10. ????

    Can't think of the name, but it was a driving game where four players could play at once.  When you finished a race, you were given a choice of how to improve your car (speed, acceleration, traction, etc.)
9. Asteroids Deluxe
    This could very well be the hardest game ever, especially at the higher levels.
8. Centipede
    Whenever I want to relieve stress, I just sit back and blast away mindlessly.
7. Zaxxon
    Interesting attempt at 3-D.
6. Punch-Out
    Even Glass Joe was tough the second time around.
5. Joust
    Whoever created this game must have been stoned at the time, but I'm glad nonetheless.
4. Space Invaders
    I still remember where I was when I saw this game for the first time, and saying to myself, "What's THAT?!"
3. Tempest
    Still state-of-the-art when it comes to creating an adrenaline rush!
2. Ms. Pac-Man
    Unbelievably addictive.  Something about this game (and the original Pac-Man) makes you feel the computer thinking.  Maybe it's because the ghosts have four different personalities.
1. Millipede
    To my professor's dismay, my freshman year of college was spent mastering this game, not calculus!  The designers of Millipede took a landmark game, and enhanced every aspect of it.  Ironically, this game would probably not be interesting to someone who has never played Centipede -- it's almost as if you have to pay your dues first.  By the way, I am looking for a PC version of Millipede, but so far have come up empty.  Are there any plans to release it (a la, Return of Arcade)?

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