Cartridge Dumping

The Microvision is one of the few classic consoles that has not had the contents of it's cartridge ROMs dumped. Since the Microvision cartridges contain the systems microprocessor with an internal ROM, the data doesn't ever have to leave the chip making dumping problematic, but not necessary impossible. Most microprocessor/microcontrollers that have internal ROMs also have a test mode that can be used to read out the ROM for test purposes. Since there are two different types of CPUs in the cartridges lets address them separately.


The official documentation for this processor does not mention a test mode, but this patent (3998604) which is for a TMS1000 (accorinding to this site) does describe the details of how to dump the ROM in test mode. Since the the TMS1100 is just a more advanced version of the TMS1000 it's very possible that this processor will also work to dump the TMS1100.


Microvision Cartridges

Game Processor Manufacturer Processor Part Number Processor Date Code
Mind Buster TI MP3457NLL 7940
Block Buster TI MP3450A 7945
Block Buster TI MP3450A 8009
Bowling TI MP3475NLL 8014
Phaser Strike TI MP3545 7940
Connect Four Signetics (Intel 8021) 7939
Pinball TI MP3455NLL 7949






Connect Four


Mind Buster





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