10. Virtua Fighter

    Ahhhh model 1 sega arcade machine....I loved how fluidly my character moved and the simple controls were cool, making it easy to execute moves..I could beat lotsa people...
9. Top Skater
    A nice model 2 game....great graphics and a nifty interface device.
8. The Simpsons (4-Player)
    If you have 4 friends and lots of money, this is the greatest game ever, you can buy this arcade machine for $300 dollars now, I would save up =)
7. Mortal Kombat II
    For me this was the best MK game, the controls were simple, the sound was great, and I could beat lots of people in it..
6. Area 51
(Atari Games)
    I get addicted to gun games...
5. Virtua Cop
    I told you I get addicted to gun games...
4. Tokyo Wars (Deluxe Version)
    Awesome multiplayer! Cool graphics! A must play! The gun's recoil is neat and the game is just all around fun. So fun in fact I had to make a PC version!
3. Battlezone
    Ahhh... Battle Zone... the FIRST 3-D game! The controls were great, the radar on the cabinet was a cool feature and the vector graphics were pretty cool if it weren't for the monochrome green. I love the little volcano spurting out polygons! Definately worth a play...try Spectre VR, it's the same thing exactly..
2. Tempest (Cockpit)
    The strange look of the Tempest cockpit lured me in, and for a second I thought I was in a time machine, the game played great and was really addictive, I would suggest the Jag version (Tempest 2000) to anyone who loves the arcade version.
1. Star Wars (Cockpit)
    This game rocked my world! Not to mention stole my quarters! There was the great 3-D vector graphics, the little Star Wars tune playing in the background. Obi Wan's voice was loud and clear thanks to the machine's four pokey chips. The controller used in Star Wars arcade is one of the best I've ever used, and the cockpit gives the game an immersive feel, I like the cockpit version much better than the cabinet. The feeling of destroying the Death Star(s) was a quite a thrill, and I made 40 people stand in line while I spent like $20 in quarters, and the arcade operator came and told me to let other people try. It's MY FAVORITE game, BTW the 32X translation is superb!

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