10. Bombjack Twin

    I always liked the original Bomb Jack, but I really fell in love with this sequel. Playability was even better than in the original.
9. Space Duel
    Great Asteroids-type shoot-em-up. Another "forgotten" classic by Atari. Great gameplay, good multiplayer option.
8. Galaga '88
    Who says sequels can't be attractive? What should I say? Galaga is Galaga. This time it's just in more playable and in a more beautiful package.
7. Puzzle Bobble
    Great multiplayer mode. Lots of fun.
6. Xevious
    Mother of all modern shoot-em-ups. Exciting, (not too) difficult, and sometimes even surprising.
5. Warlords
    Simple, but extremely attractive game.
4. Star Wars
    Although I always sucked at this game, I'll never forget the impression it made to me. Star Wars in upright cabinet is pure art.
3. Ms. Pac-Man
    Best of the Pac-Man family. A classic.
2. Gravitar
    You can't call yourself a real player until you have mastered Gravitar. Difficult at first, but one hell of a gaming experience.
1. Stargate
    Best arcade machine ever created. Period. "Fast, demanding, attactive, challenging". Many times companies use these words for advertising, but Stargate delivers all the goodies. If you want to know what classic arcade gaming means, go for Stargate.
Honorable Mentions:

  • Bomb Jack (Tecmo)
  • Bubble Bobble (Taito)
  • Centipede (Atari)
  • Gauntlet I & II (Atari)
  • I, Robot (Atari)
  • Mr. Do! (Universal)
  • Pole Position (Namco)

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