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From: Tech Knight
Re: Atari Gaming Headquarters

Damn, I wish I had that SwordQuest: Waterworld cart.. :)

From: Nigel P Turton
Re: Jag Pages

Good effort lads, all the best for the future of AGH from the UK

From: Anwar Malik

Nice page! :)

From: Sacha Hofer

Atari since ever and forever. :-)
Check out my Homepage.

From: Steve Totschek
Re: old video games?

Is this page about old video games like the Atari 2600?

From: Scott McCandless

Lots of useful information! :)

From: rick baily
Re: atari

From: Anthony Caccavale
Re: to the Atari people
on my freinds computer
http://don't know

I have collected almost all of the 2600 and 7800. And now I'm starting on the XEGM.

From: Terry Burner
Re: Games

From: Gerald Chambers
Re: Atari 5200

Wanted: Joysticks for Atari 5200 Also games: Wizard of war, Zaxxon & Vanguard

From: Trevis Smith
Re: cyberball machine

Do you still sell,or can you find a cyberball machine...four player arcade version.

From: someone who really needs help
Re: repair

can someone help in finding a place in L.A. where i can repair my atari 2600. it's old an it's been out of use for more than five years. also if someone can tell me where i can buy new joysticks. THANKS.

From: Kuri-chan
Re: Hype Sites

Yo! This site is kickin' it with the old school style... ya know what I'm sayin'? Pace, I'm outta here.

From: Dan 'Homer'

I am looking forward to the new Jaguar releases, especially ISII & Battlesphere. I am hoping Skyhammer will follow! I have all Atari computers, from the XL/XE range through the ST to the Jaguar, as well as a Playstation, knackered Amiga(!), & a PC. My room looks like NASA! Decent site - Hi to all Atari enthusiasts. P.S Hi Rob! Dan 'Homer' Baverstock, UK.

From: Stian Eksund
Re: Hello! I beg the gods for keeping the Jag alive!!!

Hi! I think the Jaguar is the coolest console ever!!! And i hope Telegames never stop supporting it.. I would like to tell everyone to do their best to keep the Jag alive!!! (buy every new carts & cd's!! :)

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