10. 10-Yard Fight

    The mother of all football games. Even though you could dive in the direction of a guy from across the field to make him run out of bounds it was fun.
9. Afterburner
    Was one of the best early flight simulators that I can remember.
8. Pole Position
    Another classic that is simple yet challenging and addicting. Just the right balance of driving through the grass and recklessly spinning the wheel around hair pin turns.
7. Karate Champ
    Just the right combination of joystick moves to throw a kick and jump, a great one to compete against other people.
6. Mercs
    one of the handful of coin op games I could beat. Lots of shooting action and different weapons. You had to be pretty quick.
5. Cabal
    One of the best games of all time as far as action and flow of the game. Definitely my favorite roller ball game (sorry Centipede and Track & Field). Moving the rollerball to aim your your players machine gun and don't forget about the grenades. Enemies came from every direction. My favorite part was being able to roll your player away from gun fire.
4. Donkey Kong
    One of the first games I remeber playing. That fact trumps the cool bug spray you could use in Donky Kong 3.
3. Dragon's Lair
    Probably the first of the 50 cent games (that was a lot for me then!) I was mesmerized by the incredible graphics and action sequences. The father of modern role playing games. I could never beat it, but I still remember the thrill of watching my friend finish it (The closing sequence against the dragon is awesome.)
2. Cyberball
    By far THE BEST coin op sports game. Action packed (If only players in the NFL blew up for not making a first down) robot football. It had a dual side so you could play against the guy next to you. You could win money and upgrade your players, definitely go for the titanium running back or quarterback. Players would start smoking when they were getting too much wear and tear. One of the few standups I would be willing to buy.
1. Super Mario Bros.
    Self explanatory except for the unrefined individuals that think I am talking about the NES home version. A true adventure game that was tough if you didn't get all the extra men using the turtle shell on the 6th Level, the home version was much easier and didn't take as many quarters to figure out :) One of the two games I beat (see 6). The first game to offer so many different worlds and challenges, who can remember the pattern for the fire world (World 8 I think) where the right sequence of jumps was the only way to pass it. Everybody likes the cool symbols they would put next to your guy to show how many lives you had after like 25.
Other games I like (aka spent a lot of money on):

  • Dig Dug (Namco)
  • Elevator Action (Taito)
  • Hard Drivin' (Atari Games)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)
  • Off Road (Leland)
  • Tetris (Atari)
  • Track & Field (Konami)

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