- AGH Puzzler 2000 PREVIEW -

Puzzler 2000 Pic 1
A great number of hobbyist programmers like to get their feet wet by keeping it simple for their first effort, and who can argue? Pong, Tetris and Space Invaders are tried and tested and are fun to play, and programmers can concentrate on learning the hardware and coding tricks before trying their hand at more elaborate game designs. Like Bastian Schick who came before him, German Lynx enthusiast Markus Wuehl's first effort is a Tetris clone, dubbed Puzzler 2000.

Puzzler 2000 Pic 2

The early beta that we tried seemed very polished, with tight controls and colorful blocks. While he hasn't pushed the gaming envelope by devision any new concepts to breathe new life to the genre, by getting his feet wet, we can only be excited by better things to come. Just take a look at second efforts by the likes of Carl Forhan and Bastian Schick and you'll know what we mean.

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