Soccer Kid Title Screen

Soccer Kid Pic 2

Here's yet another completed but unreleased Jaguar title that's been resurrected by Songbird Productions. Soccer Kid was developed by Krisalis but later killed as a result of Jaguar's waning popularity in the mid-1990's. Since it was finished, and it's not a bad game, why not bring it out? That's exactly the reasoning behind its rebirth.

Soccer Kid Pic 3

It's basically a platform game that was all too familiar during the 16-bit days, but it only came out on one console -- the 3DO. As you'd expect, Soccer Kid doesn't have that undefinable quality that scrollers such as the Mario Bros. series and Abe's Oddysee have, but then again, fans of side scrollers probably already have those games anyways. But how does it compare to other Jaguar platformers, you ask? If you use the 3DO version of Soccer Kid as a basis for comparison, it's safe to say that it's superior to Bubsy and about on-par with Zool 2. Compared to Rayman, however, it's a distant second.

Soccer Kid should be available sometime in early 2000.

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