• Man, this list was hard to do. The way I did it was I narrowed down the games I devoted vast amounts of time to both in the past and present. Many of these I have not played as an arcade for close to a decade, but thanx to the home ports, I play away. Also, I did it as if I had all the actual arcade machines right in front of me. I had to do away with a few dozen of other games I remember consuming my leisure time way back when. But here are the takers of those I can spend all day in front of a monitor playing, and with some, I still do.

    10. Mr. Do's Castle

      This title is just plain fun. Though I have the 2600 version, I just can't get into it, because I have been greatly spoiled by the gem of a version on the C64. Man, it rocks!
    9. Crazy Climber
      I remember plunking quarters into this at a pizza shop when I was years old. That was about 15 years ago. I haven't seen it since. I do not even have the 2600 version yet, let alone the SFC Nichi cart. Anyone have any spare carts to offer. Heh.
    8. Donkey Kong 3
      This one played the heck out of along with my brother. Again, one I haven't seen in close to 15 years. It is available on the NES, but I have yet to come across a copy in my area. I'm still looking though. Hopefully soon.
    7. Rampage
      I remember when this first came out. My pockets were emptied of their contents wanting to continue the ongoing devastation taking place in this game. As well, I always played with my two close buddies. Try eating your friend's player when their damage meter is gone. I've had a few obscenities thrown my way. But hey, that's gaming. Thanx to the C64 version, I can still play. Still need the 2600, 7800, NES, and SMS versions though. I know someone who has 'em, and I'll get 'em eventually.
    6. Sinistar
      Run, Coward! Run! Man, I do miss playing this as a coin-up. I have played it on the PC WAC disc, and if I can a come across it, will pick it up for my Genny. Yes, I still get goosebumps from hearing the Sinista(e)r voice. My fear ends when I finally defeat him, but it returns when it is time for the next level. Beware, I live! (me trembling.)
    5. Galaga
      IMO, probably the best 'alien shooters' I have ever played. With the commonplace of the 7800 version, I can enjoy it. But over that, I spend my time with the NES that I luckily came across last season. That double-ship feature really kicks! Too bad you can't have triple-ships. THAT would rip!
    4. Track & Field/Hyper Sports
      Out of the two, I can still play T&F as a coin-op, and with the trackball too. I just like seeing how far I can get, even after cycling through the events a number of times. With the C64 versions, I can happily take up time setting world records. I turn it off only when it really becomes a little dragged out. But then I find myself loading them up again at a later date. Go figure...
    3. Final Lap Series
      I remember continually plunking coins into this bugger. And that was as a linked machine that allowed up to 8 players. Me along with about 4 of my buds would play, then a couple other dudez would join. Now THAT is true racing! Sometimes I would win or either place high, others I would finish down at the bottom slots. I guess it all depended on my adrenaline rush (which I actually did have playing this game. I also had this rush while doing 130 in Camaro many years ago, but that is another story.) I wish the TG16 version allowed more than just 2 players. It still good though.
    2. Satan's Hollow
      I think this is my all-time fave shooter, even more so than Galaga, that is why I have it as #2. I haven't seen or played this as a coin-op for about 12 years, but I have had this as a C64 port since I first got involved in the C= scene back in '84. I still fire this up every once in a while, just to see how far I can get. Last time, I believe I made it to somewhere in the stage 80s, then I just called it quits. Those frenzy, frantic stages really give it a go, except when I still have the bridge complete, but will still take some time to finish the stage. The only way though is to have all three cannons. I have always enjoyed the use of Rise of the Valkyries in this game. It definitely fits.
    1. Discs of Tron
      I could spend pages mentioning the reasons why this is my all-time favorite game ever, coin-op or home, though I will keep it short. I used to play this at my local arcade for a number of years, I never played anything else. I used only one token, cause I would usually stop in the midst of running errands, and time always called for my duties. Well, that ended about two months ago when I stopped in and found out it went on a blitz, and just two weeks ago, the owner told me he sold it to some collector who is still in my area but not the immediate surroundings. Maybe I still have a chance.

      I enjoyed this game for many reasons, but I will wrap all those up into just one. KICKIN' FUN! From the cockpit you step into to give you that ambient feeling on through to the controls and actual gameplay. Just trying to defeat Tron in a disc throwing contest in ever changing platform layouts is definitely cool. The last time I played this, I got to stages I never been to before ever. I still wonder what is beyond where I reached. I am definitely going to contact this guy who has it. Too bad there never was a port of this title. It didn't even make it to the C64, which got almost EVERY arcade coin-op. (Why couldn't a company take time to convert this. MAN!) Some may say play Tron Deadly Discs on the 2600 or Intelly. Yea, it has to do with disc throwing, but not the same type as this rockin, kickin, top-notch title has. Someday, I will play it again. Relive the experience. Oh yeah!

    Games I love to death...

  • Bomb Jack
  • Gauntlet
  • Rainbow Islands
  • Star Castle
  • Stocker
  • Black Knight Pinball -- This would take a spot in the top 10, maybe as a .5 somewhere in the list, so to speak. I remember playing this at a local pool hall where I used to live when I was 7 years old. The way this was layed out definitely attracted my attention. While playing, I remember that I found it kickin that this was a multi-ball game. 3, 4, 5, I think even 6 balls on the play field simultaneously. It even had a cool soundtrack, as I recall. The lights even blinked on and off when you have been doing successfully in racking up the points. Man, I haven't seen this in close to 16-17 years, but the memories still carry me on. Wait! I think I might have seen it at an arcade I stopped in one time. Now, where was it?! Maybe I didn't and I am getting delusional. This pin can do that to me. BTW, anyone remember who released this jammer. I was thinking Midway, but an actual confirmation will be appreciated.

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