SFX Pic 1

  • Developed by Carl Forhan, SFX is a cool new audio tool for the Lynx. This sound utility will allow you direct control over the four audio channels available on Atari's color handheld machine. You can adjust volumes, frequencies, waveforms, and more. With just a few moments of effort, you'll be hearing familiar engine hums, rumbling explosions, and computer garbles. And before too long, you'll have the ability to blend several channels together at once and tinker with them on the fly.

  • It should be noted that SFX is not a game. It's an audio tool, and its purpose is to help hobby developers experiment with the Lynx's dynamic audio features in real time, as well as provide some "sound gizmo" fun for the casual user. It's also not a full music synth, and does not allow one to chain a series of notes together to play a song.
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