10. Firefox

    The first game I saw that cost $.50 to play. The intensity of gameplay is akin to Star Wars. Great attraction mode!
9. BattleZone
    Looking through that viewfinder was cool.
8. Star Rider
    I was totally blown away by this game. Pumped quarters into this baby for 3 hours straight once.
7. Tempest
    I was never good at it, but I kept coming back.
6. Discs of Tron
    Played the UR version in college a lot.
5. Demolition Derby
    Another college game. We would compete to see who could get the girl that's shown between levels to take the most clothes off.
4. Double Dragon
    Yet another college game. One of the few games I could play straight through on 1 quarter. Fighting your buddy at the end was a cool twist.
3. Toobin'
(Atari Games)
    Yes, another college game. Great music and lots of fun with two players.
2. R-Type
    Uh huh, a college game. Never got past level 7.
1. Star Wars
    Who didn't like this game? Atari out-did themselves. The guys who designed this game also designed Firefox.
Honorable Mention

  • Prehistorik Isle (SNK) -- The best shooter next to R-Type, IMO.

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