10. Pole Position 2

    I liked both versions, but PP2 offered 4 different tracks to choose from. "Prepare to Qualify"
9. Mr. Do!
    I can still hear the music as you ran over the cherries on the screen.
8. Off Road
    Thank God for the "NITRO" button.
7. Turbo
    I would spend endless hours trying to get my score posted on the top 5 list, and I couldn't even put my initials with it.
6. Jungle Hunt
    I lost more lives (and quarters) trying to swing from vine to vine.
5. Arkanoid
    Nothing more addicting that paddling a ball (or three if you got a specific power-up.) I also liked the futuristic sounds. Although the introductory story was a bit lame.
4. Wizard of Wor
    To this day, I could never figure out what the voice was saying. All I know is that I still play this game each time I go to Cedar Point's (Sandusky, OH) arcade, which still houses many of the classics
3. Gauntlet
(Atari Games)
    "Wizard, your life force is running out!" Does that sound familiar? How about "Valkyrie is about to die!" The beginning of arcade 4-player action.
2. Dig Dug
    There was just something about inflating creatures until they exploded.
1. Ikari Warriors
    Playing this game was enough to make me want to fetch quarters from a wishing well. The music made you want to march ahead and fire away.
Honorable Mentions:

Street Fighter
Elevator Action
Marble Madness
Robotron: 2084
Missile Command
Track and Field
Punch Out

Worst Memories as related to coin-op gaming:

5) Little kid comes by to watch and presses a button
4) "C'mon were leaving now." (game not over)
3) Quarters sliding down the glass into the machine
2) Power Failure
1) Missed "Continue" because I ran out of change

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