The Adventurevision is a cartridge based tabletop video game system produced by Entex in 1982. The system has a rather unique built in LED display composed of a column of 40 LEDs and a spinning mirror that produced a display with a resolution of 150x40 pixels. Only four games where ever made for the system. Three were arcade ports, Defender, Super Cobra and Turtles and the fourth was an Asteroids clone called Space Force.


System Specs


Tech Files


System Specs

Main Processor: Intel 8048

Speed: 733Khz

RAM: 1K + 64 bytes internal to processor

ROM: 1K Cartridge ROM, 1K BIOS

Sound: COP411L micro controller with custom sound generation software.

16 Pure Tone
13 Sound Effects

Graphics: 40x1 LED array and spinning mirror, 15fps

Colors: 2
Resolution: 150x40

I/O: 4 direction joystick, 4 buttons

Ports: Cartridge port, expansion port, headphone jack


The most complete site on the Adventurevision. Jeff, who runs this site, was gracious enough to loan me an actual adventurevision a few years ago from which most of the technical information on this site was derived.

Other sites with Adventurevision information:

Technical Files

Adventurevision technical manual. This document contains all the technical information I learned while studying the Adventurevision.

COP411 Datasheet. This is the datasheet for the National Semiconductor COP411 micro controller that the Adventurevision uses to generate sound.

BIOS Disassembly. This is a partially commented disassembly of the BIOS.

Sound BIOS Disassembly. This is a partially commented disassembly of the sound BIOS.

Schematic. These are schematics of the system I created by tracing the circuit of the actual hardware.


When I set out to develop an emulator for the Adventurevision I decided to do it as a driver for the multi-system emulator MESS.

You can download the system ROMS here:


Sound ROM

You can get the game ROM images to use with MESS at


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