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10. Marble Madness

    Shame there weren't more around -- I was on a school field trip - played it at 7-11 for several hours - once again, a near perfect Amiga translation helped me keep my sanity.
9. Gauntlet I/II
    I liked G2 so much, I actually bought one.  It gets WELL played by all my family members.  I love attract mode sounds coming from the other room.
8. Top Gunner
    One of the best two player cooperative game that was never remade right (NES aka. JACKAL). Wonderful.
7. Zoo Keeper
    I got to play it like 10 times.  Hopelessly addicted.  The exponential point value for jumping multiple animals is UNREAL - it needs to be done again.
    Digital graphics, lots of speech, fast action - very fast paced.  An amazing game.  Thank God it got ported to the Amiga or I would have been seriously out of luck.
    Loved the movie - loved the game.  Just stepping into the black light, gripping the unique controls, and hearing the cool TRON theme while you fight the grid bugs ... Sigh ...
4. Sinistar
    When a video game gives you nightmares, it has to get on your top five.  Simply one of the scariest games ever.  Everything round in orientation started whispering "Beware, I live" ... Hey, I was pretty young.
3. Galaga
    To this day, this game STILL takes quarters from game players.  I can't explain the draw.  Probably the ability to be 'captured' and being able to get 'double firepower'.  I am certainly not the only one.
2. Dragon's Lair
    This game needs no introduction.  Quite possibly the most incredible breakthrough in gaming technology - and the fastest to pass - Dragon's Lair made people who didn't play video games - play video games.
1. Space Ace
    While folks were learning how to play Dragon's Lair with their backs to the screen, Space Ace slipped right in and stole my heart (and most of my free change).  Don Bluth created an incredible gaming experience with relatable characters, hilarious dialog, and a soundtrack that to this day still gets my heart pumping.  With its multiple levels of play and multiple choice scenes, it far surpassed Dragon's Lair in sheer playability.  In fact, when this game vanished, I actually had reoccuring dreams of finally finding another machine to play for years to come.
Honorable Mentions:

  • Krull (Gottelieb)
  • Gyruss (Gottelieb)
  • 1943 (Capcom)
  • Joust (Williams)
  • Discs of Tron (Bally/Midway)
  • Elevator Action (Taito)
  • Toobin' (Atari)
  • Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
  • Mr. Do (Universal)
  • Rastan (Taito)

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