AGH at E3

Fueled by the success of classic game remakes such as Tempest 2000, Frogger and Robotron 64, a number of other software publishers are scrambling to jump on the "retro" (god, we hate that name; let's stick with "classic") bandwagon. Among them are Activision, Hasbro, Take Two Interactive and Namco. They have also realized that classic updates can be a way to stand apart from the me-too shooters, fighters, racers and sports games that have proliferated the video game market. Atari Gaming Headquarters was at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo to check out all the latest and greatest new developments in the gaming world, but we're limiting ourselves to the coverage of the classics since every site and its brother are focusing on the new stuff anyways.

Montezuma's Return
Pac-Man 3D

- Keita With Babes -

  • Everquest
  • Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders
  • Metal Gear Solid Pic 1
  • Metal Gear Solid Pic 2
  • Metal Gear Solid Pic 3
  • Rogue Trip Pic 1
  • Rogue Trip Pic 2
  • Sailor Moon
  • Space Bunnies Must Die
  • Vigilance Pic 1
  • Vigilance Pic 2 - Watch it with those hands!!!

    - Miscellaneous Pics -

  • Joe Santulli Wowing The Crowd In Sega Rally 2 With His
    Drifting Prowess
  • The E3 Posse
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