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  • WOW! Anyone who's had the pleasure of downloading the game and checking it out on a Jaguar Server knows what an awesome graphical tour-de-force Native is. Essentially a side-scrolling shooter along the lines of Trevor McFur, it does the Atari title better by featuring 65,000 colors, 50-60 frames per second, and up to four layers of parallax scrolling, horizontal and vertical scrolling stages, and much, much more.

    Gameplay is also solid -- it will remind seasoned 2D shooter fans of the classic R-Type by Irem. Enemies are huge and nicely animated, and the action is frenzied.

    Unfortunately, Duranik recently pulled the plug on Native after failing to find a publisher for the title. As it stands now, only one level is fully complete and playable, and it appears as though it'll stay that way.

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