Well, as a frequent visitor to the arcades from 1981 to 1985, I remember playing tons of games, and here are my favs.

10. Galaga 3 (Gaplus)

    Loved the fact that you could capture the insects and have them shoot with your ship.
9. Asteroids
    Killer vector graphics, played this game alot, but was never any good at it.
8. Millipede
    The DDT bombs made this game awesome, as did the 2 & 3 spiders on the screen in later levels, much harder than Centipede, but not as repetitive. The bonus waves were cool too.
7. Moon Patrol
    Loved the theme music, and the fact that you could continue. Played this one very much at the local convience store in 1983 before, during, and after school.
6. Turbo
    Only the cockpit version will do, I loved sitting in that chair and driving that game. Trying to outrun the abulance was the funnest part.
5. Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom
    This was an awesome System 1 game with cool speech effects. Loved the scene where you ride in the mine cart.
4. Crystal Castles
    The only game I ever won. The end is cool, when it says "I Give Up, You Win !" That was so awesome.
3. Marble Madness
    The stereo sound and killer scrolling graphics made this one. My favorite was the last level (#6) where you are floating down the path in outer space. The music in this game is awesome!
2. Star Wars
    My second favorite vector game. The best part is when the deathstar explodes, it looks like the whole damn screen is gonna blow up. (I hear some of them literally did).
1. Tempest
    The best, most awesome game of all time. I chunked 3 to 5 dollars in this quarter sucker every day from December 1981 to mid 1983, when they took it out of our local arcade. Killer vector graphics & the sounds are awesome. Nothing compares to zooming down the tunnel after learing the screen of enimies, and seeing the next level come flying at you, and those famous words etched in my memory: "Superzapper Recharge".

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