10. Mortal Kombat

    I know many will say SF2 is better and I will not argue with them, but this is the game that stole many a quarter just to hear THE word: FATALITY!
9. House of The Dead 2
    The first one was great but the second improved in it by far; just too satisfying to blast portions of those zombies' skulls off!
8. Golden Tee Golf
(Incredible Technologies)
    In every bar in America, therein lies a Golden Tee unit. Try playing with a buddy; loser of each hole buys the beer...if you have respect for the law, you'll be calling a cab!
7. Crazy Taxi
    The ultimate in frenzied driving! EVERYONE likes this game, even non-gamers.
6. Robotron: 2084
    Two sticks, GREAT gameplay, and many a bead of sweat!
5. Hydro Thunder
    The first time I hit the turbo in this game my brain rattled and my butt shook! A great game and an excellent cabinet.
4. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
    All aspects of the films brought down to their most basic elements, all in one spectacular package! Killer graphics and a hyperactive sound system combine to create the definitive SW arcade experience.
3. Tron
    I remember my little six year old ass fighting with the big bad teens to get a turn at this one! The joystick has yet to be matched in coolness factor, and you had four great games to choose from...we all know which one rocked the hardest! (It's the LightCycles for all you non-believers!) Rumor has it that Disney Interactive is in development with an updated Tron game. (No doubt based on the upcoming film) I doubt it will recapture the magic!
(tie) 2. Tempest
    Although I definitely wasn't the best at this one, I spent a buttload of quarters trying to be just that! Hectic, Hyperactive, and, oh yeah, FAST! Just too damn fun.
1. Die Hard Arcade
    I admit I'm biased by the killer DH license, but the gameplay is beyond great. Taking your character(s) through Nakatomi Plaza and pummeling all bad-guy trash that stands in your way is still an extremely satisfying rush. It would take you forever to master all the moves in this brawler; thank god there's an extremely faithful Saturn port. Plus, the interactive cutscenes keep you on your toes, for damn sure! Although many would disagree with this decision, DHA is the best game EVER!
My Honorable Mention List
    Zoo Keeper (Taito)
    Spy Hunter (Bally/Midway)
    San Francisco Rush (Atari Games)
    18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker (Sega)
    Afterburner (Sega)

    P.S. - SEGA is the king of all arcade games!

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