Atari C301105




This is an alternate version of the Pokey cart that has a bankswitchd ROM. As in a normal Pokey cart the Pokey is mapped to address range $4000-$7FFF. The cart supports up to 8 or 32, 16K banks of ROM depending on the size of the ROM at U1. The banks are mapped to address range $8000-$BFFF. The address range $C000-$FFFF is fixed and will be mapped to either bank 7 or bank 32 depending on the size ROM that is used. The U1 can accomodate either a 28 pin or 32 pin ROM. The jumpers are set as follows:

28 Pin ROM:

W1: Open
W2: 2-3
W3: Open
W4: Open
R7: Not populated
R6: 0 Ohm resistor

32 Pin ROM:

W1: 2-3
W2: 1-2
W3: Closed
W4: Closed
R7: 3.3K
R6: 3.3K


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