10. Maximum Force

(Atari Games)
    This game is one game you'll be spending $20 on. It's a fun game and you must complete three missions (Mission 2 is my favorite) to beat it. Unlike Area 51, This game is just too sweeeeeeet.
9. The Simpsons
    This game is great, the graphics look exactly like Matt Groening's work on the TV show, and it's fun! This is one reason I can stay in the Pizza Hut in Red Bank, NJ for hours.
8. House Of The Dead
    Usually, you think of a zombie game really stupid. This is Sega's spin on Resident Evil, and it's really good, as you must complete a few missions to kill the zombies. Good game.
7. Batman Forever
    Usually, we think of movie tie-ins as lame-o, but this one is very good. You follow the plot of the movie, as you work your way through, like, 20 levels of hardcore beat-up-everybody action. Worth-playing
6. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    This is the best game of the MK series. Great stuff. Period.
5. Jurassic Park (Pinball)
    A very good pinball game, great for pinball lovers of all ages, where you can shoot the ball into a T-Rex's mouth for bonus points.
4. San Francisco Rush
(Atari Games)
    This is one of the best racing games of all time, because it's like Sega's Out Run, another good racing game from the good old 1980s. Rush the Rock and other parts of San Fran and it's soooooooo good to play, win or lose..
3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    This game is very, very rare and good. I believe this was a Chuck E. Cheese exclusive, but this has four levels as you use guns to gun down dinosaurs. Also, it even shows a 3D version of the 1996 teaser trailer! Great game..
2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    Ah-nold is the word, people. This game is great because you shoot up T-800s and cook some good action. Great pre-Area 51 shooter. This will have you glued to the screen for hours and hours and hours and hours.
1. Die Hard Arcade
    If the movies blew you through a wall, this blows you through the world. McClane is back, and he's taking down terrorsists in the Nakatomi, again. One of the best games ever, a must-play game. Even the bad guys you beat up are inventive, like a Bane-type strongman, robots, and these Chinese guys in underwear. It's great for beat-up, fans of the movies, and people who haven't seen the movies yet. Great.

Five Worst Coin-Op Games:

5. ????

    I forget the title, but it's this stupid NARC rip-off where you play as a policeman and shoot bad guys.
4. Aliens
    Note to Konami: Did you even watch the movie? Have you ever heard of Ellen Ripley? Why did you even dare to try and attempt to make a game based on a classic sci-fi movie?
3. Robocop
(Data East/Ocean)
    Im-prove this game, creeps.
2. Crystal Castles
    One freaky example of old games.
1. Batman
(Atari Games)
    This game is soooooooooooo bad compared to the NES version. I played it at Six Flags Great Adventure, but it's terrible.

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