• Well, if you want a top ten classic video game list, you got it (and the honorables).  This is just ten games I like--I may not play them as regularly as the newer games, but they are loads of fun, and provides Arcade Gaming Goodness.

    10. Raiden Fighters

    (Seibu Keihan)
      Extreme Rush when I play this game.  Sure, I can't get past level one (because its too hard in the arcade where I play it), but it doesn't matter, cause this game is so cool.  While Psycho Shooters (1945 Strikers, Tengai, etc.) innovated the multi character shoot 'em ups, nothing beats RF in excitement.
    10. X-Men
      Not the Capcom one, but where the one where you get your five friends and beat up Magneto.  Two big screens filled with glorious graphics lifted right out of the comic books.  Dang fun, and the super powers don't hurt either.  Still shows that old style X-Men knows how to take care of business.
    9. Star Wars (Model 1)
      Extremely cool game, and the big screen helps you to fully believe that you are an ace Rebel fighter.  The Super Star Destorier Scene should not be missed by anyone.
    8. Star Wars
      The classic SW is still the tops.  Shooting the towers, and going to the Death Star Trench to kick some Imperium butt.  The original is still the best.
    7. Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
    (Data East)
      Limited compared to DD or other brawl games, but I really liked this game--a game where you drink cola to replenish your energy gets the marks in my book.
    6. Double Dragon
      The best Brawl games I've plays, bar none.  No, not even SF series compares to DD in terms of sheer fun.
    5. NARC
      Just weird, and original gameplay.  Be a Narc and bust some criminals over the head, and arrest them for more points.  Cool.
    4. Xevious
      Simple, monotonus, but man, why is that so much fun?
    3. Final Fight
      One of few games to top Double Dragon in this respect.  Superb Graphics, lotsa enemies with personalities(!) and bosses, and oh so much more...
    2. Point Blank
      Who says you have to shoot criminals?  Shoot targets, test your skills, and have lotsa fun in the process.
    1. Virtual On
      Giant Robots rules again.  Big robots vs. bigger robots.  The most innovative fighting game yet.  It's still a fighting game (1 on 1, in vein of Street Fighter), but never done with so much style or flair...
    Honorable Mentions

  • Strider (Capcom)
  • Street Fighter II (Capcom)
  • Outrun (Sega)
  • Hang On (Sega)
  • Galaga (Namco)
  • Gaplus (Namco)
  • Asteroids (Atari)
  • Missile Command (Atari)
  • Popeye (Nintendo)
  • Star Force (Tehkan)
  • King Of Fighters series (SNK)
  • Ikari Warriors (SNK)

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