 ships have since 
respawned - all with a lock on you! Before you know it you've got 3-4 ships 
chasing you down - VERY COOL!!! :)

Now, for Gauntlet (I haven't been playing this mode very much - yet) - I 
cleared Level 19 only to be awarded 6120 points, 3 extra starbases and 1 more 
starbase restored - don't ask me how I pulled that off though! I also find 
that Gauntlet is heavily tweaked in your favour - enemy fire doesn't seem to 
do quite as much damage as it does in the other modes.

Finally, does anyone have any favorite ships that they like to use yet? I'm 
definitely preferring the Claw right now.

Mister E...(I've had the game crash on me twice so far - once in Free For All 
and once in Gauntlet IIRC) 


Subject: BattleSphere opponents
Author: BSB (dynamic47.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: April 05, 2000 at 09:52:57
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Are the ships you face randomly selected when you continue 
>like that?

There is a component of randomness in many of the level elements. This was 
done on purpose to prevent too much memorization as well as enhance 


Subject: I've got a secret... (WARNING- BSCODE)
Author: the UA (rh001h26.east.iit.edu)
Date: April 05, 2000 at 18:08:11
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Check your BattleSphere box.
There is a number that has no real purpose on a game box.

Have fun...




Subject: BattleSphere Second Coming
Author: Thunderbird (pool-207-205-163-132.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: April 06, 2000 at 16:28:44
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>>Anyway, good luck then and hope that it is possible for
>>the second run to become a reality. Thanks for the 
>>insight as well. CYA

Actually, if anyone out there knows someone with some purchasing clout with 
any of the big electronics chip distributors, please email me. The EPROMs we 
need are almost impossible to find now, and they want to sell to the "big" 
guys first. We're too "small potatoes" for them!



Subject: The Julia effect on the BS Cart
Author: Thunderbird (pool-207-205-161-32.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: April 07, 2000 at 18:31:48
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>The Julia effect in the background of the story of Battle-
>Sphere during the intro. Was this code the same code from
>the Virtual VCS code that Carl acquired?

Ours is BASED on that code, but had to be heavily reworked to run with my 
music engine. The algorithm is the same, and the basic structure is the 



Subject: The Julia effect on the BS Cart
Author: BSB (
Date: April 07, 2000 at 18:48:24
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>So- the fractals are supposed to react to the music, or is 
>it that the code would interfere with the music?

Actually, one of my seldom seen NUON demos both rendered Julia sets and 
reacted to music at 60 fps. I think they showed it at WCES '99 and never 
again. Don't ask me why, I just worked there.


Author: Codeman (rh001h2.east.iit.edu)
Date: April 10, 2000 at 22:28:55
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

The following post has a BattleSphere Code in it- as well as instructions on 
how to enter them.
You have been warned.
Here goes... scroll down.
All right. Now that the coast is clear...
Look on the bottom right hand side of the back of the box (or on the back 
flap- your preference....)
There should be a 12-digit number. 
372663-536823 (1)

A similar number is on the BattleSphere Cart Label. 
328635-372663 (2)

How are they similar?
Look at the sequences. The first six numbers of (1) and the last six numbers 
of (2) are the same- also the last six numbers of (1) and the first six 
numbers of (2) are reverses of each other.

If you follow the pattern, the next number in the sequence is 328635-366273 
[sequence (2) with the reverse of the last six digits.]

How do I enter them?
Go to the Setup Menus. Now go to the Gameplay Options Screen. Press some 
number keys. You'll hear some Atari 800 Star Rai... um... I mean... 
BattleSphere Plasma Bolt sound effect. Enter the code. You should hear the 
trademark Doug Engel "Awesome" sound effect- the code is on. Enter it again. 
You should hear the BattleSphere Warp Sound Effect- the code is off. Enter it 
one more time and leave the Gameplay Screen.

Now what?
Go to a game of Free-for-All.
Wreak havoc... if you eye your weapons correctly :) 

What does this code mean?
Look to your touch-tone telephone dial.
After a couple of hours of decoding, I find that the code translates to "Eat 
Me Leonard." Looks like the folks at Scatologic were angry at the Atari Corp. 
when making this easter egg. 

Are there any other codes?
Yup. I'm on the search right now.

Have fun- and let slip the dogs of war. :) 


Subject: Battle Sphere is Ah Ah Ah Ah Awesome!!
Author: Chad Tindle (pm520.bardstown.com)
Date: April 15, 2000 at 07:17:39
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Man I couldn't wait to play this game the day I got it, hell I can't wait to 
play it again today. It opens with an awesome looking 4Play logo unfolding 
down the screen with transparency I believe. The opening music inspires awe as 
it gives you that "this game is awesome feeling" and your about to do 
something awesome.

The menus are really high quality and your cursor is this cool reflective 
bubble actually three of them that bobs in and out around your selections. 
Some cool effects as you switch between menus, they break into horizontal 
parts and fall away. I got two copies so I got my other jag hooked up in my 
brothers room and I hooked up an extremely long phone cord between us and I 
believe we tried Gauntlet first.

When we both selected Gauntlet at the same time it was unable to find any 
players so a quick check of the connections and a retry didn't work either. So 
I looked at the cable that came with the Jag-Link and noticed it had 4 wires 
inside and I took a look at the cord I was trying to use and it only had 2 so 
I found another 4 wire cable and we were back into action.

It probably wasn't the wisest choice to go with network play modes first 
because me and my brother couldn't work the radars and didn't know what all 
the buttons did just yet. So the first couple of play modes were uneventful as 
we couldn't figure out what was going on. So the next play mode we tried was 
Free-for-All which is the best multiplayer play mode if you're just beginning
to play. We quickly figured out the controls and radar, which after you learn
is very effective.

You get several ships to choose from, a lot more than in single player mode 
without any codes. All the ships are very cool designs and you can even be an 
ejected pilot if you wish but you'll be throwing out your radar if you do so 
but you will be very hard for other ships to hit because you're so small. All 
the ships have a decal on them showing what race owns them. The selection 
screen shows you several different stats about each ship and they're
transparent and you can even control the transparency and you can tilt the
ship around a bit to get a better look.

The cockpits are very nice looking and mostly they don't detract from your field 
of view like Hoverstrike. You won't believe this is a Jaguar game once you're 
flying around at 60fps!!! Like the FAQ says the stars aren't moving past you 
but there are random pieces of space debris so you know you're moving forward 
and unlike other games you can actually get right up on a chunk of debris so 
it is actually in the game not just a fake overlay. When you turn you actually 
bank from side to side so you get feeling of true flight.

It's nice to see every button be used on the Jagpad and that's not bad because 
the really important ones are not on the keypad. There are also cool nebulas 
and things you learn about in astronomy in the background and also a star that 
is much closer than you that lens flares as it passes through the glass of the 
cockpit. It is a very cool effect especially because the star has this cool 
pulsating effect when you stare straight at it just like the real thing. All 
of the HUDs are transparent but you can still see them, they don't just fade 
away but their color distorts, a very cool effect.

All of the ships handle very differently and drain your lasers at varying 
amounts and some are faster or stronger than others but each ship is unique. 
There is a cool lock-on tracking system that your on-board computer does that 
lets you aim at exactly the right spot of the ship you targeted taking in 
account its velocity and turn rate. Your crosshair becomes more precise and 
the beeping sound quickens as your aim is dead center. The lasers you shoot 
are made of polygons and fire away from your ship very realistically. The 
sound of the engine also corresponds to how fast you are moving and it sounds 
very real just like something out of the movies. The music is all very well 
done and changes quite frequently to the mood of safety and danger.

When you destroy an enemy ship it actually breaks apart and you can hit the 
chunks doing some damage to your ship and the explosions are very well 
animated and I really like the blueish tint to the smoke, just seems like what 
an explosion would look like in space. When you're firing at a capitol ship 
you blow off chunks of it and its explosion is even more dramatic as a shock 
wave leaves its core, very cool. The AI is very impressive and relentless at 
higher stages of Gauntlet and you can select the level of AI in Free-for-All 
mode, one such choice is "Minter" which I have not yet dared to try. Another 
cool thing is that each race has its own starbase design.

There is so much more about this game that I don't know yet and I'm going to 
go play some more. Put simply this is an excellent game worth every penny if 
not more. It is great to see such an awesome game made for a system that 
really deserved it. I can only hope there will be more like it in the future. 
I hope the second run comes very soon so all can enjoy it and I wish CatBoxes 
were produced by a trustworthy company because I would buy more Jags and 
copies of this game in a heartbeat to get as many friends in Free-for-All mode 
as possible.


Subject: Where are the codes?
Author: ETHunter (ETHunter@webtv.net)
Date: May 12, 2000 at 16:34:48
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Been wondering why there haven't been any postings of Battle-
>Sphere codes yet. If there has been, I haven't seen it.
>Surely, there must have been more discovered by now than just
>the two I'm aware of - pilot eject and the one Fard listed.
>Is everyone keeping them a secret? I thought the idea was going
>to be for the codes to be posted with credit given to the person
>who first found them.

There was talk about credit being given to the first to find them but it never 
materialized. To help out a few of you and give you pilots a fighting chance, 
I'll post the code below that gives you another alien race and their ships.


This will give you much better ships to fight with and will aid in your 

Oh, and one more thing...your welcome! ;-) 


Subject: Rein BattleSphere Manual [CODE HERE]
Author: Tennis (billions and billions served)
Date: August 24, 2000 at 18:30:12
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

It's not a code; it's a key to seeing that the BattleSphere codes actually 
spell something when placing it through the phone pad.

Look on the bottom right hand corner of the back cover of your BattleSphere 
Manual. You'll see this number:


What does that spell? The ol' PG-13 BS slogan: 
"Drink your Urine."

Fard Muhammad- Webmaster of the BSEC.


Subject: Nuon Gripe 
Author: BSB (
Date: November 02, 2000 at 00:15:13
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Well, it's still early and there are still only a few
>games confirmed as to what is being worked on. ScatoLOGIC
>said they were developing for NUON once didn't they?

There is zero zip nada null chance of a NUON edition of BattleSphere. Some 
people from old Atari just can't let go of the past. But before y'all make a 
stink, there are plenty of other people who can, so all you'd do is make their 
lives miserable. Please don't do that. BattleSphere's future, if it ever has 
one, lies elsewhere.


Subject: Re: Nuon Gripe 
Author: Thunderbird (pool-
Date: November 02, 2000 at 03:39:03
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>I'm just curious... have you tried Sega? SegaNet seems like
>the perfect thing for multiplayer.

Let's put it this way: every place we ever try, and every contact we ever made 
absolutely LOVED the game and wanted BADLY to produce it. However, these 
people we seem to meet are not high up their company food-chains to actually 
be able to get us produced or get any money for us. It never gets past the 
"Wow! This is GREAT. Let me go tell my boss and we'll get you a contract." 



Subject: Re: BattleSphere / Star Raiders conversion
Author: unused@my-deja.com (Scott Le Grand)
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 22:31:08 GMT
Forum: alt.atari-jaguar.discussion

>Will BattleSphere be ported over to the PC or Playstation?
>They beefed up Pong. Why not a killer Star Raiders game?

Well, since Hasbro doesn't own BattleSphere, that would leave Star Raiders 
since no opportunity to "beef up" BattleSphere on anything but our own time 
and till has ever been presented to us.  Since we enjoy eating and paying the 
mortgage (highly recommended), such an effort is not exactly lightning fast.  
However, Hasbro has supposedly been developing an updated Star Raiders for 
over a year. Since nothing has been heard of it since 1998, one might guess 
that they are encountering "difficulties".  Since they just had a massive 
round of layoffs, one might hypothesize about what has become of this effort 
but who knows for sure?

Scott Le Grand
Lead Coder

ObPlug: BattleSphere was developed under Linux. Aren't we cool?

//// Jag Encryption

Subject: JAG BAG - Jag emulation
Author: Thunderbird (pool-207-205-162-202.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: December 16, 1999 at 16:36:45
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>>If you could disassemble the boot ROM, would there be
>>anything stopping you from porting the section that
>>performs encryption validation to 80x86 code, then using
>>that version to brute-force the checksum for a ROM image
>>at speeds far in excess of 8 Jags?
>Better, I won't have to try every combination, it will
>encrypt it right the first time. Don't hold your breath though. 

I won't, since you WILL have to try every combination. It will NOT encrypt it 
right the first time unless you rewrite the code as an ENcoder (right now all 
you have is a DEcoder).

Also, the code which everyone is going ga-ga over runs on different processors 
at once and is very large. Manually converting to X86 is possible but you're 
converting a TON of RISC code to X86 which is very difficult because of the 
SIZE of the code which makes it time consuming for the programmer, AND the 
dearth of registers in the X86 (Intel Sux) and the Big-endian/Little-endian 
differences in processors. You'd have more luck writing a GPU emulator.

But doing all that is a big pain in the butt. 



Subject: JEO Vol 3 Issue 1 Dealing with BS encryption
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-0-142.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: March 27, 2000 at 15:33:25
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>I was just wondering why they had to setup the encryption
>process they did since according to the below statement
>they already had the key and software to do it. They were
>just waiting on Hasbro to make the Jag public domain. Just
>wondering and thought it was interesting.

Because we were going on the word of someone at Hasbro that they had 
everything we needed, they just needed permission from the top brass.

As it turned out, it was all a lie. Probably constructed to piss us off.



Subject: Hardware Encryption Bypass
Author: Thunderbird (pool-209-138-169-230-nwrk.grid.net)
Date: December 01, 1999 at 20:58:38
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Hey t-bird, I asked you about the encryption, 

I wasn't referencing your message. You have a legitimate question. I was 
referring to someone on ICQ apparently trying to create friction against 4Play 
to promote another encryption scheme already ruled out by 4Play almost 2 years 
ago (for various reasons).

>It was not a shot. However, don't you think that it is
>strange that a good amount of the time is up and it still
>has not been cracked. I check here every day expecting to
>see a post so I still have my fingers crossed.

You have to understand that my scheme works like those old briefcase 
combination locks... remember the ones with 3 wheels with the digits 0-9 on 
them? If you start at 0-0-0 and try 0-0-1, 0-0-2, 0-0-3, 0-0-4, etc. 
eventually you open the lock right?

Well, when you're trying 5-1-7, 5-1-8, 5-1-9, 5-2-0, etc. would you think it 
was strange that the lock didn't open yet? What if the owner set the 
combination to 9-9-9? It would take every try to open it, right? Well, that's 
where we are.

>Talking about strange things, what do you think about this 
>"my copy of protector did not work, because the room was 
>cold". From my understanding this should not affect the 
>Jag or game at all. It seems like the I-war glitch. Good 
>thing 4-play is not going to use the bypass that might be 
>some of the problem. What do you think? 

Atari had a lot of problems with their bootup/initialization routines they 
provided to developers. There were several updates provided and they 
eventually got tired of developers being too lazy to use the new code and they 
made it a requirement to get approval from Atari. They never did say what the 
changes were in the code but my understanding was that the early code didn't 
work right on some Jaguars. Perhaps the people who wrote most of Protector 
didn't bother to update the init routines? 

That's my best guess.

We'll have to wait until Carl releases more of his games to determine if the 
bypass is causing the problems or not. If all his games have the same problem 
then we can be pretty sure it's the hardware bypass.


//// Hyper Force

Subject: Jaguar Hyper Force news
Author: Posted by Carl (forhan@millcomm.com)
Date: March 18, 2000 at 09:47:42
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Songbird has good news and bad news regarding the impending Hyper Force 
release for the Jaguar.

The bad news is:
Due to minor production delays and real-life obligations requiring me to be 
out of town for a number of days, the official release date of Hyper Force is 
being moved to April 10, 2000. I apologize to a number of customers who will 
have their shipment delayed as a result.

The good news is:
I will have the "first wave" of pre-orders sent out by Monday. Due to the 
aforementioned obligations, I will not be able to mail all pre-orders early as 
originally intended. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Also, quite a 
few pre-order customers have not yet sent in their balance, so their copy of 
Hyper Force will be held pending that payment. Please send your balance in 
ASAP to avoid further delays in your shipment.

Finally, Skyhammer is still slated for a May 2000 release. This is a great 
time to be a Jaguar fan!

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


Subject: Hyperforce Review...
Author: Dan (loosen@execpc.com)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 00:04:31
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

As I've mentioned, I received Hyperforce today in the mail. Here's the review. 
(feel free to copy and post this where ever you please by the way all you site 
owners. Just tell me that you did it.)

I was quite happy to get the package and spent a good three minutes trying to 
rip it open. Finally, the priority box opened and I pulled out the lovely 
looking Hyperforce box.

Of all the Songbird releases, the front of the box is the most appealing one 
so far. The graphic is bright and uses all types of colors. The words HYPER 
FORCE look absolutely stunning and my expectations of the game started to 
climb much higher then originally anticipated. I removed the cartridge and the 
instruction manual.

Where'd the color go? The same HYPER FORCE graphic which looked so incredibly 
cool on the outside of the box seemed to blend right in with the black of the 
manual. The cart was almost the same way. If you look at it from about 10 feet 
away, it appears to say HYPCN TONLE. Oh well. That doesn't really matter in 
the long run.

I plugged in the cartridge, turned on the surround sound and was immediately 
blown away by the stunning opening music! I don't remember hearing the music 
on the JagFest video, and if it was there it didn't sound this good! I happily 
pressed the "fire" button awaiting my first mission. The screen went blank 
and... it stayed blank for about five seconds. I hit another button, fifteen 
seconds... blank. Thirty seconds... tried the reset buttons... what the...

Manually restarted the game. Game loaded 100% fine. Funny things our Jaggys 

I commenced running around. At first I thought the game looked like a version 
of Metroid with large graphics. Unfortunately, no. The control is extremely 
touchy and whenever you crouch the screen immediately drops at a high rate. 
UuGgHh! If you hit down too much, the game starts to look like a ride on a 
tilt-a-whirl... The jumping/flying thing gets kinda annoying too. After the 
jerky crouching, the jerky flying doesn't help control much. It's really too 
bad because this is the only thing that caused me trouble in enjoying the 

Your hero is very big, but unfortunately he isn't animated nearly as well as 
the rest of the game. The enemies on the other hand are large and animated 
extremely well. I also like how most of them operate. Many of them resemble 
cartoon animations and not video games. Unfortunately, since you are so 
freakin' big along with the enemies, it's very hard to avoid them. Some things 
that are indestructable are nearly impossible to pass as your guy bounces back 
whenever he hits them. This size/bouncing imbalance makes it quite annoying to 
pass certain areas. You must either run and hope you get it after two or three 
blitzes, or wait and try to time it just right. Most of the time, you're 
timing is off.

I kept playing of course and was quite happy to find out that even with the 
sloppy controls I could still get along in the game and find a lot of 
redeeming qualities. I played until the third or fourth level, at which point 
I had to leave the house.

I am still impressed with the games music. I found out you could save, but I 
haven't tried this yet -- a definite plus for a game like this. I liked Soccer 
Kid a lot but the stupid codes for countries was just too much for me. The 
game is well paced with both puzzle solving and platforming tasks. 
Unfortunately, most of the puzzle solving is the "throw the switch" or "get
the key" type of thing that is in so many video games, but HF's puzzles seem
to be a little more easy to find and balanced. It's platforming action on the
other hand is what I would expect from a game of the genre. The only thing I
was disappointed in was an inability to jump instead of using your blasters. It
makes some things harder to do.

Once I was used to the controls, the game had stopped making me sick. It 
surprised me by being better then I originally thought it would be when I 
ordered it, and it is a good attempt to fill a void in the Jag's "adventure" 
category. While it is only a mediocre game, with the recent rash of Tomb 
Raiders and other horrific 3D adventure games, it's pretty darn good.



Subject: Hyperforce Review...
Author: Carl (forhan@millcomm.com)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 07:02:50
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Where'd the color go? The same HYPER FORCE graphic which
>looked so incredibly cool on the outside of the box seemed
>to blend right in with the black of the manual. The cart was
>almost the same way. If you look at it from about 10 feet
>away, it appears to say HYPCN TONLE. Oh well. That doesn't
>really matter in the long run.

The Hyper Force logo appearing on the box cover was not available at the time 
of the label/book production, sorry. Instead, a graphic was captured from the 
title screen, which, while not perfect, at least matches the game.

>Your hero is very big, but unfortunately he isn't animated
>nearly as well as the rest of the game. The enemies on the

If I would have had the source, I would have definitely improved the 
size/animation of the hero. It's OK, but not as fluid as it could have been.

>I kept playing of course and was quite happy to find out that
>even with the sloppy controls I could still get along in the
>game and find a lot of redeeming qualities. I played until the

Yes, the game is fortunately forgiving when it comes to damage to your hero 
(unlike Aircars, where you get blown away every few seconds!).

>I am still impressed with the games music. I found out you
>could save, but I haven't tried this yet -- a definite plus for
>a game like this.

Absolutely. The game saves are critical later in the game.

>Once I was used to the controls, the game had stopped making me
>sick. It surprised me by being better then I originally thought it

Thanks for the honest opinions and kind words on Hyper Force!

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


Subject: Hyperforce Review...
Author: Jesse (logan241.modem.xmission.com)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 08:12:13
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>I plugged in the cartridge, turned on the surround sound and
>was immediately blown away by the stunning opening music! I
>don't remember hearing the music on the JagFest video, and if
>it was there it didn't sound this good!

The music on the little AVI of Hyper Force that I downloaded from Songbird or 
Jagu-Dome immediately enchanted me, and was what first made me want to buy the 
game. Besides, it looked like a fun game. I can't wait to get it! Because a 
few others received it yesterday, I feel it is likely that I will receive it 
today (that's what happened with Protector, anyway). I hope so, anyway!

This is going to be an AWESOME week! Hyper Force and Battle Sphere (two games 
with awesome music!) in one week! Admittedly, I've been waiting for BS for 
approximately five years longer than I have been for HF, but still.... ;)



Subject: Woohoo, Hyperforce!
Author: Kevin (kmanne@rochester.rr.com)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 14:38:05
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Just had to share that I got my copy of HyperForce in the mail today! Yes! I'm 
about to go and give it a good playing, but the box-art does look quite 

Time to go crank it up,


Subject: Woohoo, Hyperforce!
Author: Carl (forhan@millcomm.com)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 14:47:06
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Just had to share that I got my copy of HyperForce in the mail
>today! Yes! I'm about to go and give it a good playing, but
>the box-art does look quite excellent.

Thanks, Kevin! Tony F. did a great job of depicting my humble suggestions on 
what the action should look like. I was quite pleased with the end result.



Subject: HyperForce... Just that good!!!
Author: JaguarGod (CLEVA010-0998.splitrock.net)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 15:28:27
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I have been playing HyperForce since I arrived home from work and found it in 
the mailbox. My wife and children are not home yet, and I simply can not stop 
playing this game. In my opinion, the Jag finally has a great platformer. (yes 
I did like Rayman, but I did not think it was great).

From the HUGE characters to the SUPER-SMOOTH movement, this is a very positive 
game for the Jaguar. I can't get over the size of the characters!

Carl, this is a great game with a lot going for it. This is the one I was 
really waiting for, and it is a thousand times better than I could have hoped. 
Thank you so much for keeping the Jaguar alive, and for all you have done 
personally for the Jaguar community.



Subject: Got Hyperforce!
Author: Justin (jmscott42@earthlink.net)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 17:40:38
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

All I can say is .. wow! Totally not what I was expecting.. Don't get me 
wrong, I was looking forward to all the new games, but for some reason, was 
not looking forward to getting Hyper Force as much as the rest.. I guess I 
just had heard enough "mediocre" talk that it was like "ehh, ok."

But I got it today and wow! It's a LOT of fun, even if I AM totally lost on 
the 4th level. ;) The graphics are very VERY crisp and fast and clean, the 
control is really pretty dead on (IMHO, I know some people don't agree), the 
music goes great... I think this may be my favourite Songbird release yet! 
(while I love Protector, I have always been horribly bad at Defender type 
games... and Soccer Kid is cute but tough [still can't get past the first 
boss!]) Box art is really impressive, too.

But it's fun to have an old fashioned shooter that's quite well refined 
considering the situation (picked up after it was abandoned, released as is, 

If anyone remembers the game Obliterator on the Atari ST's and Amigas, it is a 
LOT like that. And that was always one of my favourite games on the ST...

While I have only played the game for about 15 minutes, it's GREAT. While it's 
nothing earth shattering in graphics or gameplay, it's incredibly solid and a 
great addition to the Jag library. Kinda like Pitfall in that sense (nothing 
new, but really well done.)

Thanks, Carl!
(off for dinner and then more HF :) Maybe I can find my way out...)


Subject: Hyperforce received!
Author: Bones (rga3112@exodus.valpo.edu)
Date: March 21, 2000 at 18:24:46
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Woo Hoo!

Got it today, and so far, so good. I figure most people will have plenty to 
say on the positive side, so here's a few nit picks:

Option menu: Downright cheesy. Looks like the font on my BJL!

"Purchase" screen: Really hard to read the prices on here. Then again this is 
on my composite monitor, but that tends to sharpen, not dull the image. I'll 
have to try it on my big screen TV and see how it looks there.

Map: Non-existent! It'd be nice to have a mapping option when you get lost 
deep in the levels.

Other than that it's great. Graphics are sharp for the most part, and the 
controls don't bother me like other posters have mentioned. I love flying 
around and looking for secret passageways, good platform feature (:

Thanks for another great addition to the Jag library. Next stop BattleSphere! 
Stop after, Skyhammer!



Subject: I love HyperForce!
Author: Shaggy (atariwizz@yahoo.com)
Date: March 22, 2000 at 15:04:43
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I've been playing this since I got home from school, and I LOVE IT! Even my 
friends have been playing it and commented that it was a cool game. IMHO, one 
of the best platformers on the Jag by a long shot.

Hey Carl, maybe there could be a soundtrack released or something? That music 
is so freakin' cool, sorta reminds me of BattleMorph.

Thanks Carl, this is one awesome game! The Jag really needed more of these 
kind of games back in the day, probably would've helped it a lot...



Subject: Hyperforce - Yes!!
Author: Carl (forhan@millcomm.com)
Date: March 22, 2000 at 20:19:29
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>The options are also not described in the manual, so some are
>still a mystery to me.

Some are still a mystery to me, too. That's why they're not described in 
detail. :)

I'd love to see someone write up a nice web page on the purchase screen for 
HF. Also, I'd love to see a Protector page that details a lot of the alien 
ships and what strategies you use to survive.

>Thank you Carl. Very nice game, glad you decided to publish

Thanks! I'm very pleased with the feedback so far.


//// Protector

Subject: Link to Protector Image that shows Copyright 1998 Carl Forham
Author: Carl (socks1b.rochester.ibm.com)
Date: November 30, 1999 at 13:29:30
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Please note my last name is spelled "Forhan", thanks.

>This copyright banner seems to have been removed from the
>final Product for some reason.

That's because the copyright was a placeholder and not accurate for the final 

>Also, what 8 bit machines was protector released on? I thought
>Protector was a Jaguar exclusive. I was surprised when I saw
>the 1989 copyright date.

Protector was originally known as/ported from Datastorm, IIRC. I think it came 
out on the Atari 8-bit, or maybe it was an old Amiga. I'll have to dig through 
my email archive to know for certain.



Subject: Protector Ported from Datastorm
Author: Ow! Ow! Ow! I forgot my Protector... (dynamic63.pm01.santa-
Date: November 30, 1999 at 15:08:42
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>That may be so, but the Atari 8bit version came first. It
>*was* called Protector in the US, and was distributed by
>Synapse software.

Protector and Protector II were written by Mike Potter who also wrote Chicken, 
Nautilus, Shadow World, Imperial Walker, and Sands of Mars. I bought both of 
these games. They were a cross between Defender and Choplifter where you 
fought baddies but also had to pick up good guys and move them to safety 
before they were killed by aliens or by a volcano.

And the guy who ported Protector II from the 800 edition now works for VM 

In contrast, the Protectors was a short-lived Gerry Anderson series with 
Robert Vaughn, Tony Anholt, and Nyree Dawn Porter. And if you remember this 
series, you're really really old...

And if you know where my handle comes from, then you're also a hopeless geek 
as well as older than the hills...


Subject: PROTECTOR... better than I had hoped.
Author: Marshall (user-2ivfl3d.dialup.mindspring.com)
Date: November 30, 1999 at 23:29:40
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Well, like many here, I received PROTECTOR today, and have been playing it 
since I came home from work tonight, and to be quite honest, it's frankly 
better than I had hoped. Unlike what I feel is a lot of you, I really liked 
Defender 2000, regardless of the fact that success in it depended largely on 
playing by the scanner (I find myself wanting to use the scanner more than I 
have to in PROTECTOR), it looked and animated nicely, had decent tunes and 
multiple gameplay modes. While PROTECTOR might not have all the notoriety of a 
D2K (thanks largely to the YaK), what it does have is dead-on control, nice 
graphics (not pastel & gaudy like many in D2K) and good sound (am I the only 
one who gets reminded of the classic movie 'the Fly' whenever a human is 
abducted?). It just feels right, like a true update to Defender. It stays true 
to the formula where D2K strayed in areas, and the areas where additions to 
the gameplay are made, like the Meteor Showers, only intensify the gameplay. 
The power-up system is handled nicely as well, and the game is truly difficult 
enough for you to take a beating, but it also makes you want to keep coming 
back for more.

As for the box & instructions, well, this is truly standout work to all those 
involved (Carl, Kevin, Doug and the artist Tony Ferguson). If not for the sad 
but necessary omission of the Atari 'Fuji' you'd be hard-pressed to tell the 

Congratulations Carl on a job extremely well-done. My only question is, when 
can I send in the balance on Soccer Kid ;)


PS. Hmmm, $20 in Songbird Coupons. What to do, what to do... LYNX GAMES!!! :)

Life is good for the Atari faithful (all I need now is the IS2 Cart and those 


Subject: Nitpicky Protector Lover and Critic
Author: Dough (dialup-
Date: November 30, 1999 at 21:49:28
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

That's right. I love to explore the intricacies of a good game. Protector more 
than qualifies. The gameplay has captured me. The gameplay can not be 
overstated here. D2K never had me feeling this compelled to give it another go 
once my game ended. I am proud of each new level I make it to and each one of 
Carl's high scores I wipe out ;-) (So far, I am only up to 7th high score :-{ 
) I think the "Ye old Shoppe" is perfectly adequate. It serves its purpose in 
adding a strategic component to the game. If Carl had expanded on the shop, I 
think it would have been a little silly. The government sent this guy as the 
only defender for the outpost, so how come he has to stop and shop for his own 
weapons? How come the only remaining debris from an enemy ship explosion is 
the local currency? I guess I like the shop's implementation as-is.

I love to stock up on shields baby! Shields! Buy them cheap! There's a sale on 
shields! It's getting close to meteor season, so don't forget to stock up on 
shields! Available at all "Ye Old Shops". With over 40 convenient locations 
throughout the solar system! Ask for it by name!

I love the backgrounds I've seen so far. Cool indeed. Again, better than D2K, 
in my opinion. D2K had too much distraction for me.

So what would I change then? Well, the control configuration screen is a bit 
rough for me, because it seems quite touchy as I rotate the different 
combinations. Also, speaking of controls, it's been hard for me to NOT expect 
to be able to maintain my shooting direction as I maneuver my ship ala-D2K. 
While that's probably just a matter of breaking an old habit, I kind of miss 
that. Also, unless you reset the game, it will never return to the title 
screen. Not a big deal, just odd. One can also not reset from the wave select 
screen (even though the manual tells me I can reset anywhere in the game ;-) 
Another completely insignificant item: Why is there a small group of color-
cycling pixels in the extreme lower left corner of the screen? Curious. And 
yes, I have been having "the blank screen" thing. For me it seems to occur 
more often with the CD player than without, but that may be an incorrect 
perception. It has been only a very slight delay in my Protector fun, however.

The only instances of slowdown I have seen are when I use a smart bomb on a 
screen filled with a lot of baddies who, upon destruction, not only erupt 
with their beautiful explosions, but also "give birth" to a number of smaller 
baddies while releasing power-ups too. It does not hamper game-play at all, 
due to its extreme brevity.

Thunderbird, upon extremely close scrutiny, I can find only one nitpick for 
the box. This may be more due to my ignorance of formatting protocol. On the 
back of the box, after the game synopsis, there is a bullet list of game 
features. Each one is preceded with an asterisk. Only one item in the list is 
two lines long. I think that perhaps it would have looked better if the first 
letter of the second line was aligned below the first letter in the line above 
and not below the asterisk. Just like my nitpicks to the game itself, I had to 
try to be extremely anal to come up with this. BTW Thunderbird, what is that 
small white space on the bottom of the box for? UPC? Holographic Jaguar 
sticker? ;-)

Now that's some super minor nitpicks huh? Golly, I love this game!!! In fact, 
I am going to go play it again.....



Subject: Prot... Wha...?
Author: Carl (pmroch7-113.rconnect.com)
Date: November 30, 1999 at 20:37:02
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Anyway, I won't bore everyone with the same, "Protector is
>great!" stuff. Instead, I'd like to nitpick a little. And I'll

Don't worry, I never have a problem with a thoughtful critique!

>1. CEF for every high score? Carl, couldn't you have made
>up a few high score names?? Oh, like PAT, SAM, TAT, TED,
>GOD, BZO, YAK, KEV... Shoot, I hardly ever use my own
>initials on the lower scores.

:-) Really, that wasn't vanity! Honest. The game was defaulted to AAA for 
every high score, and it was easy to change that to CEF. Changing each entry 
to a unique value was certainly doable, but a lot more effort.

>2. I like the parallax scrolling, BUT: Some parallax stars
>would have been cool too.

Agreed. I had at one point thought about adding more layers, like several 
ground layers. Again, doable, but a lot of work for a "[long] nights & 
weekends" project. Might be nice if a sequel was ever made, though.

>3. Could the title screens been done in a higher resolution
>or with more colors? Some kind of animation on the title
>screen would have been cool. I was giddy when I saw the
>Songbird logo! Too cool!

:-) See above.

>4. Not really a nitpick, but man, it's hard to get those
>powerups sometimes!

Consider yourself fortunate. A few months ago, you'd almost never get a 
powerup in the game! I stepped it up by a factor 4 or so.

>5. I had hoped this would be included, but it wasn't: No
>shooting of the meteors allowed? Drats.

Hey, a few of the foes have to be pretty tough, you know... ;-)

>6. The "shop" part could have used a little character. I
>always think of the dude from Hydra when I think of a shop.

Did I mention my limited time and paltry art ability? =) Fair enough, the shop 
could have been enhanced quite a bit.

>1. The ship looks just like a Viper from Battlestar
>Galactica! I've always wanted to fly one of those puppies!

I thought that, too.

>2. Eyes glued to the game, not the scanner.

Just the way it should be!

>3. It's FAST! I'm still taking it a little easy because
>I'm used to getting vexed in one shot with D2K, but I forsee
>some fast & frantic blasting in the near future!


>4. The whole package is amazing. I commend everyone involved
>it producing it. It's such a good job, I hope we don't get
>let down with future releases!

There was clearly an advantage (cost-wise) to being able to buy parts and 
printing all together. Hard to say what would happen with future games if only 
one was being released.

>Thanks Carl and everyone else involved. Protector is
>something to be proud of.

I am absolutely thrilled to have been able to bring Protector out on the 
Jaguar. Enjoy!



Subject: I am now Protected
Author: Stephen Anderson (a14s160.neo.rr.com)
Date: November 30, 1999 at 16:27:19
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Excellent - I received Protector today (and Atari Karts
>yesterday), and I don't have to go to work either - I'll
>post my thoughts on the game after I get some play time.
>The box and manual are excellent though!
>Stephen Anderson

Well, I must admit it - I suck!!!!! I was never a good Defender player, and 
man does it show. This game is pretty tough! Graphically, it is well above 
average. I have not experienced any slowdown yet, even in the middle of a 
meteor shower (very cruel addition to the game). It must be because I am used 
to Defender 2000, but I am having trouble adjusting to how fast the ship 
stops, but I'm sure I'll adjust.

Overall, this is a very professional package. Carl did a great job finishing 
up the game, and T-Bird did a great job on the box. Kevin - the manual is 
awesome, and I am jealous -  I have never had my name in a video game before:(

Protector is definitely a game worth showing off, especially to those who are 
not familiar with the Jag. I love the number of enemies on the screen at once 
during the intro screens. Makes me wish the Jag's library was 85% excellent 2D 
games. It is quite obvious this is what the system was designed for (sprite 
manipulation) - too bad it only has 2MB ram.

This game is perfect for the arcade joystick I made for the Jag some time ago. 
Even the pro-controller cramps my hands relatively quickly - the joystick is 
lap sized, and nearly indestructible.

Stephen Anderson - very happy - I got to open TWO new Jag games in the past 
two days!!!!


Subject: No probs w/ Protector.. 'cept it's hard!
Author: Justin (sc-24-31-59-48.socal.rr.com)
Date: December 01, 1999 at 19:10:00
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Well, after reading all the "problems" with Protector, and knowing my 
Jag/JagCD combo is one of the few (only?) that has the exact same problem with 
Zero5 (Z5 will NOT play unless the Jag has been on for at least 30 minutes 
prior!!) I've been seeing if mine has any problems with Protector, and so far, 
no problems at all!

Too weird...

Game is lots of fun. Really is what I wish Defender 2000 would have been. Of 
course, D2K has more eye candy (no offense intended to Protector), but I 
really get into Protector.

Did have a strange logic situation come up, I finished level 6 and right as it 
played the "Well done" sound effect, a rogue shot hit my ship and it blew up. 
The game stuck me back at the beginning of level 6. :( Oh well, not a huge 
deal (except I'm having trouble getting past that one! :)

(hope this makes sense, I'm still fighting this stupid flu)

Great game!! If you haven't ordered it yet, be sure to!!



Author: Jonathan J. Hunt (csjjh@ux1)
Date: 1999/12/03
Forum: rec.games.video.atari

Excellent job all around!  Thanks so much for you long work on this Carl -- it 
was worth it.  Thanks also for the coupons & Jag pin -- it's so cool -- it's 
going on my jacket right away.  Here's my review (note: I've only played it 
for like two hours -- I got 125,000 & reached level 8):

Packaging: 10
This is just as good as any professional release Jag game.  Box, cart, label 
is all authentic.  The cart is the standard Jag type, box fits right in with 
all the others.  Good instructions, cool label.  The cart was even wrapped in 
one of those plastic baggies!  Coolness.  The only thing different is that the 
cart was wrapped with bubble wrap rather than in one of those flimsy cart 
holder thingys.  I'm sure the bubble wrap offers better protection anyway.  
(Gee, we never used to rate the packaging of a game, did we?....)

Graphics:  9.5
Very fast & very smooth.  Great explosions.  Great animation.  I really like 
the player's ship design. Cool looking enemies.  Cool hyperspace effect.  The 
action gets real hectic real quick!  Beautiful backgrounds. Nice parallax 
scrolling effect.  I love the planets & space scenes in the background.  The 
only reason this isn't a 10 is that it would make things easier if the objects 
on the scanner were different colors to help identify them.

Sound effects: 10
I've never been very critical of most games sound effects.  What I can tell 
you is that everything sounded good to me.  Nothing was out of place or got 
annoying after a while.  It was all good here.  I really like the "Help me's" 
when a humanoid gets abducted & the "Medic!" when you blow one away.

Music: 10
What can I say, it's right up there with Tempest 2000 & Defender 2000. 
Excellent techno music.  Very well done.  I'm recording it to a cassette tape 
to listen to in my car!  (Carl, besides the main title track, how many 
different in game tracks are there & how far into the game do you have to go 
to hear them all?)

Game play:  9.5
Idunno, maybe it deserves a 10.  I did just get it after all & only spent 2 
hours with it so far but the difficulty seems a tad bit on the high side but 
it's not so high as to be unplayable by any means.  I am new to it & an old 
time gamer -- I'm no good at most new games.  It's a blast to play, that's for 
sure.  I really like the way power ups are used.  In most games you use them 
to build up unbelievably high fire power/defenses, then when you die & start 
over with nothing you've got no hope & it's basically game over unless you 
luck out & grab a few power ups right off the bat.  In Protector power ups are 
used to either purchase after a level or automatically upgrade your ship 
during game play.  What you use them for are shields, hyperspace jump 
capability (a good one to have!), smartbombs, extra ships & rapid fire (not 
that your ship normally doesn't fire pretty rapidly).  That's why Protector is 
so playable, they're used very reasonably.

Replay value:  10
Just like all good classic games.

Fun Factor:  9
This to me is an overall score of how much I enjoy playing the game.  I guess 
it depends on how much you enjoy Defender-type games.  I love them but the 
difficulty of them always a little more than I'd like.  While I love Defender-
style play there are other types I enjoy more so for me it's a 9.

Average:  9.7
That's after my first impression.  Needless to say I'm very pleased.

Now, on to the inevitable comparison to Defender 2000:  I'd rate them both at 
about the same level of excellent quality.  One could spend countless hours 
nitpicking both games, there's some areas where the graphics of D2K are 
cooler, some where Protector's are cooler.  Overall, what with the far nicer 
player ship design on Protector than either the Plus or 2000 mode on D2K, the 
fact that Protector only scrolls horizontally like the original, & that 
Protector's powerups don't get carried away I say Protector comes closer to 
capturing the spirit of the original Defender.

D2K, on the other hand has three different version of Defender, including 
about the funnest port of the original I've ever played & Plasma Pong as a 
hoot is a total riot.  Final thought, both are EXCELLENT & different enough to 
justify buying both of them.

Thanks again to Carl & all involved in bringing this instant classic to the 
Jag.  I truly appreciate all your work.


PSubject:  Anyone, help me understand something, if you could.  Why was 
Protector able to avoid the encryption road block that still has BattleSphere 
hung up & why can't BattleSphere avoid the issue the same way Protector did?

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Author: Jonathan J. Hunt (csjjh@ux1)
Date: 1999/12/05
Forum: rec.games.video.atari

:)  Well, kinda.  I managed to defeat the boss on the easy level (was it after 
level 10?) which ended the game & rewarded (punished?) me by unlocking the 
Insane difficulty mode!  My Score was 187,900.  The boss was really cool.  My 
only hint on defeating it:  use a ProController & have that finger on the 
index button!

I managed to (I think) get past the first level on Insane (you start out on 
level one with no humanoids & a screen full of mutants!) & on the radar it 
looked like the humanoids were replaced but when I got to one it was this big 
mechanized thingy - not friendly, I think...

Can someone help me figure something out?  Here's my impression:  To complete 
a level you have to do it all on one life.  If at any time you die, including 
after the wave during the meteor shower or attack of the red ships, you start 
all over & don't progress unless you beat the entire level on one life...  Is 
that what everyone else is noticing?  Yowzer!

Anyone know how many different music tracks there are & what level you've got 
to get to to hear them all?  I'm gonna record them to a cassette tape, they're 

Are there any cheats or codes anyone wants to let out, Carl?...



Subject: Protector easter-egg
Author: Carl (pmroch7-57.rconnect.com)
Date: December 03, 1999 at 18:20:15
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>I held down 3 and powered up like you're supposed to but
>all it does is tell me that my cart is erasing. I almost
>fainted when I saw that! I shut it off really fast and
>when I turned it back on it works still so I got it quick
>enough before anything was damaged. Whew!
>What I wonder is why would anyone put a self-destruct into
>a cart like that and why would they make it so that would
>be so easy for someone to trigger accidentally?
>Is this some kind of joke? I am not laughing!

It's not a joke, nor will it erase your cartridge in any situation. It is 
simply an artifact of the process used to bypass the encryption -- the Jaguar 
has been "fooled" into thinking a flash ROM cartridge is inserted. Flash ROM 
carts can play unencrypted games on regular Jaguars.

So basically just ignore the "Erasing" message -- it has no effect on any 
Songbird release.


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions

//// Phase Zero

Subject: Phase Zero
Author: Keita (editor@atarihq.com)
Date: June 30, 2000 at 14:41:55
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Phaze Zero looks like quite a game. Very impressive looking
>from the pics. Has anyone been playing the demo and what are
>your thoughts? I sure would like to be able to play it, will
>anyone like Songbird be able to distribute this game, I would
>buy it even if it's not completed. Anyone want to sell a
>functioning BJL Jaguar??

Phase Zero is far from finished and it's really bad. Only collectors and die-
hard Jag fans would care to pay money for it. Carl would have a LOT of work to 
do to finish the game, if he cared to take on the task. Even then, the game is 
fundamentally not a good one so it's probably not worth the effort. Skyhammer 
in comparison was much more polished, playable, viable and near completion 
when Carl bagged it. I think Santora, Scott L. and others can vouch for me on 

- Keita


Subject: Phase Zero
Author: Mark Stingray Santora (santora@earthlink.net)
Date: June 30, 2000 at 15:14:40
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Phase Zero suffers from a lot of problems.

1. It's letterboxed and still has a crappy frame rate with no horizon. The only 
way to play is to follow along the guide arrow that points you to the next 

2. It's buggy. Noticed by the level 5 game hang. There are more levels.

3. There is about as much depth to the gameplay as a teaspoon. Goto A, touch 
it, end of level. Goto A then B, end level, or return. Come on guys, I've seen 
Pascal code that's better than this. No wonder Atari didn't want to publish 

4. The network code is unfinished - and what is there supposedly was written 
with much help from the gang at Scatologic. (you know, 4Play).

Basically, it's an interesting graphics demo, and based on it Sony brought the 
Hyper Image guys in-house to make two games on a huge budget - and they are 
supposedly so bad even Sony won't publish them.

I TRIED to get it out before JagFest for the guys down there, but got swamped. 
SO I put it up so someone (most likely Carl) could load it into a Flash ROM 
and let people play it at CGE2k - which I will not be at this year...



Subject: Phase Zero
Author: Carl (forhan@millcomm.com)
Date: June 30, 2000 at 18:13:50
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Phase Zero is far from finished and it's really bad. Only 
>collectors and die-hard Jag fans would care to pay money 

While Phase Zero clearly has some problems (level 5 bug, as Mark and others 
have pointed out, and yet the game is supposed to have 8+ levels built in it), 
I wouldn't be quite so harsh. I look at the game and think, "This is what 
Aircars should have been like."

It has more interesting terrain, a frame rate that is almost TOO fast (I find 
myself sometimes whirling out of control like you can in Jag Doom 
occasionally), really cool enemies/explosions, and no annoying "Target 
Destroyed" voice. =)

But I'd like to hear more opinions on this game...



Subject: Phase Zero
Author: Thunderbird (pool-207-205-160-65.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: June 30, 2000 at 18:34:20
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Phaze Zero looks like quite a game. Very impressive looking
>from the pics. Has anyone been playing the demo and what are
>your thoughts? I sure would like to be able to play it, will

It's an AWFUL, AWFUL game. Nice engine, graphics ranging from gorgeous to 
wretched. Gameplay ranging from laughable to painful. Save your money. (if it 
works on BJL, then it works on JUGS)



Subject: Phase Zero
Author: Kevin (kmanne@rochester.rr.com)
Date: June 30, 2000 at 19:04:34
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Phaze Zero looks like quite a game. Very impressive looking
>from the pics. Has anyone been playing the demo and what are
>your thoughts? I sure would like to be able to play it, will

I thought it was extremely impressive for an incomplete game. The game moves 
VERY rapidly and the explosions are really cool looking. Setting the trees on 
fire is a nice touch too. Basic "Go here and do this" gameplay that's been 
done 1,000,000 times before on the Jag, but it is no doubt above AirCars, 
HoverStrike, I-War, etc. At least the cockpit doesn't take up 50% of the 
screen in this game like in Skyhammer and Hover Strike to maintain a decent 
framerate. Sure it may be letterboxed but just barely.

The smooth flowing terrain is awesome looking, and the fact that the water has 
movement is really impressive as well. If completed I'd say it'd be one of the 
Jag's best, despite what T-Bird obviously has against the developers.



Subject: Phase Zero
Author: Kevin (kmanne@rochester.rr.com)
Date: June 30, 2000 at 19:06:38
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Forgot to mention that it uses Q-Sound too. Very realistic simulated surround 
sound from only 2 speakers. The only Jag game to use this in gameplay, AFAIK. 
Well done.



Subject: Phase Zero
Author: BSB (dynamic48.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: June 30, 2000 at 20:48:58
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Phase Zero is far from finished and it's really bad. Only
>collectors and die-hard Jag fans would care to pay money
>for it.

Indeed, it's nothing more than a 4 level demo that crashes on level 5... Nice 
engine though...

>Carl would have a LOT of work to do to finish the game,
>if he cared to take on the task.

In fact, he would have to travel back in time and rescue it from the 
hyperimmature clowns who deleted all the source code.

>Even then, the game is fundamentally not a good one so 
>it's probably not worth the effort. Skyhammer in 
>comparison was much more polished, playable, viable and 
>near completion when Carl bagged it. I think Santora, 
>Scott L. and others can vouch for me on this.

It could have been a lot of fun. Some of their level ideas were really neat. 
Unfortunately, there were some serious ego issues as well so things fell 



Subject: Phase Zero
Author: Thunderbird (
Date: July 01, 2000 at 08:14:09
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>The smooth flowing terrain is awesome looking, and the fact
>that the water has movement is really impressive as well.

The DEMO of the engine they wrote was equally impressive. It was perhaps 
BETTER than the game because it was smoother and didn't have enemy AI slowing 
it down.

Unfortunately, in a year's time with Atari's money, they managed to make a 
game out of the demo that was less fun than the demo itself.

>If completed I'd say it'd be one of the Jag's best,

Well, if by "Completed" you mean they actually corrected the numerous faults 
AND put a GAME into it, then perhaps it would have been good.

Considering that the developer to date has never completed a project, I don't 
think it would ever get done.

>despite what T-Bird obviously has against the developers.

I was critiquing the game, not the developers. There's a whole different 



Subject: Phase Zero - 5th mission
Author: Carl (forhan@yahoo.com)
Date: November 09, 2000 at 21:35:52
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Hey, how many people have made it to the 5th mission on Phase Zero? I know the 
mission apparently does not end, but I've been trying my best to beat it 
anyway. ;-)

The mission log indicates that not all foes will be visible. Perhaps this is a 
clue? By searching the entire map, I've found several pockets of enemies that 
don't show up on the 'directional indicator' radar. I just stumbled upon them. 
Makes me wonder if there are more I've still missed.

If you follow the directional indicator, you'll only find two groups of 
enemies. You're supposed to find 8 enemies total in this mission, again, 
according to the log. But by doing my random search, I found at least another 
10-15 enemies to fight.

The mission log also indicates that you should return to Nav Point A after 
completing the mission for retrieval. Makes me wonder -- should you destroy 
those pod-thingies on the ground at point A? Or should you keep them around 
for your 'extraction' later?

Any thoughts on this would be great! The binary indicates there is text for 8 
missions included in the game -- I'd love for Jag fans to be able to reach 

Oh yeah, look for some pics from two thought-to-be-forever-lost games (one 
Lynx, one Jag) coming in the near future! :)


P.S. - Thanks, Micah, for the tips on Phase Zero gameplay. I love rebalancing 
the shields, and using the extra weapons. Very cool!


Subject: Phase Zero - 5th mission
Author: BSB (
Date: November 09, 2000 at 23:31:01
Author: ji2

>Hey, how many people have made it to the 5th mission on Phase
>Zero? I know the mission apparently does not end, but I've been
>trying my best to beat it anyway. ;-)

According to Paul Good, there is a better binary cut of the game out there 
somewhere which includes snow missions with snowmen and igloos and such. What 
you really need is to figure out the mission index and skip mission 5 because 
it is indeed unwinnable...

//// Black Ice\White Noise

Subject: black ice/white noise
Author: PBMaX (pbistoff@hotmail.com)
Date: November 30, 2000 at 12:30:06
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

The source code exists, and I know exactly where it is.

Unfortunately, due to factors beyond my control, I'm afraid it's destined to 
sit and rot for eternity.



Subject: black ice/white noise and others lost games
Author: BSB (
Date: November 30, 2000 at 19:23:49
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Patience guys...

Count on human guile and stupidity to ultimately make all of this stuff 
available... Just keep up the dumpster diving and it will eventually show up 

And then somebody will try to sell it off...

What would really help at this point is the incentive of a working Jaguar 

Since I know the two people at Atari that worked on BI/WN, I take their 
information as the most accurate one can possibly get. The coolest aspect of 
the engine (notice there is no game here and there never was) is that it could 
stream content off of the CD without any noticeable slowdown. The most uncool 
aspect of it is that there was no game. A game does not consist entirely of 
walking from place to place (although one could say this is an accurate 
description of Daniel Day Lewis in _The Last Of The Mohicans_).

According to other ex-Atarian sources, the entire development budget outside 
of Atari was blown in nudie bars by the development team. I trust that source 
more than I trust the developers themselves. This is the compelling 
explanation as to why there was no game.


Subject: black ice/white noise and others lost games
Author: PBMaX (pbistoff@hotmail.com)
Date: November 30, 2000 at 14:54:05
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II


I once had my hands on a box containing 20 or so CD's that had various builds, 
source code, and multimedia from "Black Ice/White Noise".

I know exactly where that box is, as I had to leave it in the very spot where 
I found it.

Many, many other boxes full of other interesting things sit in that very place 
with it.

WHY? -

You see the contents of that box, and the piles of other boxes I got to search 
through that weekend; are not my property.

The owner of that property is generally oblivious to what may be in said 
boxes. I made a very concerted effort to raise the owner's awareness of what 
they had in their possession. The owner was actually starting to care, and 
almost got to the point of authorizing me to do something with the contents of 
said boxes. Unfortunately, that's were the story ends as our relationship was 
severed without warning on Dec 10 of 1999.

Some select items however, did manage to find their way out of their 
respective pile of boxes. Efforts are being made to make some of those items 
available to others.



Subject: black ice/white noise and others lost games
Author: PBMaX (pbistoff@hotmail.com)
Date: November 30, 2000 at 19:52:18
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I just explained to you (in a round about way) what is in the way of getting 
our hands on all kinds of cool stuff.

I've seen it all and had it all in my hands. I don't know how close the game 
was to a final or anything like that, but I do know the builds, source code, 
and art resources for that (and many other unreleased games) are sitting all 
together in a pile of boxes.


//// VR Headsets Discovered

Subject: Anyone have the Prototype of the Virtual Reality thing for jag?
Author: Visionik (visionik@pobox.com-munist)
Date: 1999/11/24 
Forum: rec.games.video.atari

Yes, someone does... I held it in my hands and examined it just two weeks ago.

It consists of the "helmet" and a controller unit that has a rather large (5" 
diameter) clear red "eye" which I'm guessing is used to track the user 
somehow, or perhaps for the wireless "joysticks" that were supposed to come 
with it.

The controller unit connects to the DSP port on the Jaguar.  The controller 
unit also has a Jag joystick port on the front, and what looks like a DSP 
"passthrough" port on the back, perhaps so you can chain other unreleased Jag 
DSP port devices.

The prototype came in a box that also includes mock ups of the wireless 
"joysticks", basically just different shaped handles with a fire button on it.

Unfortunately, the unreleased version of Missile Command 3D that works with 
the prototype was *not* in the box, so the prototype may or may not be 
working... there is no way to tell without some software to try it with. 
(rumor is that the Missile Command 3D carts that shipped do not have support 
for the VR helmet)

Now for the kicker: the person who owns it is not a Jaguarite (he doesn't even 
own a Jag!).  He's a full-size arcade game collector.  I was over at his house 
to buy some rareish early 80's arcade games, and while moving those 200 pound 
particle board behemoths into the truck, I mentioned how much less physically 
demanding my home video game collecting hobby was ;-)

He then asked me if I'd ever heard of the "Jaguar" (oh have I...), and within 
minutes I had in my hands the Virtuality Jag prototype.

The kicker part 2: He bought it at an electronics surplus store in Silicon 
Valley!!!  The store was next to a Fry's, and was named "Weird Stuff" or 
something like that.  I've spoken with some other folks in the Jag developer 
community, we have absolutely no idea how it would have gotten there, but then 
we remembered -- this is Atari we're talking about, of course the only proto 
would end up at a surplus store.

I may be back to buy some more games from him in December; I hope to bring my 
digital camera along and grab some pics to put up on the web.

-Jonathan Taylor
-Jag developer, "The Artemis Project"


Subject: Jag VR (just in time for x-mas)
Author: Ted (201.chicago-01-02rs.il.dial-access.att.net)
Date: December 24, 1999 at 20:07:57
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Well I knew it was coming but didn't expect til 2nd week of 2K and much to my 
delight a huge box from overseas showed up today. I got the Jaguar VR Headset 
(prototype) w/ the controller. Anyone know of anyone else who has this? I've 
sent pics to a couple of people show they should surface after the holidays 
(if they put them on there sites). I'll be toying w/ it a lot in the upcoming 
weeks if I get it to work somehow i'll let you guys know, problem is the 
table-top transmitter is not populated so it'll take a miracle to get it to 
work. (i'm assuming, but hey I think it's a miracle I got it) The other 
surprise I got was a couple of Alpines, didn't know I was getting 'em. (also 
got developer console along w/ 3 Jags (pal), t-shirt, poster, mock-up VR 
Headset only says Virtuality across the front. So if anyone knows anything 
that could help me out please lmk....

Merry Christmas,

Ted Rusniak 


Subject: Jag VR (just in time for x-mas)
Author: Kevin (pm3-a-btv-b-p32.pcom.net)
Date: December 27, 1999 at 20:34:28
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Hmm, could it be a Scuba I believe their called in "Jaguar
>clothing", so to speak? With out a hands on inspection it's
>hard to say. Someone with the right connections could take
>the time to make a bogus copy but at what cost? It would be
>farily easy to scan the Jag/VR logos and with the right
>connections, cut out by a special printer/plotter set up
>via a nice PC, in an adhesive vinyl but you could tell it
>was made that way, if you gave it a little inspection. However
>in a photo it would come across as "virtualy-real" LOL.

Ummm, no he also forwarded me the e-mail from the guy at Virtuality. Did I 
forget to mention they also sent him 2 Jag developer boards with it? Believe 
it or not, this is legit and I'm actually pretty happy that some of these are 
still around...unfortunately I'm not the one in possession of them, but what 
can you do ;-)



Se: Jag VR (just in time for x-mas)
Author: JagVR Boy (dynamic53.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: December 24, 1999 at 20:49:21
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Actually, one of them was apparently purchased from Weird Stuff Warehouse in 
San Jose for about $25. It is now in the hands of a collector who is alas well 
aware of what he thinks he can get for it...

Expect it to show up on eBay one of these days.


Subject: Jag VR (just in time for x-mas)
Author: BattleSphere Bob (dynamic25.pm01.santa-cruz.best.com)
Date: December 29, 1999 at 09:56:45
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>>Does the transmitter box look like it had anything in
>>it at one time?
>Yes, It appears that it was populated at one time. It has
>a couple of screws on the rear inside that might have held
>a board or something.

Well, then it sounds like you're out of luck until you can figure out what 
went in there and reverse engineer it. As I remember, the whole mess plugged 
into the Jag's DSP port (correct me if I'm wrong guys), and that would mean 
they were screwing with the Jag's UART. That ought to be a bundle of monkeys 
to figure out. My best guess would be that they probably made a minimal 
version of the "Cortina" board which was to be their proprietary interface to 
a keyboard for making the Jaguar into a web browser. I only say this because 
Atari shared their best toys with their favorites and left just about everyone 
else out in the cold.


//// Jag II Prototype Discovered

Subject: Jaguar II Prototype
Author: Curt (curt@atari-history.com)
Date: October 19, 2000 at 16:22:06
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

For those interested in seeing the Jaguar II prototype, I have just posted 
images up on the Atari History Site.

Direct link to the Jaguar section:



Subject: Re: Jaguar II Prototype
Author: Curt (curt@atari-history.com)
Date: October 20, 2000 at 07:15:24
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II


What I'd like to do is take the unit to some of the shows coming up like 
PhillyClassic, CCAG so people have an opportunity to see the unit in person 
(pictures are nice, but its better when people can see the actual units in 
person) and then play a few games on it. Also I'll dump the boot eprom on the 
unit and put its .bin up onto the Jag II page in the coming weeks so that 
anyone interested in disassembling and looking through it may uncover some 
interesting info and facts on the Jag II.



Subject: Re: Jaguar II Prototype
Author: Curt (curt@atari-history.com)
Date: October 20, 2000 at 16:23:47
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>>So were there any games/demos written specifically for
>>the JagII architecture or is it backwards compatible with
>>original Jag games? Just wondering what would be playable
>>on it ;-) 
>Yeah, no kidding! Don't just drop details like that on us
>then walk away... :-)

Hmmm, The person who might be able to answer the question on demos and/or 
games with enhance Jag II capabilities would most likely be Yak himself. I 
have no information on games/demos for the Jag II and I'd kill for a copy of 
the Tech Reference Manual for the beast. However, the unit is backward 
compatible, I plugged in Tempest 2K and it came up with no hitch whatsoever. 
However either there is an overheat problem or just a problem with the design, 
but no matter what I do, the Jag II always locks up after 5 mins + of being 
on. At one point it just wouldn't come up at all and I let it sit, came back 
10 mins later and after two attempts it came back up and worked again for 
nearly 15 mins and then locked up again. The cooling fan is rigged up to a 
separate power supply and the Tom II chip does get VERY warm, but not so 
much that it burns to the touch or anything, but it could use a killer 
heatsink and a larger fan for sure.



Subject: Re: Jaguar II Prototype
Author: Curt (curt@atari-history.com)
Date: October 21, 2000 at 01:23:17
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>I'll check with John M. and see if he's still got his. If
>so, I'll post the info for everyone.
>P.S. - Jag II protos went through various stages, so while
>I've seen the one you have, I've seen quite a few others
>that are quite different in layout and design. I'll put
>up info if I have the time, but I need to work on getting
>commercial games to market first =)
>- Keita

Thanks Keita,

I hope John M. still has his, he did as of Dec 99 so I'm hoping it is still 
lurking around. Yeah the Jag II also was in a more Jag 1 shape in a later 
revision, it looks more like this was done in this shape specifically for 
design reasons and not also for packaging reasons as it does not match the 
config of the JagDuo case that is shown in pictures on AGH, so I'm sure it 
went through several designs. If the tech ref man is still around someplace 
and you can get it, please post it, I know everyone will lose sleep that night 
reading through it! :-)


//// Alien vs Predator Prototype

Subject: Alien vs Predator prototype
Author: The Fallen Angel (duvallg@sidg.net)
Date: September 14, 2000 at 20:45:06
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I just got this about 15 minutes ago after coming home from a party at 
work...here are my thoughts.

My God, this thing is cool. I booted it up, and it came straight to the 
Marine's interface - no title screen or options are present. The interface is 
unlike the release version, and identical to the prerelease screenshots given 
to magazines very early on in 1993.

This was *definitely* an extremely early version, as the Predator I 
encountered has many more frames of animation than the released version, and 
the Alien I encountered looked completely different (less quality in the 
Alien, but somehow looked great). Shooting them made the Predator disappear 
into thin air by way of him accessing his wrist computer and kind of 
disintegrating, for the lack of a better word. The Alien simply stops mid-
stride and doesn't move again for about 10 seconds. Then they start bugging 
you all over again. Think 'Red light, Green light'.

I might mention there is NO sound, NO AI, and gunfire does nothing. No score 
is registered, the # and * do not work to reset the game, and you are only on 
Sublevel 2 for this prototype. Elevators do NOT work. You can select weapons, 
and oddly enough, weapon number 4 is a KNIFE. You can press the keypad for 1-3 
and select them, but your weapon does NOT change on-screen accordingly. And 
you cannot press 4 and get the knife. This is indeed strange.

Moving around the map, things were rather ripshod. Elevators were close 
together (I mean next to each other!), tiles for doors were varied, and it was 
just *strange* wandering around. I finally found my way to the door which took 
me to a room whose ceiling and floors were made up of computer terminals (and 
a different tile was used for the computer terminals than the released 
version, I believe). A massive room about the size of an entire map.

I found a 'loose' tile and was able to access a LOT of strange things. There 
are tons of tiles in here that differ from than of the released version, 
including one that looks like a computer terminal that belongs in the Med Lab. 
A lot of doors also look different. And, of course, the Jaguar tiles that 
feature the likeness of the Jaguar from the bootup screen of the Jaguar 
system. Absolutely bizarre. I locked myself into an area and couldn't get out, 
so I booted down and that was that for tonight.

I might mention that this prototype was very professionally packaged. Came in 
a black box that seemed to fit the proto perfectly, and was also padded by a 
spongy packing foam. Not sure whether this was Atari's or the seller's doing, 
but either way, I am pleased beyond belief with this purchase. Well worth it 
for a piece of history made even BEFORE the Jaguar's release. For the record, 
as the eBay listing said, this prototype looks to have been hand-assembled. 
The EEPROMs look to have been inserted into individual sockets, rather than 
soldered into the board itself. Truly wonderful.

Again, this prototype had to have been made before really serious work was 
even done on the game. It seems they were just testing the boundaries and 
playing around, more than really settling down to make the game when they made 
this prototype. I believe this is definitely pre-alpha, and unbelievably early 
in development. (Mr. Seller, please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Screenshots will be made when I can find the time to do 'em! Hope this gives 
an accurate description of my impressions of the prototype...more will be 
forthcoming if I find anything else interesting!

- G

//// Jag Chatter on Slashdot

Subject: Ah, the Jaguar... (Score:3, Informative)
Author: John Carmack
Date: Saturday March 04, @09:18PM EST
Forum: Slashdot com

I actually dug up all my old jaguar development hardware to give to these guys 
a year or two ago. 

Unfortunately, it turned out that I had lost the C compiler that I had 
retargeted to the Jaguar RISC engines, so DOOM was no longer buildable.

There is something noble about developing on a dead platform -- it is so 
completely for the joy of the development, without any commercial motivation.

The quick recap on the Jaguar:

The memory, bus, blitter and video processor were 64 bits wide, but the 
processors (68k and two custom risc processors) were 32 bit.

The blitter could do basic texture mapping of horizontal and vertical spans, 
but because there wasn't any caching involved, every pixel caused two ram page 
misses and only used 1/4 of the 64 bit bus. Two 64 bit buffers would have 
easily tripled texture mapping performance. Unfortunate.

It could make better use of the 64 bit bus with Z buffered, shaded triangles, 
but that didn't make for compelling games.

It offered a useful color space option that allowed you to do lighting 
effects based on a single channel, instead of RGB.

The video compositing engine was the most innovative part of the console. All 
of the characters in Wolf3D were done with just the back end scaler instead of 
blitting. Still, the experience with the limitations and hard failure cases of 
that gave me good ammunition to rail against Microsoft's (thankfully aborted) 
Talisman project.

The little RISC engines were decent processors. I was surprised that they 
didn't use off the shelf designs, but they basically worked ok. They had some 
design hazards (write after write) that didn't get fixed, but the only thing 
truly wrong with them was that they had scratchpad memory instead of caches, 
and couldn't execute code from main memory. I had to chunk the DOOM renderer 
into nine sequentially loaded overlays to get it working (with hindsight, I 
would have done it differently in about three...).

The 68k was slow. This was the primary problem of the system. You options were 
either taking it easy, running everything on the 68k, and going slow, or 
sweating over lots of overlayed parallel asm chunks to make something go fast 
on the RISC processors.

That is why PlayStation kicked so much ass for development -- it was 
programmed like a single serial processor with a single fast accelerator.

If the Jaguar had dumped the 68k and offered a dynamic cache on the RISC 
processors and had a tiny bit of buffering on the blitter, it could have put 
up a reasonable fight against Sony.

Now the LYNX, on the other hand, was very much The Right Thing from a 
programming standpoint. A fast little processor (for its niche), a good color 
bitmapped display, and a general purpose blitter.

Price and form factor weighed too heavily against it.

John Carmack 


Subject: Ah, the Jaguar... (Score:1)
Author: Thunderbird
Date: Saturday March 04, @09:46PM EST
Forum: Slashdot com

Actually, I believe you're referring to Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions. 
He's the guy who you gave your development systems and DOOM source code to.

He's been trying to come up with a revival of the DOOM code with another 

Carl is the guy who's been publishing an additional 4 "complete but never 
published" Jaguar titles which someone else here already mentioned.

The problem you mention with the Jaguar being unable to run from system RAM 
was actually a bug in the memory controller. It was intended to be able to run 
from main RAM. There were quite a number of these (fairly crippling) bugs in 
the hardware, and we had to work around them to get BattleSphere completed. 
The fact that it runs at all is pretty amazing... (I'm not sure if this is 
something to be proud of or not.)

Doug "Thunderbird" Engel
BattleSphere Assistant Coder & Lead Artist


Subject: Ah, the Jaguar... (Score:1)
Author: bvmcg
Date: Sunday March 05, @08:07AM EST
Forum: Slashdot com

>The little RISC engines were decent processors. [...] the only
>thing truly wrong with them was that they had scratchpad memory
>instead of caches, and couldn't execute code from main memory.
>I had to chunk the DOOM renderer into nine sequentially loaded
>overlays to get it working (with hindsight, I would have done it
>differently in about three...)

Actually, you could execute code out of main memory. You merely had to be 
careful about crossing page boundaries because the instruction pointer 
wouldn't update properly. I'd say the biggest problem with the processors was 
Atari & Brainstorm's documentation. =)

We manually paged pieces in for NBA Jam, White Men Can't Jump and Ruiner 
Pinball. Vid Grid sat entirely in one chunk on either RISC with the 68000 just 
facilitating major modes. (and you thought 64k games were gone!)

For Dactyl Joust, we were using an automatic memory paging system which was 
started with Ruiner. This worked by augmenting function calls to load in each 
function in 256-byte chunks, as many as needed, and doing address fixups. 
Rarely-called support routines remained in main store, specially tagged to 
avoid being loaded in. (See above re: running from main RAM and crossing page 
boundaries. The addresses had to be guaranteed by creating a million sections 
in the link file. Can you say link file nightmare?) In the end though, C and 
eventually C++ use became pretty invisible (read easy and efficient) even on 
the GPU RISC processor.

Going back and looking at Jaguar code again when I did Tempest/X3 for 
Playstation was a total trip. Even just a couple years later, I'd forgotten 
how fun/weird/ugly that beastie was. I honestly miss it though. I really do. 
For all its quirks (especially because of its quirks!) it was a great little 


Subject: Ah, the Jaguar... (Score:1)
Author: bvmcg
Date: Sunday March 05, @04:21PM EST
Forum: Slashdot com

>Dactyl Joust?
>I thought that was one of those "Jaguar Urban Legends"
>(a.k.a. marketing hype / vaporware) like MKII and Tiny Toons

Sure enough, it existed. It was far from finished, however. You could fly 
about the arena and bop, lance and fireball things. There was some rather 
simple enemy AI, sound and a few keen special effects.

One of the nicer things was that it was RGB based, not CRY, and therefore 
rather pretty. Very careful manipulation of the shading let me still do some 
depth cues and use the green channel for some pretty wacky field effects.

The game was probably half a year of solid work from completion. But at that 
point, everyone who could've paid for continuing development felt it was time 
to move on to Playstation, so both Dactyl Joust and TRF [Thea Realm Fighters -
-Ed.] (Mortal Kombat style fighting game - I didn't know actual MK-II was in 
the works?) got shelved.

//// Kev's Kiosk

Subject: SCORE!! (brag)
Author: Kevin (pm3-a-btv-b-p29.pcom.net)
Date: January 02, 2000 at 12:53:36
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Well I went down to the local game store today and what did I find? A Jaguar 
Kiosk! So I ask the guy if he wants to sell it, he says yeah, and now it's 
here in my apartment! It even came with the SC1435 monitor, which B&C sells 
for $300...I paid less than that for the whole kiosk and monitor together! 
Woohoo! I'll take some pics and get it them up on JD soon. It came with some 
cool brochures and stuff so I'll get 'em scanned too.

I'm psyched!



Subject: Re: SCORE!! (brag)
Author: Kevin (pm3-a-btv-b-p07.pcom.net)
Date: January 02, 2000 at 14:54:22
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Hmmmm...something tells me there's more to the story than you
>just walking into your local video game store and finding it.
>Veee have vayz to make you talk. Feel free to email if you
>don't want the public to know of your questionable tactics
>for obtaining rare products. :)

Really, that's all there was to it. It happened so fast I couldn't believe 
it...I walked in, saw the Kiosk and went "WOAH!" to myself, walked around a 
bit and then non-chalantly asked him if he'd sell it. He said "Make an offer" 
so I did...he said "Cash?" I said "sure", I then proceeded to run to the 
closest ATM, withdraw the cash, then load it up into my Daytona and drive home 
with it sticking out the back.

Just got done playing some Brett Hull Hockey on it! :-) Time to scan in some 
of the literature that came with it.


//// Miscellaneous

Subject: Manufacturing Costs
Author: Thunderbird (pool-207-205-163-65.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: December 21, 1999 at 03:32:25
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Just a quick question for all the developers out there. I had
>read somewhere that it was cheaper to produce games on CD rather
>than cartridge format. Is this true? If so, then why bother
>selling the games in cartridge format rather than CD?


1) Games have to be coded with the CD format in mind. Less RAM is available to 
the programmer because RAM has to be used for loading from the CD. Rewriting 
existing games could range from difficult to impossible, especially if there 
is no source code to the games anymore.

2) Fewer people have the CD. Sure, the people online here are super Jaguar 
fans and probably all have it, but the general public audience doesn't have 
the CD.

3) The CD needs to be encrypted to run on a production Jaguar (just like the 
carts) and the encryption tools were lost when Atari went under. The sheer 
size of the CD in terms of Megabytes means it is much much much more difficult 
to bypass the encryption. To this day NOBODY has successfully cracked the cart 
encryption (yet). And the problem has been worked on for quite some time. 
Imagine how long a CD would take...



Subject: Interesting Jag M-Peg Info
Author: Curt Vendel (cvendel@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 04:29:11 -0500
Forum: alt.atari-jaguar.discussion,rec.games.video.atari

I ran across this tonight, I don't know if the email address is still good, 
but this company was working on some Jag related MPEG software and who knows, 
perhaps they'd be willing to donate it into public domain:

~Subject: SUBSECTION - Atari

[ Brainstorm is not continuing to develop their MPEG-Player for ]
[ the Atari, really sad :o( Maybe somebody can help them ?     ]

From: laurent@brasil.frmug.fr.net (Laurent Chemla)
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1993 14:39:39 +0000 (GMT)


  Of course you're right. Raphael Lemoine replied quickly, directly online on 
Compuserve, and as the author of our MPEG software he's quite disappointed by 
the little interest there is about.

  As a commercial entity, Brainstorm is trying to sell his work. But this kind 
of work is not an easy thing to sell. A few developers asked us about our 
software, but couldn't pay for it. An easy solution would be to sell it to 
Atari Corp directly, and then developers could get it from Atari at low price. 
But Atari licensed Cinepak for this usage, and they aren't interested in 
buying our MPEG. So we decided to forget it for a while.

  Our MPEG runs at the same (or so) rate, not depending on the resolution. It 
uses some of our 'real time' dithering algorithms on Atari. Added to the work 
on the DSP coding, you can see it's a good piece of software Raphael did. But 
it's not enough for selling it as a Shareware library, because it doesn't 
handle P and B frames nor the sound, and we won't work on it if we can't 
expect to be paid for this work. I have personally written a few news about 
this software in Atari's Usenet conferences, but only got 3 mails in return, 
and nothing really exciting.

  Anyway, be sure we will tell you if anything new occurs about that.

Laurent Chemla @ Brainstorm



Subject: Who wants to be a millionaire?
Author: Big I (bigissues@yahoo.com)
Date: January 25, 2000 at 18:47:29
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Anyone see Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The question was: "Which of these 
brand names, translated into Japanese, means roughly, "prepare to be 

A. Atari B. Kawasaki
C. Fujitsu D. Nikon

Answer? ATARI! Heheh and here I thought it meant "go"... A was my FINAL answer 
though, cuz it was the only one I knew any sort of translation for in 
Japanese... hehe

And to make this Jag related...uh... my university closed for the first time 
in my four years there due to snow...and the only thing that could cure my 
cabin fever was two words: Cannon Fodder. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


Subject: Atarian Font for Download
Author: JayEm (coug@coug.coug)
Date: March 19, 2000 at 09:34:57
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I found a great free font download site at www.1001freefonts.com and they have 
a font called Atarian, which is the same font used in the Atari logo...pretty 
neat I thought...the link below (which is 
http://www.1001freefonts.com/fontsaz/) will take you right to the index page 
where the font is listed, but you really should check out the whole 
page...beware though...there's lotsa popups...


"A" Links, Atarian, near bottom.... http://www.1001freefonts.com/fontsaz/


Subject: BJL? Help a newbie please?
Author: Thunderbird (pool-207-205-161-127.nwrk.grid.net)
Date: March 25, 2000 at 09:05:19
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Forgive me for slowing down the conversation, but can someone
>give me a rudimentary explanation of what these are and what
>they do? Do these allow playing other games downloaded from a
>computer? What are the benefits and where can I get these?

The BJL is a "First Generation" addon which allows you to play homebrew games 
on your Jaguar. There are some cool games and demos which run on it.

In order to use it, you must have a Jaguar that you're willing to modify, and 
the skills to solder chips and wires into a Jaguar circuit. You must also have 
access to an EPROM programmer, to make the program for the modification. After 
that, you can load your own games (commercial games do not work on the BJL).

The "Second Generation" JUGS system performs the same functions as the BJL, 
and runs the same homebrew games, but has the advantage of not requiring your 
Jaguar to be dissected or modified in any way. Hence, it's portable (take it 
to a friend's Jaguar and play on that) and much easier for anyone to use (no 
soldering skills required). JUGS will be out shortly.



Subject: The Atari Cake!
Author: GreG (greggeorge@att.net)
Date: April 07, 2000 at 17:00:05
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Ok guys,

I've been holding this as a secret for awhile, but the pictures are finally 
back, and I wanted to share this with you... I got married on March 11th, and 
we went to London for our honeymoon. (So, I delayed my BS shipment. Monday, 
monday, I tell you!)

Anyhow, to make a long story short, the groom's cake (mine) had a nice big 
Atari symbol on it. Check out the link below for pictures! This was the most 
delicious cake I think I've ever had! And everybody had a piece! I wonder if 
that has any symbolic meaning?

I have the greatest wife in the world to allow me to have an Atari logo on my 
cake! How many can say that? :-)

Greg "Fruitman" George

P.S. TAT will return...


Subject: Yesterday...
Author: The UA (host71.north.iit.edu)
Date: November 05, 2000 at 15:21:39
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

...marks the 7th Anniversary of the Atari Jaguar's release.



Subject: Phear
Author: Carl (forhan@millcomm.com)
Date: July 15, 2000 at 09:02:25
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

>Hi Carl, 
>what about "Phear" aka "Tetrisphere" (N64). The Jag-Version
>was already done years ago. I've heard that just the sound
>was missing.

Unfortunately, the developers of Phear have indicated that all 
Phear/Tetrisphere-related products are in the hands of Nintendo. They can't 
even supply me with the binary.

How sad...



Subject: Once upon a Jaguar Secret!
Author: Clint Thompson (atarivision@mail.com)
Date: December 01, 2000 at 00:07:01
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

For the almighty Jaguar Community - I come back from underground..

I noticed some saying :

Why are people trying to HIDE stuff from the Jag community... and why can't 
they just tell us, show us, give us all this great and glorious stuff.

Good question... I seem to wonder the same time to time.

Would it not make everyone sick if I were to tell you it was possible to 
obtain several boxes full of prototype Jaguar2 hardware about 1 year ago, and 
for just about nothing? Yeah, it's a shame that MOTOROLA doesn't care to keep 
stuff more then 5 years at a time..

-It's called an ARCHIVE my friends.., just damn shame it took me 5 years too 
late to realize what they had- (it's also a shame no one else jumped on it 
besides me...) ((unless you did and were unsuccessful))

This is one fine example of why many secrets are held within. It's MORE 
disappointing to hear about a loss instead of a gain... (sick to stomach) 
makes you wish you didn't know about it at all instead of knowing about it 

On the other hand, other people are "ONLY I CAN HAVE THIS" and no one else 
can, because I'm special and your not.

I'm not sure why people are selfish, mind you, I'm not like that... It's not 
like I have excess numbers of VR headsets just to hand out... but if I had 
source code... (and didn't pay for it) I see of no harm but to release it to 
the OH SO MANY 200 or so current Jaguar fans that are active (from what I see) 
- which really isn't that much either...- a shame. 

Feel free to call up Motorola...(if you think I'm bluffing) I'm sure you'll 
hear the great news.... (sigh) (oh, I guess you would have to ask Curt Vendel 
or go to his site to retrieve the serial numbers on the chips as well! - 
Motorola will ask for them)


---and they said you couldn't reproduce a CatBox, HA!~

"Perhaps I had a wicked childhood"
"That's what I get for _thinking_ like a hacker!" 
Care for more secrets? (if that's what you really want to call them...)


Subject: T2K rotary controller, a short review-2nd round
Author: Gunstar (gunstar@minux.zzn.com)
Date: December 09, 2000 at 14:54:49
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

I received the T2K rotary controller in the mail today from JediJeff 
(jeff__t@juno.com or jeff__t@hotmail.com). When I first opened it I was 
surprised at the quality of the controller.

This thing is well made and a lot of effort went into it. The only complaint I 
have is that the dial is not weighted, so it doesn't have that "arcade" feel 
to it. I have already fixed this by taking it off, putting about 8 quarter-
inch lugnuts in it and then pouring in hot candle wax to hold them in place. 
It works and feels great now. Upon opening the case(I always open stuff up to 
see how they were engineered and designed) I noticed it is all either original 
jag controller parts or high quality electronics inside. The case itself seems 
to be made of a lightweight but sturdy plastic, which has been professionally 
coated with some kind of flat black paint (similar to the original Lynx 

On top of the dial is a really cool holographic sticker of a Jaguar, similar 
to the "seal of approval" stickers found on game boxes published by companies 
other than Atari. This is an extremely responsive controller that makes T2K a 
*lot* more fun to play. One plugs a controller into port 2 to make it easier 
to go through the menus and to do the bonus levels (except for the green path 
level, which uses the rotary control, and is almost too responsive, but I'm 
getting used to it).

It may not be for everybody, as $75.00 is a lot for a controller that works on 
only one game. But if you're a big fan of T2K, then you don't want to be 
without it. It makes a great conversation piece and collector's item. Thanks 
Jeff for making a quality product and for you support of the Jaguar.



Subject: Jag/Lynx article submissions wanted for printed book
Author: Carl (forhan@millcomm.com)
Date: February 03, 2000 at 22:55:18
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Songbird is considering the publication of a professionally printed "post-
Atari" Jaguar/Lynx book which would highlight as many released and unreleased 
games and hardware items as can be crammed into one ~100 page or so book.

But, we need your help to make this happen. Article submissions need to be 
made on each game or hardware item, including screen shots / pictures of said 
items. Each author whose work is used in the final book will be credited 
appropriately. By submitting an article to Songbird, you agree to give 
Songbird complete publication rights to edit and print said article at 
Songbird's sole discretion.

Please use the following guide for writing your articles. Proper grammar and 
punctuation are musts, do not include vulgar language of any kind, and make 
sure any submitted graphics are at least 300dpi.

Try to keep the articles relatively short -- no more than a few hundred words 
per section. Multiple submissions will be accepted for each game/item, and the 
best submissions will be used or combined as needed.

Any questions, just ask! I hope to read through some great articles in the 
next few months. =)

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


Game Title - Jaguar / Lynx
Format: xMB cartridge / CD
Release date: month / year

[Overview of the game/item -- not necessarily a full-blown review, but feel 
free to include some "what's great" or "what's not so great" comments]

[Games only: suggestions on how to beat tricky parts, general strategies, 

Hints and Cheats
[Games only: unique hints or previously unknown cheats]

Collector's Corner
[Tidbits and trivia on the history of the game/item, what the developer is 
doing now, etc.]

- Author's name


Subject: Midway drops Atari name
Author: unknown
Date: unknown
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

On a sad note which I have known about for sometime now and have waited for it 
to become official, Midway has officially dropped the Atari name from its 
products. Atari Games Corp, located at 675 Sycamore Drive in Milpitas, 
California has been owned by Williams Entertainment/Midway since 1996 when it 
was purchased from Time-Warner. Since its purchase, many have noticed how with 
each new game that was released, the Atari name and logo were becoming smaller 
and less prominent on their games. Over the last 6 months the www.agames.com 
and www.atarigames.com websites have been slowly and steadily changed from 
being an Atari dominate look to where Midway dominated the sites and the Atari 
name was relegated to a contact telephone # in the sub-menu's. Atari Games 
Corp will now be called Midway Games West. Many have already publicly voiced 
their opinions that Midway is doing itself and the industry and injustice by 
dropping the very name that in itself created the Video Arcade Industry and 
that it is a sad day for us all to see the Atari name and logo on the final 
product: SF Rush 2049 and for ever more see it disappear from the video 
arcades and entertainment centers and leave the very industry it started and 
set into motion.


   ||  BattleSphere News
   ||  By: Scott Le Grand
\__//  varelse@best.com

//// BattleSphere Countdown

[from Scott Le Grand's Official BattleSphere Countdown page (http://www. 

02/28/2000 - Getting business license and Merchant account for Scatologic, 
Inc. so that BattleSphere can ship. The day is nearly upon all of us. 
Meanwhile, we're auctioning off the very first copy autographed by all 3 
members of Scatologic and which will incorporate a digital signature of the 
high bidder.

03/01/2000 - BattleSphere is an IRS Form and a business license away from 
full-scale shipping. Nobody in this country seems to know where these forms 
can be obtained so when I finally got help from a nice lady at a local bank, 
the county offices had closed. Tune in tomorrow when I walk into the right 
office and they insist I'm in the wrong place :-).

03/02/2000 - Scratch the business license off the list and place the 
acquisition of an employee identification number (EIN) from IRS form SS-4 as 
the final obstacle to the merchant account that allows BattleSphere to ship. 
This ought to be a slam dunk and I ought to be able to get it by phone, but 
the phone number on the form is not in service. It's even inaccurate on the 
form downloaded directly from the IRS web server. Somehow, this is of little 
surprise to me. Oh well, just a little more time.

03/03/2000 - EIN obtained, merchant account set up. Orders to be announced 
shortly from www.battlesphere.com. Stay tuned. The obstacle to the EIN was the 
fact that Fresno had an area code split and all the printed IRS numbers are 
now incorrect. The employees of the IRS apparently raise this at every staff 
meeting, but they are ignored. Big surprise, eh?


   ||  Llatest from Llamaland
   ||  By: Jeff "Yak" Minter
\__//  net.yak@yak.net

[All of the following postings are taken from Jeff Minter's web page, Yak's 
Zoo (http://www.magicnet.net/~yak/). Check it out, and see what else Jeff
has yakked up lately. --Ed.]

//// 30 Jan 2000

Completion, Availability, Good Goat Almighty

It's been a... dense couple of months :-). A lot of stuff happened in a 
very short space of time. It's been pretty intense... and finally I'm 
through the other side of it, sitting here doing the PC equivalent of 
moving house, getting all my favourite bits off my old PC and moving them 
over onto my new one, which, when it first came online at VM Labs I gave 
the network name of "GoatAlmighty" to, and which has kinda stuck :-). GA is 
a 733MHz Penty III completely tricked out for speed (256MB SDRAM, 
ultra/fast/wide SCSI HD), and I have it for a very specific reason... which 
I shall explain about, in due course.

In the last two months I have been absolutely hacking my tiny brains out 
all the hours that Ghu sends, and quite a few that Ghu wanted to keep for 
himself but which I nicked anyway. I have consumed sufficient Red Bull to 
float a medium-sized battleship, and for me the Millennium was something 
that more or less occurred between compiles. I hope it was worth it...

Some of you have been coming to this page for awhile now, and have read 
endless waffling about that stuff that started out as Project X, and which 
lately I've been working on; and by now it's been going on long enough that 
you're probably convinced it's all vapourware, because the two things I 
have never mentioned, with regard to either the 'wares I'm working on or 
the hardware itself, have been completion and availability.

I have a tale to tell :-).

Last November, I was happily hacking away on Tempest, when I had contact 
from work to the effect that we needed to be demonstrating a functional 
VLM-2 at CES in Las Vegas, on the 5th of January. At first I was not unduly 
alarmed, for, as you will know if you've read last year's updates, I had a 
reasonably well-functioning VLM-2, with ten or eleven effects on it, 
working since last Summer.

However... since back then, the environment in which VLM-2 has to "live" 
(VLM-2 is just a small part of a complex app, written by many coders, that 
performs all the functions of the DVD player - MPEG2 decode, audio decode, 
special modes, game loading and execution, CD-Audio and of course VLM-2) - 
the environment had changed quite substantially since last Summer. So much 
so, in fact, that my existing VLM-2 was completely, irretrievably broken. 
And that did give me cause for concern, because by then it was the middle 
of November, and in December I had one weekend away and over a week away on 
holiday with my Mum at Xmas, and I was faced with the prospect of having to 
design and implement a completely new VLM-2, and not an awful lot of time 
to do it in. Still, I thought, with a few late nights and nonobservance of 
weekends, I could probably get something VLM-like happening before the 5th 
of January.

However II...as December came around it became plain that what was needed 
was going to be more than just something in its early stages exhibiting 
VLM-type behaviour. In fact, I would need to deliver a complete, finished 
VLM-2 by the 28th of January. A VLM-2, I might add, with 100 effects. And, 
since as it turned out I was going to be spending almost 2 weeks away in 
the US at the beginning of January, it was evident that the only way I 
would get that done would be by shutting down all functions nonessential to 
immediate survival, reducing my non-work bandwidth to almost zero, 
seriously disrespecting conventional circadian rhythms, and basically 
working like a complete and utter bastard.

We did make it to CES, and I had something VLM-oid, with around 24 effects 
in it; trouble was, everything had come together so fast that I had spent 
most of my time just on implementation, getting the component parts of VLM 
actually into existence and working together, and the effects I had I'd had 
almost no time to consider the aesthetics of, and so basically most of them 
were quite pants. There were one or two that were OK, and those are the 
ones I usually demonstrated the most :-).

[pic of Yak posing with a functional VLM-2 --Ed.]

The Grunting Ox in Las Vegas, demonstrating one of the couple of VLM 
effects that weren't completely pants.

Once the show in Vegas was over, everyone buggered off back to California 
and I managed to get my vector generator back online, which was a great 
relief to me because once I got home from the US, I had to produce 100 non-
pants VLM effects in about two weeks... but I realised that, in that time, 
I was going to be doing an awful lot of edit/compile/test cycles, and my 
old machine was just bloody slow grinding through all that, and so I 
mentioned to the powers that be that it would seriously improve my chances 
of making deadline if I could have a system that was a bit faster. And so, 
a couple of days later, I was presented with GoatAlmighty :-).

GA does indeed blaze through the compile cycle, and I've been very grateful 
for that, because over the last two weeks I have worked almost to the 
limits of my capacity and endurance; but on Friday night I did indeed 
manage to squirt down the wires to VM a fully-functional VLM-2, with 100 
effects that I don't think have any aspect of gentlemen's bottom-half 
apparel... but fuck, it's been an intense time...

The bottom line is: VLM-2 v1.0 is finished :-).

You may well be thinking that's all well and groovy, but it doesn't do you 
any good because you can't get your sweaty hooves on it anyway, and whilst 
that may be true at this instant, I would ask you to have a gawp at this:

[pic of the Samsung DVD player --Ed.]

Hardware. Not vapourware.

That, my friends, is a Samsung Extiva N-2000 DVD player, and it will be 
available in Spring of this year. You will note the little Nuon logo on the 
bottom-left of the machine. You will also note that one of the listed key 
features is "Virtual Light Machine" :-). And that is the reason that I have 
had so many late nights and had to drink so many cans of Red Bull the last 
couple of months - because it's going into production imminently. So I have 
been working like a bastard so that you lot can get yer mitts on VLM-2 very 
shortly :-).

'Course, you'll also be able to play T3K on it too :-). As well as enjoy 
the coolest DVD tech and special modes around :-).

[pic of Yak's workstation and attendant pyramid 'o cans --Ed.]

Aftermath: the Yakly workstation after VLM-2 completion. Note the 
ceremonial Red Bull pyramid, which accreted during late-night sessions, and 
which testifies to the amount of caffeine consumed during the project.

I must say that I have found Red Bull to be the most excellently effective 
coder-fluid I've found; a much nicer experience than the traditional 
wirejuice, Jolt Cola (which is, anyway, unavailable in the UK, at least 
'round these parts). When it gets to that point at about two in the 
morning, your neurons are starting to unravel but you need another couple 
of hours runtime yet, just reach for the old purple-and-silver can and suck 
that Bull... when I first got in to the US I was a bit alarmed because at 
first it looked like there was no Bull to be had out in the Valley, but it 
is being introduced over there, and in due course supplies were located. In 
fact I became known as a bit of a Red Bull evangelist when I was working in 
the office, and random individuals would sometimes drop by my workstation 
and hand me a can of the precious liquid :-).

I'm glad I can give it up for awhile, though - there is still a little bit 
of work to do, some minor debug of an occasional screen glitch, but nothing 
that can't be done in normal work hours; nothing that will require 
prodigious feats of continuous consciousness and irrational amounts of 
caffeine :-).

Although the work has been hard, especially in the latter days, the 
consolation has been that the view from my workstation has really been 
getting rather nice of late...

[pic of a VLM-2 effect --Ed.]

A giant, glowing, rotating disk flies over a rolling alien cloudscape, 
emitting streamers of gently-coloured plasma. In time to Pink Floyd.

On Friday night, after the deed was done, I sat down and for the first time 
actually played with VLM-2 (rather than hack dementedly on it in an attempt 
to ram more stuff into it) and... well, I don't think it's too bad a toy :-
). Certainly I look forward to when I can get an actual Samsung DVD-player 
in my hi-fi stack and have VLM-2, always there, hardwired, ready to play 
with :-).

[pic of another VLM-2 effect --Ed.]

Plasma flows outwards from the centre of the screen; suspended within, a 
formation of glowing disks pulsate and emit pale green smoke.

Those of you who remember the Jaguar VLM will, I hope, be pleasantly 
surprised when you see VLM-2... there are more effects, and some of them 
are things that could not even be attempted using the Jag's old hardwired 
graphics manipulation hardware. VLM-2's main aesthetic is based on things 
that are not normally considered to be the domain of (at least low-end) 
graphics systems - mist, smoke, even fluid surfaces that appear to flow 
together and break apart in a natural manner...

[pic of yet another VLM-2 effect --Ed.]

A vortex of blue liquid that oozes, flows together and breaks apart like 
mercury on a flat surface, according to the pulsation of the spiral 
generator-function that is visible in the centre of the image.

Of course there are some more "trad" kaleidoscope-y effects in there too, 
because some people like those as well as the more exotic ones; but even 
they are rendered in the Nuon style, heavy on the translucency and neon-
effects; with one or two of them, the influence which inspired 'em will be 
obvious, if you happen to be a Pink Floyd fan...

[pic of still yet another VLM-2 effect --Ed.]

A throbbing yellow neon vector llama rotates in the middle of an effect 
which, if you have ever been to a Pink Floyd concert and noticed what they 
do with the lights all around the edge of their big circular screen, may 
look familiar :-).

As I mentioned, VLM-2 has 100 effects (by the way, only two of the effects 
I had in Las Vegas actually made it into the final cut of VLM-2) and, if 
you're feeling in the mood, if you use the analog joystick, you can "jam" 
along quite effectively. Although the interactivity is quite simple - often 
just colour/feedback intensity/scale changes - it's surprisingly 
satisfying. You can just sit there and kinda "air-guitar" with your thumb 
(if that makes any sense) and it looks great on the screen :-). A fun toy 

I'll prolly add some more to this in a few days - more to tell, about the 
trip and suchlike; not a lot of nonwork-stuff to talk about (there is some, 
just not as much as usual) because there hasn't been a lot of nonwork-stuff 
in my life recently :-]... There was, of course, my holiday with my mum, 
which was excellent and a lovely bit of calm in the middle of all the 
mayhem that came before and after... but I'll tell all about that on 
another update, soon. For now, I just wanted to let ya know that VLM-2 is 
in full existence, and that soon Nuon will be unleashed at last :-).

More (and very definitely more about Nuon - Samsung is not the only 
manufacturer releasing Nuon tech this year) on a later update... right now 
I am going back to trying to get a nice comfortable environment sorted here 
on GA. Like I mentioned, moving PCs is a bit like moving home - you don't 
feel fully settled in your new environment until all your old familiar 
clutter is unpacked and deployed, and for the last two weeks all GA has had 
on it has been my work stuff - a bit like moving into a new house that only 
has a desk and chair in it :-). So I'm bringing over all my goodies like my 
emu collection and my Web stuff and my fave sample editors and such... and 
it's starting to feel a bit more like home now :-). I need to sort out my 
FTP program before I can upload this though - for some reason the thing 
thinks it's unregistered, which is a rotten lie :-). Must be some config 
file lying around somewhere I forgot to copy over. Doesn't help that one of 
the machines is without a network card, so I am having to schlepp 
everything over by hand. Thank Ghu for CD-RW, iz all :-).

And... extra thankmodes are due to those very excellent mates of mine who 
have been watching out for me and keeping me from getting so far into the 
workmode that I forget to run basic self-maintenence (or intervening when 
that happens)... to those people who noticed when I forgot to feed myself 
and rammed me full of sausages and chips, or who noticed I was overstressed 
and forced me to get off the bloody machine for awhile, or who stayed in 
touch and kept a part of me human when it felt like the machine was taking 
over... much thanks, guys. This one's for you :-).

Thanks are, of course, also due to that bloke on Barbados who sold me some 
wicked ganja. But that's for another update :-).

//// 22 May 2000

E3 and Spawning

Baah! Yes I am alive, and occasionally I might even update this page. What 
can I say, except that I haven't been arsed to do it for awhile. Too much 
T3K and VLM going on... speaking of which, VLM is now all done, bugs fixed 
and integrated into the Samsung firmware; in fact mass production is now 
underway and the Extiva N-2000 should be hitting the streets in the US 
sometime in the next few weeks. It will come with one Nuon game, a puzzle 
game called Ballistix that is actually quite addictive in a Puzzle Bobble 
stylee; and also a demo disk that will contain demo versions of, I think, 
Iron Soldier, Merlin Karting and T3K.

The demo of T3K isn't some pansy-arsed over-in-an-instant stylee demo, 
either. It allows you to play levels 1 ("Welcome to the Machine"), 9 ("Hay 
Ewe"), 15 ("Dark Side of the Moo"), and, uhh, I think it's around level 24 
("Interstellar Overdraft"). The last level in particular is no pushover, 
featuring as it does those beastly Pulsars, and Rotors (a new enemy type 
that causes the entire web to spin around whilst it's on it - quite 
disorienting, especially when you're pussyfooting it around the Pulsars. 
Don't try it if you're pissed and full of lager and curry!).

Most of the powerups are available ("Hover" is disabled in the demo), and 
if you're really good, and collect *all* the powerups on the last three 
demo levels, then you can get into one round of the Bonus Round before the 
demo ends. The whole demo also has one of the new music tracks from the 
game - the finished game will have all the old faves from T2K, plus some 
great new music. The track on the demo, called "Intimidation", was written 
by a mate of mine, and it rawks ;-).

In the full version of the game you can expect to see more variation in the 
dynamic textures that fill the web, more backdrops, prolly a slightly 
higher framerate (I'm not using up all the chip yet) and of course a 
shedload more levels and effects - there will be 128 unique levels, and 
then if you reach the end of that, webs will be generated by algo, so your 
torment will know no end ;-).

I just got back from E3 llast week, and it was quite an enjoyable trip. 
There was plenty of interest in Nuon, and quite a few people stopped by to 
play Tempest, so I had my first real feedback from actual gamers, and it 
seemed to be pretty good. Nobody said they hated it, and some of them even 
said they would get a Nuon to play it on, so can't be bad ;-). It was good 
to see actual Nuon players out and being used, as opposed to tucked away 
behind perspex like they were at CES. I had my video camera with me but not 
my digital still camera, and I took a few pics from the video - the quality 
isn't great as stills, but you can see what's going on...

[remainder of update snipped -Ed.]

//// 20 Oct 2000

Change returns success, going and coming without error...

(Is it just me being a geek, or does it sound in that song as if Syd took a 
particularly heavy trip one day and flashed forward into the mind of a 
coder? That lyric seems to describe the successful execution of a procedure 
called "Change()". And there's all that business of "darkness++" in the 
same song, too. Heh. Okay, I'm too much of a geek for my own good 

Er. I'm digressing before I've even started. What was I going to say? Oh 
yeah, just a small thing, really.

T3K is finished.

And, you know, it feels rather strange... today is the first day I've woken 
up and not had anything to do to Tempest today. And after... what's it 
been? Couple of years, at least... that feels really odd. There's a void in 
a certain part of my head (well, you knew that anyway, right?) - I mean the 
bit which used to be full of T3K-workmode. I'm sitting around here 
listening to Underworld and feeling faintly bemused :-).

'Course, I may yet have to do another compile or two. What I uploaded to 
work at one in the morning last night was "RC1" - that stands for "Release 
Candidate 1", which basically means that as far as I can tell, the game is 
complete in every way, it doesn't crash, everything works properly, it 
plays correctly - basically it's *done*. RC1 will be scrutinised by a few 
more people before it goes "golden" - that is, cleared for release. It's 
possible that someone may request a few small changes - to the wording of 
menu pages, or minor stuff like that; but such mods should be trivial, if 
required. Basically, it's finished :-).

I don't know what to say about it, really, except that I hope that those 
who has been waiting for the game aren't disappointed... it's kinda hard 
when you work really close to something, especially for so long, to form an 
objective opinion about it. Subjectively, I'm pleased with it. It looks 
nice, plays well and sounds great. I had a few mates round the other day 
and they thought it was very cool. So I hope it really is OK :-).

'Course, there was that time I was playing the game in a dark room, sound 
cranked, my nerdly pallor illuminated only by the flickering stroboscopics 
of Superzapper discharges and Pulsar blasts, tranced out, deep in the Zone, 
and convinced that this was the best game known to Man... but that probably 
had everything to do with the fact that someone had encouraged me to burn a 
quantity of herbal matter in a small pipe and inhale the resultant smoke 
just a few minutes prior ;-).

I think it's OK. I hope you do too :-).

(Mother do you think they'll like this song?)

Now that Nuon players are actually available (both the Samsung Extiva N-
2000 and the Toshiba SD-2300 are on sale now in the US) some of you will 
have already seen the four-level "demo version" of T3K that's distributed 
with the players. There's now an updated version of the demo around that is 
somewhat closer to what the Real Thing is like, but for those of you who 
have the original version of the demo, well, when you see T3K "for real", 
you're going to notice quite a few differences :-).

Firstly and most importantly, the final game is faster, both in frame rate 
and pace of gameplay. The speed of everything is faster now - in particular 
your projectiles, and the speed with which the Flippers make their way up 
to the Rim. There are more simultaneous enemies on the Web at one time, and 
they come at you faster. This makes the gameplay considerably more intense 
than in the demo version :-).

Also, the somewhat sloppy control of the Claw has been tightened right up. 
There was waay too much inertia on that original version of the demo. I 
played it the other day, when I was at a party with my Extiva, and found 
that the control was as sloppy as a bucket of custard :-]. If you've been 
playing the demo, you're in for a nice surprise when you get yer hooves on 
the real thing.

Fans of T(NT), the composer of the track "Intimidation" that accompanied 
the demo, will be pleased to hear that he has provided another three 
excellent tunes for the game. There are nineteen tracks in all - four from 
T(NT), two from Andre Meyer, one from VML's own James Grunke, and all 
twelve tracks from the CD remix of the original tunes from Tempest 2000 :-
). Plenty there to keep you aurally satisfied as you blast your way to 
Level 128 and beyond :-).

I should take a moment to introduce T(NT) here, because he's been 
instrumental in more ways than one in assisting the completion of both T3K 
and VLM. He's also a good mate of mine, and has been supportive beyond the 
call of duty at times during the making of all this bollocks when I have 
got a little... er... stressed-out :-]. Coincidentally enough, he's even a 
fellow goat-keeper (although his are rather larger than my little goatlets 
:-). In fact, one of his two goats features quite prominently in T3K.

You'll hear Copper's bleating during the Bonus Round, as well as during 
things like menu selection :-). Flossie gets a look-in, too - remember the 
Yes! Yes! Yes! powerup trick out of T2K? Well, if you do that in T3K, then 
you'll get to hear the Prettiest Sheep in the World going a bit bonkers as 
you zoom off into hyperspace :-).

I certainly hope that there will be further collaborations between me and 
T(NT) on future occasions. Anyway, you should pay a visit to his website 
and meet both his goats :-). They are really very cute (although Copper's 
'ard as nails, she'll 'ave ya, she will! ;-).

I'll be uploading an "Unofficial Strategy Guide" to T3K in the next day or 
two, so you can start preparing yourselves for the full version of the game 
:-). Although "strategy" is altogether too grand a word to use with regard 
to T3K - "Agh! There's one of those! Shoot it! There's another one! Shoot 
it too!"... heh ;-). Nevertheless, there are a few tricks and tips that I 
can pass on, from the ox's mouth so to speak, which will help you rack up 
higher scores on your way to Level 128 and beyond (although how far beyond 
it is possible to go I don't really know yet. Should anybody actually make 
it to level 256, something really evil happens).

So that's it, really - T3K is done. Bloody hell, it doesn't half feel weird 

You may now be asking yourselves, "so what's the smelly old ox up to next"? 
And basically I have a few small projects to undertake for VML before I 
start on a new game, stuff like making some of the techniques I used in T3K 
more accessible to other Nuon programmers, and designing a tool that can be 
used to create new VLM effects. This will occupy me for a few months, and 
I'll probably be starting on a new game proper sometime early next year. I 
already have a design in mind, something original this time, not an updated 
arcade game - and again in a unique style, using a custom renderer 
assembly-coded for Nuon. I'm very much into having my games look different 
from those produced on standard polygon-based libraries, and I work on the 
perfect machine for being able to roll-yer-own renderers, so why not ;-).

A word about VLM and the available Nuon players - if VLM is a major 
consideration when you're thinking about buying Nuon hardware, then you 
should opt for the Samsung rather than the Toshiba. Not that the Tosh is a 
baa-d machine; just that on the Tosh there are only 8 built-in VLM effects, 
whereas on the Sammy there are 100. Both of 'em will run T3K, of course :-

[remainder of update snipped -Ed.]

//// 3 Dec 2000

[massively chunks of sheep fetishism clipped for brevity --Ed.]

Yak and T(NT)'s Big Day Out; VLM (Iteration); some sad news; general 

[cool "Holiday Greetings" pic on original arcade Tempest --Ed.]

Yeah, I know it's a bit early to put the decorations up. Not that I can 
ever actually be arsed with decorations, anyway. But I found this somewhere 
and it seems appropriate - apparently the original coin-op Tempest team 
made it for a greetings card back in the days.

Work-wise, well, I haven't been idle. T3K is, as I write this, about to hit 
the streets in the US in the next few days. It was released to manufacture 
awhile ago now, and although there have been a couple of delays since then 
getting it actually out there, I can only assume they were due to packaging 
or duplication hassles. I'm watching the Nuon boards to see when it finally 
gets through to those who have been waiting for it for so long.

After Tempest, I've had an opportunity to go back to the VLM for a while. 
This is good news for future European Nuon-owners, who will get the benefit 
of some improvements to the VLM itself, as well as a bunch of nice new 
effects. User-interactivity has thankfully been restored; if you have a 
controller with an analog stick on it, you can twiddle the effects with 
your thumb in an intuitive and gratifying manner, as I had always intended. 
I've also made it so that VLM can run in a slightly different configuration 
that allows for VLM to be concurrent with other, more computationally-
intensive audio playback modes than just straight CD playback; the same 
mode also allows you to effectively increase the frame-rate of VLM when you 
*are* just doing straight CD playback. Andreas from VM Labs, my 
collaborator on VLM and the guy responsible for all the actual difficult 
bits of the audio analysis, has also improved the beat-extraction code so 
that it's much more effective. A bit of a result for us Euros, it seems :-


   ||  JagFest 2000: The Aftermath
   ||  By: The Helpful Gamer, Joe Fix, and the Gang
\__//  lincoln_log@crapmail.com, jdfix@thompson-grp.com

There follows all the reports from JagFest 2000 that I was able to lay my 
hands on. For all these and more (including lots of pictures), browse to:

Thanks to Tim "Sauron" Wilson for putting on a great JagFest!

//// The Helpful Gamer's Report

JagFest 2000 is off to a flawless start!

Scott Walters showed up with a great supply of interesting stuff, Tim is busy 
running around, people are playing games everywhere...

I've met a few 'Fest attendees already and it's nice to put a face to the 

Throughout the day, we'll be seeing some prototypes, thanks to Scott and 
others. It is even rumoured that a game called Leather Clad Turkish Warriors 
will be displayed in early, unfinished form.

I did get a chance to play some Brett Hull Hockey. It's fun, but nearly every 
hit results in a penalty. Boo!

Richard and I have been having some deadly NBA Jam: TE battles... he won the 
last two games, but I beat him handily the first time. There is some action 
heating up with the first round of Alien Vs. Predator tournament, as well, but 
I have not had a chance to check it out.

I've got one thing to say about Brett Hull Hockey for the JagCD (that's right, 
CD, not cart!!): Shoot the between periods reporter! The quality of the 
"newsroom" is shoddy at best. We should all thank our lucky stars that this 
one never came out... otherwise the suicide rate would be through the roof. 
It's actually quite humourous, but if it was released, it would make a mockery 
of the JagCD. And who *was* the newsroom man? An employee of Atari?

Richard and I (yes, the REAL Richard... my friend from the bad side of 
Lincoln, Nebraska, not the guy from England who, for some reason, thinks that 
he's the only Richard on Earth) played some more NBA Jam: TE. He beat me 
again, though. It was amazing... I've never seen more men running after a ball 
and putting the ball through the hoop. It was UNBELIEVABLE!

I haven't eaten in hours... since I started driving early this morning, 
anyway. I had a popsicle before I left. But when I was driving, I was groggy 
and I dropped it on my pants.

There are actually a couple girls here at JagFest. I want to talk to one, but 
every time I try, odd noises come from inside of me (like a demon or 
something) and it smells funny. Like a funny smelling demon!

There are people playing videogames here at JagFest. There's a guy who looks 
like Darth Maul here, and another with glasses!

Did I mention that I haven't eaten anything today? Every time I play a 
videogame, I get all shaky and thirsty. I feel so cold!

This year's JagFest will go down in history as the greatest ever!

I had a lot of fun... I played Club Drive with somebody (I think it was Dane 
Stegman) and beat him in the ten ball race.

Phase Zero... what's up with that?!?!

I cleaned the popsicle from my pants.

This is the greatest JagFest ever!

The Helpful Gamer always says "Remember, kids, club soda will rid you of those 
pesky pants stains!"

//// Joe Fix's Report

There were about 15 people there (if you include the three wackos that just 
walked in and sat down and started playing games...)

Total Carnage is totally complete, but the "Option" button automatically skips 
you to the next level. Scott seemed to think that part was incomplete - maybe 
that's how they were going to leave it?? The game is pretty much arcade 
perfect, except for the controls, which use the keypad for 8-direction fire. 
We tried hooking up a pro controller to see if that would help with the fire 
control issue, but basically the best way to play is to set the controller on 
a flat surface and have one hand on the D-pad and one hand on the keypad. 
Scott said that Bally(?) wouldn't get together a contract for anyone to 
release it, but that Carl was currently trying to negotiate it. Total Carnage 
is a definite buy if he ends up working out the details - I'm not aware of any 
other Jaguar game of this genre. For those of you who are not familiar with 
the game, it is similar in concept to Taito's
old arcade game, Front Line. Very impressive with great sound and graphics.

If you look a few posts down, Mark posted the ROM image for Phase Zero. After 
seeing all the stuff available, I'm going to get me a cheap Jag at VGLQ to 
mod. Phase Zero is VERY smooth and the graphics are quite good. It is not very 
challenging, though. One of the highlights is being able to shoot at the trees 
and watch them light up like a torch.

The completed cart version of Brett Hull Hockey was also available for play. 
The graphics are so-so and the control is good, but not great. Very easy to 
get penalties. I didn't play it enough to see if there were settings to change 
to make the penalties less frequent.

Slam Racer was also available to play. I didn't play it, but it looked very 
similar to Power Drive Rally, only amazingly smoother. Only one level 
available on that one.

As far as I know, they only got the title screen of Arkanna to show up... I 
was looking forward to seeing it in action, along with The Assassin, but that 
didn't happen either.

Scott brought Carl's new games, of which Skyhammer and Hyper Force got the 
most play time, with Protector running a close third. I played Skyhammer and 
Protector - I will probably try to pick up Protector as soon as I can hack 
together a joystick for the Jag... I couldn't see how you could play it 
effectively without a stick.

Scott also brought BattleSphere, but unfortunately he was the only one with a 
copy, so there was no networked play. He did, however, bring two Jagmodems 
which were successfully linked in a game of Ultra Vortek. The voice was not 
hooked up, so that capability was not demonstrated. The two units were sitting 
side by side, so it wasn't quite as dramatic demonstration as it could have 
been, but oh well. The game would periodically slow down to snail speed, 
apparently because of modem communication problems, but otherwise there was no 

There were some great door prizes, including a complete vendor kit for the 
Jaguar that include: a vinyl banner, IS and AvP posters, bumper stickers, 
game flyers, brochures, and a cool cardboard table display that had tear-off 
coupons for a "free controller when you buy a system". Other door prizes 
included a Club Drive cart with a Jaguar pin, a Dino Dudes cart with a Jaguar 
pin, a Jaguar keychain, and a complete copy of Missile Command 3D. Joel, the 
winner of the Ultra Vortek contest (thanks to a cheesy overuse of Lucius' 
flying hawk move), won the grand prize of a Lynx system with carrying case 
that included a ComLynx cable, AC adapter, sun shield, battery pack, and a 
copy of Batman Returns.

The fest was well-planned (Thanks again Tim!) with a room that was very 
comfortable (even had couches and cushioned chairs!). Having it in the UT 
Union was a great idea, since there was a Wendy's fast food right down the 
hall. Chow down on the Biggie Fry and get back to playing games! Scott made 
the day interesting with all of his great protos, and it seems that he's 
raising his son to be a Jag fanatic too.

I've still got quite a few standard Jag controllers available, and I'm still 
looking for Atari Karts and Defender 2000 to trade with someone. Missile 
Command 3D is available to trade!


//// Miscellaneous

Subject: JagFest rocks!
Author: Richard <buster_hymen@porncity.net>
Date: June 24, 2000 at 13:26:59
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

Take that! I just won my fourth straight NBA Jam:TE game!

JagFest 2000 is rockin'! The competition is heating up everywhere.

My favorite part of JagFest is listening to the Britney Spears CD 
constantly... Oops! I Did It Again! on repeat, baby! Of course, I've got a 
Discman and earphones, so I'm the only one enjoying it!

You're all missing out now, aren't you?!



Subject: The REAL JagFest 2K Report!
Author: Sauron <timkel@swbell.net>
Date: June 24, 2000 at 22:29:09
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

This really isn't much of a report, as I'm about to head to bed. I'll do a 
more in-depth one tomorrow. However, I just wanted to let y'all know that 
JagFest 2000 was a success! While this year's JagFest may not have had as many 
attendees as the previous year's, there were still plenty of us there to 
compete handily at Warbirds and have a rousing Ultra Vortek tournament, with a 
surprise winner. Also, you won't believe who won the ultimate raffle prize of 
the day! Can't put many details down right now, but should be able to 

Tim Wilson
JF2K Coordinator


Author: eXtreme-Rush <rush6432@icqmail.com>
Date: June 25, 2000 at 07:54:25
Forum: Jaguar Interactive II

JagFest 2k was a success. There were not as many people as we had though were 
coming but we all still had lots of fun overall. We had lots of Warbirds 
tournaments and Ultra Vortek tournaments and Doom tournoments. Also Scott 
brought some really cool games like Total Carnage and Phase Zero and the 4 new 
Songbird games and BattleSphere which I might add was a really cool game. Just 
about every game we had we played at JagFest 2k this year. Well I'm kinda
tired because I wrote this last night and then posted it this morning and I'm
just now correcting my spelling errors and jumbled up sentances. See you guys


   ||  CGE 2000: A Classic Games Enthusiast's View
   ||  By: Lee Krueger
\__//  resqsoft@earthlink.net

I attended the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas over the last weekend. For 
me, this year was different than last year's event because I was sharing a 
booth as an exhibitor as opposed to being an attendee. I went as an 
enthusiast with no particular agenda other than hoping to have an enjoyable 
time demonstrating some of my projects and promoting the NorthWest Classic 
Games Enthusiasts (NWCGE). I arrived Friday morning, arriving from Seattle 
on an internet airfare special that I booked in advance which cost me $210 
for the roundtrip. I stayed, like most, at the Plaza Hotel. Unlike last 
year, I had no roommate, so I had to pay a little more than I would have 
liked. However, the room rates were reasonable and my total costs were $143 
for the room from Friday morning night thru Sunday night. When you add the 
$100 I spent for the booth and admission, I invested a total of $453 
(excluding food and entertainment) to attend the CGE show. Below is summary 
of what I got for my money.

I arrived Friday morning around 10:00 a.m. and after checking in I went 
directly to the exhibition hall to drop off my boxes and help folks setup. 
As I mentioned in my report form last year, the Plaza Hotel is a little 
dated and is obviously an older establishment in Vegas. However, the 
accommodations were still much better than I have experienced in many of my 
other vacation such as the prior 2 weekends where I was pursuing my other 
passion, mountaineering. Believe me, the Plaza is much better than sleeping 
in a tent on a glacier at 10,000. That being said, I must confess that the 
115 degree heat I experienced in Vegas just about caused me to have a 
seizure upon arrival. Although I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, there was 
no way I was going to spend any significant time outside in this heat (why 
they built a city in the middle of the #%!! desert is still one of the 
mysteries of man I'll never understand).

Because I was an exhibitor I had the opportunity to meet up with the other 
exhibitors and meet some of the volunteers who were helping to set up. Most 
of which I have had many email transactions with. I was fortunate enough to 
share a booth with my friend Hans Reutter (Cyberroach and NWCGE sponsor) 
and Joe Santulli (Digital Press). I knew that I would not get to explore 
some of the other booths and exhibits during the show because we would have 
to take turns manning the booth so I was able to see that displays and chat 
with folks prior to the show opening which was very nice.

On Saturday the doors to the show opened promptly at 10:00 a.m. There was 
an immediate mad rush to get to the Intellivision Productions Booth where 
there were limited copies of unreleased games such as Atari 2600 Sword 
Fight, Sea Battle and Steamroller (Colecovision). Fortunately I was able to 
get a copy of each. However, it is my understanding that more copies will 
be available on the Blue Sky Rangers website after the show. I really 
enjoyed the keynote presentations that I was able to see. They were varied 
and frequent. Some of the keynote presentations were repetitive from last 
year, but were interesting nonetheless.

The room set aside for keynote presentations was much larger than last 
year. As a result there was plenty of seating for everyone at the 
presentations and lots of room for the swap meet session. The swap session 
didn't seem as good this year. Maybe it was because I didn't make any good 

Some of the booths and displays that were the most impressive are as 
follows (no particular order):

Blue Sky Rangers/Intellivision Productions
Like last year, these folks had the most impressive booth and were very 
enthusiastic, especially Keith Robinson. Missing this year was the display 
of the Master Component Computer and accessories, but one hardly noticed 
with all the excitement they generated during the course of the show. They 
had a very cool soundtrack playing from their upcoming "Intellivision 
Rocks" CD. On Sunday they celebrated the 20th anniversary of the 
Intellivision with a birthday part including cake, balloons and party 
favors. Afterwards they had an Intellivision Karaoke contest (mimic the 
sounds of an Intellivision game as it was displayed on the video). These 
guys definitely get the "Life of the Party" award.

Glenn Saunders and Russ Perry Jr were on hand to sell their videos of 
Stella, both Volumes 1 and 2, along with "Stella Gets a New Brain" Starpath 
CD. The videos are a must for any Atari 2600 enthusiasts as is the Starpath 
CD. A nice touch would have been to have a couple of monitors playing the 
videos and demonstrating the Starpath CD.

Mark Lambright Sales
Mark had many classic games, new and used (mostly new) for sale. The new 
games he had ranged from Atari 2600/5200/7800 to the Intellivision and 
Colecovision. The great thing about his booth was the prices. Very 
reasonable indeed.

B&C Computers
Bruce and Cathy are always a pleasure to meet with. They also have some
pretty cool stuff for sale, including a Jaguar Kiosk and many items
"rescued" from the dumpsters in Atari warehouses during the last days of
Atari. He always has a good selection of prototype hardware and manuals for
all Atari products. They also had great prices on Jaguar and Lynx games.

CGE Services
The organizers of the event had a large booth where they sold everything
from t-shirts to multi-carts to shrinkwrapped games. They also sold limited
copies of prototype games for the Colecovision (Power Lords and Lord of the
Dungeon) and the Odyssey 2 (Autographed copies of Video Pinball by Ralph
Baer). They also had many items for sale behind the table if you asked.

Classic Game Creations
John Donzilla was on hand to demonstrate and sell his wonderful Vectrex and
Colecovision products, including Vecmania and Dacman (Colecovision). Mark
Shaker also shared a table with John and sold versions of new Vectrex
prototypes such as Tour De France, Polar Rescue and homebrew efforts of
Moon Lander, Vaboom!, Frogger, etc. Both Mark and John had great pricing on
all their products. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with both of these

Digital Press
Joe Santulli runs Digital press and was taking orders for the upcoming DP 
guide. He also sold orders for back issues of the DP newsletter.

Scott West Productions
Howard Scott Warshaw (Programmer of Yars' Revenge, E.T. and Raiders of the 
Lost Ark for Atari) appeared briefly to sell his remaining stock of "Once 
Upon Atari" videos. He seemed to disappear as fast as he came though.

Songbird Productions
Carl Forhan has been supporting the Jaguar and Lynx with new releases. 
Among the highlights at his booth, were the new Jaguar cart releases, 
Skyhammer, Protector and Soccer Kid. In addition Carl sold new Lynx titles 
and some homebrew efforts for the Lynx including his limited CGE edition of 
Remnant: Planar Wars 3D. I picked up his rapid fire controller for the 
Jaguar (highly recommended) and a couple of other items. He also had custom 
made Jaguar arcade sticks. Also on hand were playable demos of some 
possible up-coming Lynx Releases, including CyberVirus and Eye of the 

NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts/Cyberroach/ResQsoft
This was the booth I shared with Hans Reutter. Hans and myself were there 
to promote the NorthWest Classic Games Enthusiasts, a classic gaming club 
based in the Pacific NorthWest (Seattle and abroad) Cyberroach also sold 
and demonstrated the Jaguar Commercial CD which contains cool Jaguar 
Commercials and footage of unreleased Jaguar games. ResQsoft demonstrated 
the Trac-Mar 2600/7800 development system. Using this system 2 more Atari 
2600 prototypes were dumped and will be announced soon for public 
consumption. Also, the last of the Worship the Woodgrain Atari 2600 CD 
collection was available for sale and demonstration.

Atari/Hasbro Interactive
They had a booth from which you could play the upcoming releases of Galaga, 
Breakout and Frogger II. All three looked pretty good. Play the games and 
they gave you a PC version of Atari Arcades Hits 2.

They had a booth with lots of goodies ranging from the Atari 2600 to the 
Neo Geo Pocket. They also had reasonable prices (Reasonable for Telegames 
that is) on all their wares and towards the end of the show on Sunday, 
their prices got even better. I picked up a copy of Towers for the Game Boy 
Color and Worms to round out my Jaguar collection. I also picked up a copy 
of Iron Soldier 3 (previous ones were Jaguar exclusives).

Classic Gamer Magazine
These guys have put together some really nice magazines with the classic 
look and feel of the 80's. They were selling back issues and taking 
subscription orders. I highly recommend this magazine for all classic 

Twin Galaxies
Walter Day, Billy Mitchell and crew were on hand to promote their book 
"Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records". High scores were 
recorded and archived.

United Games Source
These folks had a large selection of NES/Famicom, Virtual Boy and various 
other classic game software and merchandise. They even had a portable NES 
Player that can only be described as a near clone of the Sega Nomad in 

Overall my impressions of the show ranged from high enthusiasm for the 
keynote presentations to a little disappointment at the lack of more 
vendors. The ballroom definitely had room for far more vendors and displays 
and at times the show seemed a little thin. I would have liked to have seen 
more tables for private individuals to display and sell their trade stock. 
Attendance appeared to be down from last year, but that could be my warped 
perception. At one point I had to assist B&C with two teenage punks on 
scooter bikes with a security matter. It seems these punks were attempting 
to steal from them (how did these punks get in the door with scooters 
anyway). I was very excited to see that the CGE staff are very active in 
promoting and releasing unreleased games and prototypes for all to enjoy. 
On the downside, there are rumours that the show may not happen next year. 
Let's hope that is not the case. Additionally, myself and many others sure 
miss the Atari Historical Society, Best Electronics and Don Thomas's 
presence. They have contributed a lot in the past. I hope they can attend 
future expositions.

The Blue Sky Rangers sure know how to drum up enthusiasm
The keynote presentations
Keith Robinson and the Blue Sky Rangers
The new games released for the Atari 2600 - Sword Fight and Sea Battle
Great Pre-Show party with the guys from Southern California (Room 2443
in the South Tower)
Intellivision Karaoke
The new games released for the Colecovision - Lord of the Dungeon, Steam 
Roller, Power Lords
Ralph Baer's autographed Odyssey 2 unreleased prototype game Pinball
Great Selection of Classic Arcade Games set on FREE PLAY!!
Meeting Jan Boehm - She was in charge of sending and receiving prototypes 
for Atari
Oh, and did I mention.The Blue Sky Rangers sure know how to party in 
classic gaming style

Not enough Attendees
Not enough Vendors
No Don Thomas
No Atari Historical Society Booth - Curt Vendel
No Best Electronics - Brad where are you?
No private (non-vendor) trading tables and such
No Jerry Jessop - Where were you Jerry?
No Dan Kramer - Dan the Atari TracBall Man
Will Nolan Bushnell ever show up?
Not enough Bally Astrocade Guest Speakers
Not Enough Odyssey Guest Speakers
Too #!%!! hot

Things I missed on my visit:
A good night's sleep
Boy-lesque show at the Plaza

When I tally it all up... I had a great time for my money. Your mileage may 
vary of course.

Many thanks are owed to the show organizers for their hard work and 
dedication in organizing and promoting this type of activity. Also many 
thanks to their spouses and family members for their understanding and 
support. Having organized similar events ,on a much smaller scale of 
course, there are many sacrifices that must be made on an individual level 
and at a family level as well.

My personal thanks go to Joe Santulli and Hans Reutter for sharing a booth 
with me and I also must thank Al Backiel and Mary Katherine who helped man 
(woman?) the booth for all of us at one time or another.

Hope to see you next year,

Lee Krueger


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Buzzword Index:
     Buzzword      Occurrences
     Bug           7
     Network       10
     Hasbro        14
     Skyhammer     18
     Fest          39
     CD            56
     Protector     57
     HTTP          73
     BattleSphere  109
     Atari         275

Useless Fact O' The Year: Some of the sound effects in Doom and Jag AvP
were designed by the same person-- award-winning Hollywood sound designer
Mike McDonough. Sound Ideas sells a CD that's all his work. This is a very
popular CD... anytime you hear a computer chirp or servo whine on TV, odds
are it's from this CD!

'Til next millenium!

Your Editor
Clay Halliwell


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