• I just discovered your site, and I'd like to add my list...

  • Well, i think I'm a bit younger than the otehr people who made lists, and the oldest game on my list is maybe from 1985...

    10. F-1 Exhaust Note

      It's the end of a generation, not really a 3-D racing game, but really cool sensations, racing face-to-face with a friend.
    9. After Burner
      The ultimate F-14 shoot-em-up, especially in the deluxe coin-op where you can rotate at 180 degrees.
    8. Operation Wolf
      What's better than slaughtering dozens of soldiers for 5 Francs? (French currency)
    7. Raiden
    (Seibu Keihan)
      I remember destroying tons of alien ships with the widest laser I ever saw in a video game. When firing with it, you couldn't see half of the screen!
    6. Final Fight
      Funny characters and atmosphere in this beat-em-up, who just brought this game-style to its best.
    5. Cabal
      This one, although less popular than Operation Wolf (there was no gun, only a joystick) is much more enjoyable in my mind, and you could move the character, which is more fun.
    4. Snow Bros.
      A Bubble Bobble-like game, but with really funny animations and gameplay.
    3. Hard Drivin'
      I could have had my driving license at 13 years old, thanks to Atari...
    2. Out Run
      So many colors! Sometimes you couldn't distinguish what was on screen, but it's so good to ride along the sea with a blond girl by your side.
    1. Pac-Mania
      Too few success for that Pac-Man, who re-invented the concept ten years later. What's new? Pac-Man is in 3-D, and you can jump over the ghosts... Seems to be nothing really new, but that's a major difference, enhancing the game's interest. I may be the only one, but I love Pac-Mania. Thanks to God, It was ported to the Atari ST, and even to HP-48, (a day at school can be so long...)
    Other Games Of Interest:

    -Bomb Jack -Daytona USA -Toki -Pang -Outlaws -Double Dragon -R-type

  • Bomb Jack
  • Daytona USA
  • Toki
  • Pang (Buster Brothers)
  • Outlaws
  • Double Dragon
  • R-Type

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