Hyper Force Title Screen

Hyper Force Pic 2

Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions has managed to secure the publishing rights to Hyper Force, a action platform shooter for the Jaguar that was developed by Visual Impact. Although the developer had high hopes that Hyper Force would be released by Atari, those dreams never materialized as the Jaguar was put to rest and all projects cancelled in 1996.

Hyper Force Pic 3

This one won't blow you away with amazing 3D visuals or eye-popping special effects. It's a straightforward 16-bit-ish game along the lines of Super Turrican (SNES) and Gunstar Heroes (Genesis). Songbird claims, however, that what's there is done nicely and it'll be a joy to play. Given that the 64-bit cat doesn't have a game of this type in its library of titles, it promises to be a welcome addition to any Jaguar enthusiast.

Songbird is readying Hyper Force for production and it should be available sometime in early 2000.

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