10. Space Duel

    Better than Asteroids and A.Deluxe. Awesome color vector graphics and 4 speaker sound.
9. Crystal Castles
    Good for the kids until the higher levels. The best looking cabinet ever produced.
8. Defender/Stargate
    Lets face it... Stargate is better, but harder.
7. San Francisco Rush
(Atari Games)
    Another great new driving game.
6. Star Wars
    The best XY game in my opinion. Short, addicting, and the best movie-licenced game ever.
5. Sinistar
    Nothing like a machine that insults you. Very hard if we can get the original roms..
4. Q*Bert
    Addicting and original. Hard to keep running though. At least for me...
3. Daytona USA
    I wish I owned this...maybe some day. Better than Super GT. One of the only current classics.
2. Blaster
    A sequel to Robotron in idea only. Completely different, with amazing graphics and sounds for the time. 20 waves of increasing difficulty.
1. Robotron: 2084
    A great stress reliever. The best balanced game ever created.
Honorable Mentions:

I, Robot (Atari)
Joust (Williams)
Joust 2: Survival of the Fittest (Williams)
Marble Madness (Atari)
Reactor (Gottlieb)

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